I am young, wild and free!!!

These three words depicted my personality much better than any other word in the McMillan dictionary, a year ago. That was the time, when I looked up to myself as a torch bearer for my era of youth, where the ideas are tuned into concept in a jiffy. I considered life is all about enjoyment; I loved shopping & hanging out with my friends aimlessly and I hated the nagging phase of my parents while asking for my daily pocket money, undoubtedly I enjoyed the free space and the attention I received, while posting numerous per 30 minute basis, selfies on FB. That phase, I assumed a heaven for myself, till 28th Oct, 2015.

Curious to know? Well, this date transformed a young brat into a mature web designer, so today I can boast easily that I not just represent my era on the personal but also on the professional ground as well. To continue with my saga, I have done Web & Graphic Designing course, after being influenced by my brother, who also happens to be a Graphic Designer. On 28th Oct, 2015 I entered the premises of an MNC in Noida, casually with my friend, since he had a scheduled interview with one of the top mobile app development company- Techugo. On being greeted, I asked a random question from the company’s HR, “Can I also appear for an Interview, though I don’t have resume with me”, on which I got a reply “YES”. I was taken aback for a while, because I assumed I would be denied to take interview, but I was allowed. I gave interview, and to my surprise I was selected also, but my friend was not, it was quite a Bollywood situation for me. I joined the company, dispersing the negative force which I was pushed towards by my friends, since they thought I would be working and would be missing being young and all the luxuries it involves with.

To my surprise, each and every person from senior most to the junior management, helped me to feel an integral part of the company. Today after almost 9 months, I am an independent young girl of merely 19 years of age and getting the moolah magic in my bank account every month with my salary, whereas my friends still look for the pocket-money from their parents. On the contrary, to my parents past nagging, now I am a cause of their pride and continuous praise.

Undoubtedly, I have polished my skills and refined my talent after being associated with Techugo from each angle, I have been given various opportunities to experience and explore the latest tech-trends more deeply. For instance, recently I designed a PPT about Mobile Payment, where I learnt that 39 percent of all mobile users in the U.S. had made a mobile payment in 2015. This is up from 14 percent in 2014 and by my estimations pit will be in the 70 percent range by 2017. Unknowingly, we mistake, mobile payment as one only thing but actually it is a huge market with different wings spread. Mobile payments have been constantly evolving, with more recognizable brands endorsing this feature to adopt the advance technology and consequently offer what consumers and businesses want in terms of apps and services that allow them to pay with their phones.

Google has recently announced HANDS FREE. It’s a new mobile payment app that uses either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, this app allows you to keep your phone in your wallet or purse. Google is also tinkering with facial recognition to confirm an individual’s identity.

When it comes to “pay” as a feature, Apple, Android and Samsung are just the tip of the iceberg. More tech companies will continue to roll out their mobile payment platforms. You’ll be able to make purchases directly from social media apps like Facebook and use WhatsApp as a commerce channel. Big data, beacons and sensors are already helping merchants reach customers. With big data, merchants and retailers will be able to send targeted coupons, promotions, flash sales and even the chance to complete a purchase in advance.

Being a little impatient, I am restless to experience this tech-feature, no matter what, how and when it will happen but it would certainly going to help the young blood like me, who would drop in their pocket anytime to buy the best of all of the world.

And one last thing I forgot to mention, now my three words characteristics has been replaced by some new and enticing adjectives, and now my characteristics speaks something like this: Young, Ambitious & Independent. So way to go to edit this 3 words very soon once again…till then stay young and remain connected…Ciao

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By: Beenu Rai


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