Features To Be Included In The Educational Mobile App

Features To Be Included In The Educational Mobile App

It is a very common sight to notice the number of mobile app users around us, whether we travel in buses, metros, travel destinations and even at the eatable joints, the presence of mobile apps through different means of business and services sectors is much available.

The growing aura of mobile apps has almost blanketed the need of every industry with just one click on our smartphones, where we can access every possible need or services through an app.

Every industry including the much-sophisticated industry, the education industry has also taken the help and the benefits from mobile app technology and has helped the different educational bodies and the institutions from the world to meet at one axis point and let their services to be accessed with an ease.

But an educational mobile app becomes a HIT only when it is developed with certain features and functionalities to be a part of the app and no prize for guessing for understanding that only a leading and top mobile app development company in India can help an educational mobile app to sizzle in the app market.

Below we have taken a note of certain MUST-HAVE features to be included in the educational mobile app, so the app can become a successful venture. Let’s read ahead…

Push Notification– it allows the students and the teachers for any specific notification related to the curriculum.

Offline Accessibility– The offline accessibility of the educational mobile app is the prime and the leading app feature for the educational mobile app, due to which user can save the data in the event of no internet connection.

Search Option -With this feature students and the academicians can search any specific course or content in no time.

Rating & Feedback– The app must have a feature where the pertinent educational bodies can rate and share feedback about any student/course/term or project.

Live sessions– An app must offer the segment where students and teachers can have the real-time video through live video tutorials, so any session is not missed out on any event.

Database– Your app must have the option to store the data of study material and etc…

These are some of the features which must be a part of the educational mobile app, in order to make it hugely successful…


Why A Mobile App For Your Business Is Not Just An Option

Why A Mobile App For Yur Business Is Not Just An Option

Would it be OTT to call mobile app a MUST-TO-HAVE for every business????

Absolutely not….

It would be not at all an OTT, but considering it not at all a worthy piece for your business is the biggest SIN you can ever commit to your business and the saddest part of the this condition suggests that you can never come out of this horror, no matter how hard you would try to sustain and come out as a winner, but without a mobile app, expecting your business to win the hearts of the users, is a big-time issue, which you need to deal with.

When I look around one of the most troubling pieces of information which freely orbits the business owners on a regular cycle update, that business popularity has nothing to do with a mobile app, and if a business keeps on delivering the quality laden services than attaining the attention is not a big deal…it seriously irks me and increases my anxiety L

I somehow concur with this approach as long as it talks about the quality-driven services, but the moment the approach leads to no-importance of mobile apps, I defer this approach, and I have a strong reason behind it…

Please explore those reasons with this post and understand the worth of my point…

Do You Have An Online Presence???

With an offline business, where you are doing perfectly fine or maybe more than fine, you consider a mobile app a futile aspect to be involved in your app…this feel is correct fine for now, but if look for a long-range objective then an offline business does not fit in the picture, because users have turned to be ever-demanding and look for the convenience in every required service.

This demand is well managed by a mobile app platform, through which your users can access your services at any point of time just by a click on their Smartphone.

App Helps You Build A Stronger Brand

Your business might be a successful venture in a limited turf, but on the other hand, apart from that limited accessibility, no one knows about your business, and that is a concerning aspect for your business if you want to beat the odds of competition.

Strong brand recognition is all about the users or consumers who are well aware of your brand and communicate with your brand. This continuous cycle of regular interaction with your targeted market builds the trust, which encourages the most number of users to stay committed to your brand.

And surprisingly this strategy is practiced widely by a mobile app since it allows the users to stay connected and explore more about your product.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

It is a very common factor that every business depends on the specific users’ needs and requirements, and no prize for guessing these needs never remain same, but keeps on upgrading at a faster pace, and with a mobile app you have a much accessible platform to help you analyze the needs of the users, through regular feedback and suggestions.

Thus a mobile app turns out to be a portal which helps you improve your business and its value in many ways leading to high customer satisfaction.

Helps You Boost Profits

Eventually, when your customers are extremely satisfied it leads to much greater profits to be incurred from the business. Also since the local businesses around you might not be having a mobile app platform and this will lead to sensation in a market if you decide to pick a mobile app for your business and win over the competition effortlessly.

I truly hope that these factors would help you to comprehend the worth of a mobile app for your business and now when you have decided to proceed with a mobile app, then my last suggestion goes that pick a top iPhone app development company in Qatar to help you make your mobile app dream into reality.


What You Should Consider While Hiring An App Development Company


You have finally decided to proceed with a mobile app and planning to go ahead with a leading iPhone app development company for your app concept, but when you try to find out, you are left with the most shocking details which suggest that all mobile app development companies are not worthy, thus you need to take a long and detailed information before proceeding with one particular app development partner.

But this is quite impossible since there is a scarcity of relevant technical knowledge and this lands you in hot water because you don’t know what to ask your potential app development company.

Then what to do?

Is there any solution?

Yes, there is a solution, and I would recommend you to read further in order to grab a hold on that solution…please read ahead…

Check The Company Online Presence

Yes, it is a major point to be considered since the online presence of your app development company matters most and indicates clearly about the app development company’s reputation in the market.

Check Client’s Testimonials

Although this aspect can be deceiving too because many clients talk good about when the app development company asks for their favor, but the best way to find out the truth is through the listing websites.

There are many popular listing websites, such as Clutch, AppFutura, and GoodFirms to name a few. You can check more about your company and explore the unbiased reviews from these portals.

Check The Past Work

It is too much important to know that what all your last company has worked and what is their level of technical exposure and what has been their technical expertise and what all industries they have served so far.

Apart from this one suggestion I would like to provide herewith that never ever pick a mobile app development company on the basis of cost factor, since it does sound so alluring and magical to you, but you need to keep a note that a least costing mobile app development company never pulls your project to heights of success…

I truly hope that your mobile app concept would transform into a major success, after following the mentioned points…

How To Avail The Best App Development Services


Getting your very first mobile app is a process you need to pay more attention to because the unusual technological demands always lead to some sort of confusion and being naïve you end up selecting a wrong app development company for your app development requirements.

We agree it is a big-time concern and needs to be addressed in order to escape every possible gateway of the wrong selection for your mobile app.

Worth to mention here a wrong mobile app development company can ruin your app development concept and you would end up spending more time and effort in building a mobile app for your business needs.

Thus it is highly recommended to pick a right mobile app development company for your mobile app concept and help your mobile app dream to meet the reality platform.

I agree it is one of the most crucial aspects to be able to select a right option from the pool of existing mobile apps, then how to go ahead with it???

There are some of the essentials which cannot be looked over in order to make a successful app product, and in this blog, I am going to highlight some of those essentials which should not be given a miss in any given situation. Let’s read ahead…

Why You Need To Follow Some Essentials

A saddest but the factual condition of the mobile app development field suggests that not every mobile app development company existing in the app development market has the efficiency and the potential to build a successful mobile app, though they boast enough about their work, but the reality tells a different story.

Thus in order to save yourself from being fooled, you must pay strict attention to what is available in the market and most importantly how to select a better option for your app project.

Some of the most prevalent reasons suggest that…

  • Look For A Partner, Not A Developer

A mobile app is not a small process which starts and ends with the development only, but there are many other factors as well, like updating the mobile app, fixing the bugs to name a few.

These all aspects need to be covered after the app launch and you require the assistance of your mobile app developer at every step, thus your mobile app developer needs to be your development partner instead.

A right mobile app development partner would share the required and relevant info, opinions and suggestion so your mobile app can only yield productivity at large and you can point out the major loopholes and the required measures to fix in order to make a successful outcome in the form of your mobile app.

  • App Developer Must Have Reputation

No I am not all pointing at their individual reputation, but the reputation they all have in their team to be reflected as an organization reputation, this what I am concerned herewith.

The mobile app development market is filled with numerous options to pick from, ranging from different quality to price, but if you want a perfect mobile app piece gets crafted for you, then you need to select a perfect app development partner for your mobile app needs.

You must get indulged into a serious business of analyzing the proposed app development partner’s online reputation, unbiased feedback and reviews and the work done…this all in total would help you to get a clear understanding of what your app development company actually holds in its own kitty.

  • Look Out For The Higher Dose of Innovation

Unfortunately most of the mobile apps which get build and lost in the jungle of existing mobile app, it is majorly due to the lack of creativity which is very much part of the unsuccessful mobile apps.

The mobile apps carry the germ of non-creativity from their developers’ minds, so if you want your mobile app to reach the acme and become the talk of the sensation then you must remember that creativity should be your prime concern and reason behind picking a mobile app development company for your business needs.

Worth to mention that it is only due to the innovation that some of the mobile apps come into limelight and picked by the users, so you must check carefully that how far your chosen app developer holds the brilliance of innovation and can take your mobile app concept further.

  • Don’t Let The Cost Divert Your Decision

Eventually, the cost factor is one of the most irresistible factors, and it is pretty hard to get rid of its claws, but when it comes to mobile app development then cost factor should be taken into consideration for different reasons.

Often the least charging mobile app development companies don’t have the sufficient knowledge and the expertise to handle your app project, and they might sound tempting to you due to their least cost charging aspect, but you need to understand that due to their inefficiency they send your project into a lurch and you end up losing the project due to the inability of performing from your developer’s end.

You must not get swayed away by your decision at any condition due to the least cost, make sure that cost is not the sole-driver of picking an app company.

  • Look Out For After-Support System

App development can never be an event but it is a process, which has to be completed with a right app development partner to help you in giving the after-support as well.

Once your mobile app gets launched, don’t forget that it was not the end of the development cycle, but it is a fresh start of a new phase, wherein several factors are involved and need to be taken care of.

This is the phase where the role of your app development company once again emerges with the after support system. So you must be aware of what your prospective app company is offering in the after support system.

These steps help you avail the best mobile app development services from a top mobile app development company so your app project can turn into a massive hit in its respective business domain.

What Is Block Chain Technology


Lately, one technology which is creating rounds in the market and has left everyone spell-bounded…well any guesses out there???

To shy down the heat of guesses, I am glad to announce the technology, which is none other than Block chain technology….

Indeed we all have heard a lot about it after bitcoin J

And surprisingly the cryptoc urrency BitCoin and Blockchain technology has some relevant connection as well.

Then what exactly is blockchain technology?

Calling blockchain one of the most disruptive technical piece in decades, would not be wrong. It was firstly originated by a group of people- Satoshi Nakamoto. It has turned out to be something bigger since its origination and now it has become a platform, which allows the digital information to be distributed amongst the users, but not copied.

Undeniably, blockchain technology has laid the foundation of a new type of internet, has an ample number of benefits…

  • The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location
  • The data records are kept public and easily verifiable
  • No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt
  • Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously
  • It cannot be controlled by any single entity
  • It has no single point of failure


There are many other benefits related to this technology and in other words, Blockchain is indeed a revolutionary step, and it is the mechanism, which allows all the users to come at an axis point, where there is no scope for error,  missed transactions, human or machine errors, or any exchange done without consent.

Undeniably it is a much-secured system, and only some of the top mobile application development companies are able to integrate this technology effortlessly and efficiently in their development process.

You must get in touch with a top mobile application development company India, to help you to integrate the Blockchain technology in the development mechanism.

Strategies Which Keep Your Users Engaged

user engageGetting a mobile app, and getting a successful mobile app, these both terms bear a huge difference and you cannot rely simply on your mobile app concept and the features to make your mobile app turn into a successful venture.

Then what are those strategies which are responsible to keep your audience stay glued to your mobile app?

Well, the answer to this question is going to be answered with below-mentioned points, which I am going to narrate in my post today…so read ahead, to know the secret ingredients to make your audience stay glued to your mobile app.

Why App Engagement Matters

The app market is full of options, which allows the user to pick any option available as per their choice if they are not satisfied with their chosen version, which means clear, that app engagement is highly significant for your mobile app, and you cannot avoid it at any given cost.

Eventually, the need of mobile apps has led to much wider options available for the users, where they can pick any mobile app of their choice and one step made wrong in your app, would bring your targeted audience a step closer to your competitors’ mobile apps.

Thus, it is not just significant but simply unavoidable for your mobile app to make every inch of its existence fit as per the users’ choice.

  • Performance of Your App Matters

The way your app performs it really matters to your mobile app’s success. Your app is just a medium through which your business and you as an individual communicate with the users, if your app halts, it means you give an indirect indication, that is how my business works, so your app needs to perform impeccably and must find the reasons to beat the competitors.

To illustrate with an example your app’s loading time, must not exceed beyond 6-8 seconds, and in some exceptional cases 9 seconds, your users are highly impatient, they don’t have enough time with them to wait for your mobile app to load.

  • An Updated App System

Technology is upgrading itself in every second hour and users are growing high with their wagon of expectations, in such scenario if your mobile app does not offer the updated and the latest technology integration, then there are very fair chances that your mobile app is going to lose a bigger chunk of users.

So in order to save your mobile app from such blunder, you need to keep your app updated and infused with the latest app technologies, so your users receive the high-end usability experience with your mobile app.

  • Personalization

An app is made for a bigger crowd of the targeted audience and it is indeed very important for your business to offer a personalized experience to each of your users through the medium of the mobile app. To achieve this point you can take the help of push-notification, which would greet the users with their name and provide the news of any relevant offer going on.

With this strategy, your users feel special and love to access your services more often, but here you need to remember that none of your push-notification messages is given in a huge number, so users would start feeling agitated and as a consequence uninstall your mobile app.

Make a frequency through which your users remain updated with the ongoing offers, but make it at intervals and not at the working hours, which requires you to conduct research and analysis of your targeted audience.

Considering these few points in your mobile app, you open a door to a positive response from the users and as a result, your users would prefer to stay attached to your mobile app.

Hiring a novice in the app development market, might cost you less and sounds interesting initially, but it would be a lot expensive then your imagined your budget for, since the app development company with less experience charge less, but due to their inefficiency make the entire app development process a tumultuous journey, which gets abandoned in between due to the lack of experience of handling the app development challenges.

Thus, you need to pick a top mobile app development company in USA, which can help your mobile app to gain the acme through their expertise and technical exposure.

Tips to hire top web design company in Dubai

How great is it to have a brilliant business concept in mind and give it a reality check with a leading web design company in Dubai? It is a great thing to proceed with, but the most troubling fact suggests that there are many web design and software companies in Dubai, but too many companies, always raise the risk factor further for you, since you have to pick one of the most suitable companies to make your dream come true, but how to pick is the most tumultuous job and sadly not many business owners know the trick.

Considering the pain of selecting the right mobile app development company and the web design company in Dubai, we have brought this post for you as rescue, to help you choose the right development partner for your dream concert.

Hire The Company On The Basis Of Technical Exposure

The technical exposure your potential web design company holds, does make a huge difference to the approach they follow for the web design development of your project. Thus look out for the work company has worked in the past, and what has been the areas and the technologies they have covered.

The different variety of work accomplished in the past gives a clear hint that how much area of technical expertise is covered by the web design company.

Check For The Unbiased Reviews

It is a very common concept that all software companies in Dubai, boast a lot on their portals, showcasing what are they doing or have done in the past. But this indeed not gives a sheer picture of what company is doing eventually. So where to get the unbiased reviews from?

The reviews and the feedback are something which gives you an indication of the work of web Design Company in Dubai, as long as their unbiased and untouched, but where to find those reviews?

To tackle this issue, there are the listing websites, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura and many more, which offer the unbiased reviews from clients, you can take a look at these portals and get a much clearer image of your potential development partner.

By following these tips, you can get a technology-infused solution for your business needs. Just remember a right mobile app design company in Dubai can make your dream come true, whereas a wrong one, would destroy the dream to its fullest.

So ensure to pick the best out of the existing software companies in Dubai, and let the magic happen to your business.


What To Ask Your App Development Company?


The first time you decide to build a mobile app, there are many questions, which revolve in your mind that how to handle it and what would be the process to accomplish it? And like this there are many questions, which keep on barging in your mind, and you keep sinking deep in the well of myths and confusion further, and at the end you realize that the question you wanted to ask your selected mobile app development company in UAE, are replaced with something which is full of doubts and fears and does not bear resemblance of anything which is pertinent to the mobile app development.

It is one of the most obvious factors, which can never be given an avoidance at any cost, and once you decide to proceed further with the mobile app development, then you need to know what are the questions you need to ask your mobile app development company, so there cannot be an iota of confusion, which would raise in the app development process.

Here we have listed a number of questions you need to ask your app development company, in order to gain a satisfactory result from the mobile app development company.

Question #1

Why selecting a native mobile app platform would help me?

Question #2

What is the functionality of front-end and back-end?

Question #3

What are the most feasible app monetization strategies for the mobile app?

Question #4

What are the mock-ups, wireframes, and prototype?

Question #5

How much time my app development will take?

Question #6

What are the functionalities should be included in the mobile app?

Question #7

What are the app marketing strategies to be included in the app success route?

Question #8

Which app technologies would be a part of my app?

These are some of the questions; you need to get an answer, from your app development company before proceeding further, and one advice which I would like to give you here, that don’t pick an app development company on the basis of app cost.

Once you decide to pick an app development company, never let the cost factor to handle your app development company selection process, because a least app cost charging company, is often the most inefficient one, and it costs you more than you ever imagined or made a budget for your app project.

It majorly happens due to the naivety of the app development company of handling the app project and the lack of tech exposure the company possesses. Thus it is highly recommended and suggested for you to pick a mobile app development company in UAE which has the required technical exposure and the technical experience to handle your app requirement.

Must- Have Features For A Salon Mobile App


Gone are the days, when the term salon was only associated with the enhancement of aesthetic appeal of women only, now Salon opens a floodgate of grooming and looking presentable for anyone and it is no more a destination only reserved for a particular gender.

Taking into the consideration the technology interference with the beauty or grooming regime is nothing exceptional and is quite much in the hype rate. In this wake the app technology helps users across the globe to connect with the best possible Salon services with just a mere touch on the mobile screens.

Indeed, app technology is one of the blessings which has bestowed upon the users and has allowed the users to mingle and taste the style tips and beauty regime points from some of the top-notch stylist and salon experts from the global front.

Salon app has made a powerful impact over the users’ requirement and is the good way to reach out to the targeted audience with a seamless technology, which allows the users to access the services of their requirement, with just a tap on their Smartphone.

If you are thinking of building a salon app for your salon and unable to find the perfect app features to help you reach out to the right set of audience, then there are certain features which you must include in your salon mobile app, and must not skip them at any given cost.

Here I have mentioned some of the MUST features you need to acquire in your salon mobile app, just read ahead…

Appointment Scheduler

We all deal with the hectic and the demanding life style, where to expect something unexpected is normal and there is nothing unusual about it. The current lifestyle has made us switch our prior-considered appointments at any point of time.

In such hasty treatment, getting a Salon app is one of the most welcoming aspects, where people can pamper themselves and get preen up, but this piece of technology would complement the situation, only when the salon mobile app has an appointment scheduler.

The appointment scheduler would consist of an in-built calendar, which would allow the users to book the appointment as per their convenience; this feature would work in the favor of the customer and the salon owner as well.

A la carte Menu

When customers walk-in your Salon, they can inquire about numerous things about the services available at your Salon, but with a mobile app, there should not be any difference to this aspect and customers landing on your mobile app, and they must have the same way to get an answer to their queries, and this can easily be handled, by offering every available service glance to your app users.

To make it meticulous enough you can add the different sub-types of main services to allure a bigger chunk of the audience.

Offer Loyalty Rewards

Who doesn’t love to get rewarded? Answer is…Everybody does J

By integrating the loyalty reward feature in your salon mobile app, you let your mobile app to go an extra mile of winning the hearts of your users, and make them disconnect thoroughly from the competitors’ business.

The loyalty reward feature works in the long run for building stronger clientele base for your business, and get a revenue update constantly. You need to keep patience and try different rewards programs to reap maximum benefits.

Include Style Library

It might sound little weird, but actually, this section is something which every customer looks up to when they land at your Salon app.

That favorite celebrity style, that haircut suiting the oval face shape, Red-carpet make-up look, traditional style are few of the examples, which every customer wants to make a part of their preening up section.

By adding the style library, you allow the users to take a sneak-peak and let the taste of the season to be a part of their looks.

Payment Option

When a customer makes an appointment the best way to enhance their user experience is by providing user the convenience of making the payment online.

How cool does it sound…that any customer regardless of gender and service requirement, can book the online appointment and make the online payment with just one click on their Smartphone.

Don’t be rigid of taking the payment only through Debit card, but keep the option available for the credit card payment as well, so the users don’t have to face any kind of problem while making the payment.

Needless to say, but security should be taken as a full-fledged feature and not let it get affected by any security threat.

Push Notifications

The significance of push notifications cannot be missed by the salon mobile app. With a push notification, you allow your users to explore the new offers and the personalized messages according to the seasonal discount/offers/combo deals and much more.

By embracing the app technology with the mentioned features here above, would give you a bigger pie piece of gaining the advantage over the competitors and enhance your business possibilities to a larger number.

Along with this the selection of right mobile app development Kuwait should be your priority and you must not escape any chance from hiring the right app development partner for your salon app requirement.

A right mobile app development company not just handles your app requirements, but also molds your app and its functionality into a profitable venture for your business.

Hence pick a leading mobile app development company in Kuwait and let your Salon business flourish further through the means of app technology. JJJ

How To Convert Existing App Concept Into A Successful Mobile App


You love the app idea, and want your app to succeed so the app can turn into a massive hit for your business, but how can this happen when an app similar to your app concept already exists in the app store?

Ouch…that’s too much to give me pain, you mean to say, an app similar to my app already exists, then, of course, there is no light which can save my app from being doomed and there is no way that it can even get noticed by the potential users.

Uff, now what would happen, I have spent my time and energy invested in this app concept to bring into reality, and now it is nothing but a futile app concept.

I think I need to abandon my app dream in between and need to start from the scratch…

Hey, Relax !!!

You are over-thinking, though your concern is logical and cannot be ignored, but there are ways, which can help your existing app concept to make a sizzling app.

The sad part of the mobile app development suggests, that most of the great app concepts are already been worked upon and leaving much room for your creativity to take a turn now and you can create something BIGGG and BETTER out of the existing concept too, so don’t lose your heart and just stick around to my blog piece today to carve the better solution for your app concept…

Integrate Relevant Keywords

Yes, research is the key which suits the need of the hour best, but how is it done even?

Well, if this question has bugged you and you couldn’t find an optimal solution for your app concept, then you need to follow some steps by identifying the relevant keywords, which can be a part of the app, and help the users to find your app.

Don’t take the keywords to be any random marketing strategy, but it is one of the most vital elements when users look for an app, it can be in the form of the best game for boys, top-selling mobile app and many other keywords pertaining to your app genre.

Check Your Competitors’ Work

Your competitors are always your guide. Don’t take me wrong, you don’t have to sit and talk with your competitors for their divine guidance, but you only need to download their apps and check closely what the features are and what are the loopholes in the app.

By conducting this detective job, you allow a smooth passage for your mobile app to run effortlessly, and experience, not a single glitch which your competitor’s app already has.

And make sure your app does not repeat either of the technical or user experience glitch already performed in your competitors’ mobile app.

Give A Different Outlook To Your App

Your app concept is great and you don’t need to get it changed, but refine it a little bit.

An app concept has to be refined?

Yes, it needs to be refined, in a way that it would give your users a more filtered search approach. For instance, if your app concept was about online food delivery app, then give a twist to the app concept by making it ordering food online at the WEE hours and as well as the normal hours.

By adding this, you give your users a new approach and a refreshing outlook to consider your app and give your app the utmost preference compared to other existing mobile apps in the app market.

Run Conceptual Testing For Your App Concept

Once every relevant step mentioned above is taken into consideration, then the very next step you need to plan is running a conceptual testing for your app concept.

The conceptual testing would help you to decide the considerable market for your app.

There are different methods to perform this sort of testing and find out the real competition your app is going to face and what the targeted users, in reality, do think about your app.

Don’t Pick A Random Company

This is the utmost high-priority point you need to think of. A right mobile app development company can help you build the app in a constructive way, else your app can never go successfully.

A right mobile app development company in UAE has every possible essence to give you the relevant set of advice and suggestions to proceed with, so your mobile app can turn into successful venture.

On the other hand a wrong or inexperienced mobile app development company, would not conduct any sort of research from their end to enhance the usability of the mobile app, and in the end you would have a mobile app, which can only suffice the requirement of app but would not serve any purpose of resolving the need for your business.

Thus it is highly advisable to pick the top mobile app development company in india, so your mobile app can turn into one of the most productive ventures for your business revenue generation.