Getting Your App Developed By The Industry Expert


The current era of digitization has led to maximum opportunities carved in for your mobile app concept to be converted into a reality. The technological aspects have led to a larger number of businesses and industries to gain the popularity in their respective fields and the major contribution credit goes to mobile app technology, which has let the business of any sizes, expand their visibility to a larger platforms.

But the more demand in the mobile apps, the exponential rise in the mobile app development companies, has made a very tough environment for the business owners, to pick the best out of the existing mobile app development companies. The mobile app development companies often offer the app development services, but those apps never serve the purpose of actual app requirement for the end users, and this makes the mobile apps, fail in the app market.

To solve this problem, you must get in touch with a leading name in the app development industry, which has the required expertise and the exposure to handling the app requirement effortlessly, and the end result would only offer the best app solution to users. If you are thinking that how to get an industry expert in the app development field, then you need to look out for a name, which has the exposure to handle your app requirement and such name is Techugo- an mobile app development company to offer the best app solution to your business needs.

Techugo holds the excellence in building the most successful mobile app solutions for some of the top brands and startups across the world. The mobile app developed by the Techugo, has crafted a spell-bound aura on the targeted users.

For Techugo, our each and every client is special and we build, design, and publish every mobile app which is a different and unique app solution for their business requirements.

Techugo offers the best value for your business. Our apps won’t cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t compromise on features, either. Techugo team will help you to grab an easy to be used, a beautiful, functional app for all types of businesses.

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hire ui designer

A mobile app has the potential to take your business to the pinnacle of success, or drop it down to ground level, if not picked and developed wisely.

No, I didn’t mean to scare you, but this digital platform today bears the maximum power to get the attention of targeted users without any trouble

A mobile app is not just about some random set of codes, which are integrated together in the app platform, but it is a platform, letting users interact while engaging through a visual appeal created by the mobile app.  The UI is one of the most vital aspects of a mobile app development phase, and are responsible to make your app a successful venture.

Don’t Judge Only On Portfolios

I totally understand that UI designers are largely hired due to their work, which gets showcased on their portfolios. Indeed, it is a great way to know more about the UI designer’s work and the projects undertaken and helps to a great extent in hiring the right candidate for your company, but do you really think it is ENOUGH?

The UI designer is basically not an expense, but an investment for your further success on your turf. Hiring a UI designer, only on the basis of the portfolio, is not a justified act since a portfolio does not reflect the complete set of the effectiveness of a project.

You need to understand that the work of UI designer must be judged on the basis of its practical level and how well it translates the agenda of the mobile app to the users, and how easily users are able to understand it. Ensure these points are considered cautiously to hire a relevant resource.

Beat The Old Methods

Many mobile app development companies, look for the resources which are only available in their vicinity and are little reluctant to hire somebody out of their local turf, due to different challenges set by the recruitment process.

But in this limitation, at largely, you tend to miss a talented resource, who could be a part of your team. As an app development company, you must widen your search and look out for the talent and skill from any corner. You can easily get in touch with the candidates through video chat and live video calls, to make you understand, to communicate the candidate with an ease.

This would help you get an efficient talent regardless of the location barrier and can enhance the work efficiency of your team.

Above all something which also matters is the creativity UI designer holds, to shape the app concept in the best possible way to be molded into a mobile app. The mobile app development companies in India are integrating these tactics to hire a top UI designer to deliver the best app experience to their users.


It is quite ubiquitous to see that businesses across the globe are yearning for the mobile apps to promote their business and boost their sales and increase their traffic, since the users from the current digital era, are looking for the convenient ways to access the services of their choices. But the most significant task in the mobile app journey stands is the role of the mobile app development company.

The app development field has got a big loud and shouts from the different app development companies, which are getting their recognition through their impeccable delivery of the successful mobile apps. But some mobile app development companies are there which are not worth to make a pace with the correct dose of technology, due to the absence of right app development exposure and the experience, and their existence in the app development market, makes it a tougher job for the business owners to pick the right app development partner.

The app development company must have the required exposure, experience, and the skills to transform the concept into a successful mobile app, through the unconventional creativity and innovation combined with the technology. If you are finding it too much to be asked for an app development company, then you need to correct your facts, because such company exists very much in the app development field, and that is Techugo- a top mobile app development company.

The team Techugo has already delivered some of the most successful mobile apps to some of the leading brands and startups across the globe. You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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How To Submit Mobile Apps For Reviews Successfully


The most common fear which prevails and controls the mind of every app developer once the app is developed is the acceptance by the users. A mobile app is the result of months of mobile app developer’s passion and creativity, which they combine together to get a unique piece, but users are the real judge, who give a clean and fair chit to the mobile app.

If your mobile app has a good concept and it is fitting the user’s requirement then success rolls down on your path, but before reaching to that part, you have to cross, certain more stages as well that is app publishing and submission on the respective stores.

Nothing can be more delightful for a mobile app developer, when the mobile app gets approve officially on the app store. But the most critical stage after the app approval is providing the required exposure to your mobile app in the app store. The best way to accomplish is by submitting your app for review.

So if you are willing to get the impressive reviews for your mobile app, then I insist you read ahead…

Don’t Skip Any Information

An app is reviewed by the supply reviewers only when it contains the all the required information like app name, description, feature, company name, contact information and every link from the app store. These aspects help your mobile app to be found easily online and your app can get the instant attention from the reviewers.

Don’t Skip Description

Your mobile app serves many purposes, and how does it help the users it needs to be specified in the most engaging manner in your app description. Your app description is a great marketing tactic, which lets the targeted users to get attracted to the mobile app. Ensure to include the category of the app and it needs to be succinct while explaining that why your mobile app is different and unique. Don’t overuse the keywords in the description, it only destroys the game further and try to include every possible information about your app’s functionality and features in the app description.

Don’t Skip Promotion Code

It works as the cherry on the cake, wherein you offer the promotion code to the publishers, so they check and review your mobile app without a fail.

Don’t Skip App Video

A mobile app consists of many functionalities and features, which cannot be mentioned at once in the app description, so an app video is the best way to serve this purpose. Through an app video, you let the reviewers grab a clear understanding of your mobile app, but you need to be very smart to pick the right screens showing the UI, graphics, and functionality of your mobile app.

You have to ensure that video must not be longer than 10 seconds, but have the best practices used to showcase the app features. This would help the reviewers to check the look of your app, before downloading it.


This is one of the most significant aspects that you need to take care of smartly and that’s the reason I chose to address it towards the end. When you decide to put your app for review, then you have to ensure that the process involved in it is not undertaken without a clear understanding of the objective. You don’t have to rush to make any random step because a rushy business in this field, would only give you negative reviews. You need to take a closer look at your mobile app and must understand that which feature can help you gain attention.

Present the mobile app in the most polished and refined way to your reviews, which would win their hearts. The number of reviews you receive, help you attain a remarkable place in the app market.

Indeed the role of a top mobile app development company is the most vital, since it helps your app concept to meet the reality platform, so you need to pick a right mobile application development companies for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the expertise in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups.

Your mobile app development company must offer a strategic plan to showcase your app idea, business goal, and revenue in the most informative and engaging way.

So keep reading my blogs and keep yourself tech-updated and as always…..CIAOJJJ


How to use Digital marketing To promote your business

Digital marketing is the most sought-after marketing strategy, which is highly picked by the marketers. If you are willing to know that how digital marketing helps your business, then you must read this blog further…:)

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Top Mobile App Development Company


The best mobile app development practices, you need to adapt in order to build a successful mobile app for your business, starts with the selection of right mobile app Development Company for your app concept. A right mobile app development company has all the required expertise and the exposure to handling your app projects’ requirements, so it can convert into a successful product.

You need to play wise while picking a top mobile app development company for your app project, there are many ways which can help you to pick the best mobile app development company, such as:

  • Check The App Developers’ Reputation
  • How innovative they are
  • Which business domain they have served
  • What is their expertise
  • What their reviews and feedback suggest
  • Cost must not be a deciding factor

Along with these tips you must check a top mobile app development company in India for your app concept, but if you still find it a tough job to get a perfect app development company to address your business requirements, then you should get in touch with Techugo- a leading name in the app development field. The Techugo team has the every possible ingredient to make your app successful, because they have developed some of the most successful mobile apps for the leading brands and the startups across the globe.

You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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Mobile App Development Services India

Mobile apps are no more a fad, but have turned into a necessity for every business, which lets the businesses grow globally and get accessed by the customers, barring the limitations of time zone. Businesses need a mobile app to promote their services, so they can be easily reached out to their targeted customers, but every mobile app must provide a solution, which must state the benefits your mobile app going to offer to the customers, so your business can go broader and larger compared to its current positioning.

If you are finding it to be a difficult task to get a right mobile app development company, then you must look for that mobile app development company, which can offer the best app development services to your business, and understands your business and its goals, then only a remarkable app solution can take place which would help your business boosts its revenue growth.

Such mobile app development company is Techugo- which is one of the leading names in the field of Mobile App Development Services India and has helped the numerous brands and startups across the globe to get the benefits from their developed mobile apps. If you want to know further about Techugo, and the services we provide, then you must get in touch with our team to know better about our services. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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The Key Benefits Of An Event Mobile App


Mobile apps are here to serve different purposes and it really works in the favor of different domains and genres to translate our needs through mobile app. Mobile apps serve the requirements of different sizes of businesses and perfectly submerged with our needs. It is quite good to see that mobile apps are serving a big spectrum of business domains and users from different sectors are gaining the benefits out of it. In this wide spectrum of mobile apps, we have got one sizzling mobile app that is Event App, which is the most popular mobile app in today’s scenario, and people from all sizes of businesses are reaping benefits from event mobile app.

There is a big chaos of businesses across the globe, and just to get your business acknowledged we all require a systematic approach which would help us to get our business get spread, it is not always possible with the offline marketing methods to get the businesses get the regular revenue growth, but this is at large possible with a platform which can only bring the result. There are many industry verticals which can get the help from the event mobile app to enhance their marketing efforts, like:

  • Local festivals – every city has the specified number of local arts festivals like food, music, literature, art, fashion, and film.
  • Conferences – These events are of industry based and can occur at any time of the year.
  • Trade associations – These types of events are done to for the members of particular trade associations to gain knowledge and network.
  • Individual brands – These events can be organized by theater groups, dance companies or orchestras.

On the other hand, there are many benefits as well, which complement the event mobile apps further, just read ahead…

Create The Buzz

If you would see the crux of the events, then it majorly depends on the buzz, and this buzz can only be created with an app for your event. Before your event starts you can create a stir about your event and the excitement amongst the users would force them to share it further on their network and as a consequence, your event would gain the popularity and the desired list of users.

Create Travel Plan

Most of the users, prefer not to attend any event, due to the lack of information about the place and the expenses they may require to incur on their pocket, when they would attend the event, but an event mobile app solves this purpose as well, and help the attendees to encourage them further to plan their travel plans with the planned accommodations booking and any other travel plan in the vicinity of the venue.

Create A Personalized Experience

When it is an event of music, art, and culture, which goes on for more than a day long duration, every attendee prefers to personalize their experience and pick and choose what they do and see in the event. This is highly possible with an event app, which allows the attendees to choose and save their favorites & research the opportunities offered at the event.

Create A Bond With The Attendees

An event mobile app also, lets a strong bond to be created with the attendees and the event organizers, wherein the organizers can keep the attended updated with any upcoming event and which helps in customer retention and up-selling their services to the potential crowd.

There are a more number of benefits associated with the event mobile app development company in India, and it really helps the events to reach to its potential and targeted attendees, so the event can be successful. If you are also looking for an event mobile app, for your upcoming event, then you must get in touch with the Techugo team, which has an experienced team of app designers and app developers, to give a successful platform to your event. At Techugo, we have developed some of the most successful mobile apps for some of the top brands and startups across the globe. To know further about Techugo, you can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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What You Need To Know Before Developing A Mobile App


Mobile apps are not the fad anymore, but have turned into a necessity for us, which help us to get the day-to-day information with just one tap on our mobile phones. When you decide to finally opt for a mobile app for your business, then there are certain important facts which are needed to be considered before developing your mobile app. I know it is a bit confusing and scary too, when you first decide to give a shot to a mobile app, since the chaos of mobile app development companies in the app development field makes it tougher and confusing for you to pick up the mobile app development process, but hold on, we understand that there are certain key points you need to consider before developing a mobile app, so we have brought some of the most important mobile app development facts to be considered…Let’s learn more

Multiple Platforms At Once

It is really a good aspect that you have planned to take up a mobile app for your business and looking for the ways to extend your business with a mobile app, but in this race you don’t need to pick every mobile platform in the very first go and the reason is very valid, since it is more expensive on your part to pay the multiple platforms’ cost and second you need to understand your users’ behavior and user’s traffic on the mobile app, accordingly you can improve the features and the functionalities in the mobile apps’ second version.

Don’t Play The Blind Game

Every industry has a different user base, and they have their own demands as well, many business owners, blindly follow the mobile app developer’s advice, and don’t pay attention to their business and its users’ requirements. You need to be highly attentive and must pay attention to what your users want, if your mobile app is failing to serve the purpose of user’s requirement, believe me, no matter how much you spent on a mobile app, or how good your mobile app is, but your users would never prefer to use it to serve their requirements.

Your App’s Look Matters

Your app works as an interaction bridge between you and your users, so it needs to serve the purpose and also at the same time, it should be aesthetically appealing, so your users can enjoy the mobile app, with the great user experience. You need to invest some time with your app developers and need to have a seamless user experience for your targeted user base.

Only Thinking about the cost

It is good that you think of the app development cost, which is quite obvious and practical from your business point of view, but you should not be highly rigid with app development cost, since many app developers are there, who are ready to offer a mobile app development at the low-cost, but their expertise and the technical exposure are very limited, which puts the future of your mobile app in danger, by failing to address any grave technical issue of the mobile app development, and as a consequence, you are left with one option to go to another experienced app developer to complete the app project. This would cost you more than you have planned for…so pick a mobile app development company which has the required expertise and the technical exposure to handling your app effortlessly.

Marketing Leads To Success

App marketing is one of the most prominent parts of the app success, and you cannot deny it at any cost. A mobile app is a dream project which is developed to boost your business revenue more in numbers, and it can only reach its targeted audience through the app marketing. Many app developers tend to think that app marketing can be initiated only once the app is developed, but they don’t know that a mobile app needs to be promoted from the very initial stage, which is called pre-launch app marketing, this can easily be done with app teasers, blogs, articles, which would be posted on various social media channels so the app would receive its deserving recognition by the time it gets launched.

These mobile app development tips you must consider thoughtfully before developing your mobile app, the another fact is the right choice of mobile app development company in Dubai, for which I would like to narrow down your research to one name Techugo, it is a top mobile app development company in the USA and it has delivered the some of the most successful mobile apps to some of the top brands and startups across the globe. If you want to know more about Techugo, you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:
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How to get an excellent app by hiring the mobile UI designer: tips from the UI/UX expert

Creating an app is a time-consuming and complex process. The most difficult stage is actually the beginning. At this stage, there is only an idea, so it is very difficult to formulate and state it correctly to get across exactly what is intended after completion. Very often failure can result not from the incompetence and unprofessionalism of the development team but rather the incorrectly formulated goals and requirements that lead to the wrong task being accomplishedMost errors at the beginning of the project affect the outcome. Below you will find some advice from the viewpoint of a mobile app UI designer. You can avoid many potential problems and get an outstanding application if you take into consideration the following tips then you can hire ui designer

Do Not Waste Time Looking for Absolute Uniqueness

The image for uniqueness of the app
In our world, everything is cyclical, and this can be traced to all spheres of human activity. Each stage has its own characteristic, differences and features. At the moment (and it will last for more than a year), at the peak of popularity is a simple, lightweight design material, and this is not surprising, because everything that is simple is easily perceived and learned by users. In the process of developing a super-unique,extraordinary interface, you can break all the rules that have been built on the results of research and testing, on the feedback of ordinary users. Your stunning UI/UX design for mobile will then prove too confusing for users. The mobile UI designer who creates the interface for you should create a product that conforms to the usability rules; otherwise, your and his work will turn out to be a result of senseless ideas,and the time and financial costs spent will not be justified.

Select the Target Audience for Your Application

The image of target audience for app
Not only do you need to choose your audience but you need to remember to tell the mobile UI designer, whom you’ve hired, about your choice. Of course, our designers are specialists in branding and can remind you about this at the right time with leading questions, and you, in turn, should be prepared with a response; otherwise, they will appeal to fictitious customers and will come up with their own mission foryour business along with its marketing message. They will decide on the clients personality type and behavior strategy. It is not necessary to use complex terms and study a lot of literature in order to convey your findings to the team; it is enough to describe the user in just a few words, and this will shorten the time spent on developing UI design of the application in the future.

Determine the Goals of the Application

The image of purpose of the app
First, determine the goals of the app, and as in the previous paragraph, do not forget to pass this information on to the interface developers. Often during the phase of the wireframes development, we can give good advice and eventually expand the capabilities of your product and perhaps show you the infeasibility of some of your ideas. This will let you reduce the development time of the application without wasting time on ideas that will not bring you the desired result.

Use Brand Elements in Your App’s Design

The image for brand elements in app development

If the application is a further development of your business and you already have your own logo and corporate identity, I recommend that you continue with the same style. This will serve as a continuation of the marketing campaign that you have already launchedEven if the shapes and sizes may be slightly different, the overall visual style should be preserved. Therefore, when creating UI design solutions for an application, think of this as another component of your marketing strategy. To maintain the overall style, use the same colors, fonts, and pictures in all of your materials, and you will certainly see results.

Look for UI Design Examples on the Internet

The image for app examples
This will facilitate the start of development. The Internet allows access to thousands of screenshots, examples of work by other interface creators, and ready-made successful projects with great UI design that can be shown to the team.

Break Up the Design Development into Stages

The image for stages of app designing
Our team spent more than a year developing our plan that we are now currently developing UI/UX design. These stages allow us to minimize risks both from our (the developers side) and the customer’s side and prevents some common errors at the start. Start with a small outline of the hand, then detail it in the programs for building the wireframes, and when the application scheme is finished and approved, proceed to find the color, style the interface, and develop the animation and interactions. Only then, with the approved style and color, will you proceed to the main application icon and maybe an animated tweet. Be sure to consult with developers at every stage, and show the team what you are working on; often in the course of such consultations, outstanding ideas are born that will be the highlight of your product. You can find more details about the stages of UI/UX design development in the section Graphic Design of our site.

Trust the Team of UI/UX Designers

The image of developers team
We all take on the role of the customer and the performer on a daily basis. We change roles over the course of the day, and this is normal. We are confronted with different spheres of services, be it healthcare or retail.This is all well and good if you have basic knowledge in creating interfaces and you can navigate the work of mobile UI designers, but often the theory is not enough, and it can lead you to a dead end. At such times,I cite such professions as a dentist, a surgeon, a teacher, or a psychotherapist. Do not wake up during the procedure and start to dictate the surgeon’s actions? It’s the same way when it comes to design. The most important thing is to find a team that loves and knows how to do their work with already proven resultsIn my experience, there were cases when the client could not express his wishes as he did not quite understand what he needed; he was lost only until he trusted us. The more we are trusted, the more often we hear the phrase Yes, this is exactly what I need!

In Conclusion

The image for conclusion

What color should you choose? What emotions should the design emote, should it be simple or complex? Where should the users perspective stop, and what should it attract?

Good specialists know the answers to these questions. They understand that the purpose of the work is to influence the visitors perception of your business. The more interface creators know about peoples behavior and how they make decisions, the better they can implement the users behavior strategies. They will develop a product that attracts interest and keeps it, bringing you profit and pleasure from using your product.


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