It is a worldwide fact, that mobile apps are the instant answer to many of our daily requirements, since the app platform is the best way to address those needs without a fail. Mobile apps are everywhere, and their presence can be felt easily on our regular active status on our mobile screens, but not every app has a strong and loyal customer base, do you wonder why?… Yes, you are right, because users do not get what they supposed to get from a mobile app, and as a result dump the mobile apps through uninstalls. It is way too disheartening for a mobile app developer and business owners to know that their beloved mobile app, has received uninstall from a bigger chunk of users.

The reasons for quitting the mobile app in between can be in abundance, but to retain your customers effectively is the biggest challenge faced by any business. To understand that what are the best ways to keep your users loyal to your services, read this ahead and get accomplish the customer loyalty program with your mobile apps….

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Ummm!!! Quite interesting to ask such question, or maybe very foolish to ask such question, but yet I would love to satiate some of the hungry brains out there and would answer this question. When you build a mobile app for your business, you can draw a good attention, if the mobile app offers what users want, but users can never remain stick to your mobile app, if your mobile app does not offer anything new or upgrade its features, there you may lose a potential customer base in a jiffy. Remember customer loyalty drives the loyal customers buy products and services again and again from a same brand or store. Now the question arises how to maintain the customer loyalty, so below are some major ways to boost your customer loyalty with mobile apps…take a look

  • Incentives Always Work

It sounds a little weird but actually, little-gift-wrapped incentives always work in your favor, integrate some monetization efforts in your customer retention program and let there be a healthy flow of the customer retention chain. You can offer rewards or in-app incentives to increase customer retention ad it really works in the favor of your aim.

  • Deliver What You Promise

It is the next but the most crucial part to sustain your customer base, DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE, many mobile apps promise to deliver certain things on upgrading the mobile app, but eventually, turn out to be something else, when it comes to the final delivery, this really irks your customers to the extent that they can give a ditch to your mobile app instantly, so DO NOT play with your customers, only promise that which is in your authority, even if it is not much, but it will create a strong loyal customer base around your mobile app.

  • Let There Be A Communication Bridge

The most I hate in the service, when my grievances are not addressed promptly and I have to reach 5 different angles to reach the real place to solve my query, I think just like me, many are out there, who feel dejected, isolated and cheated when no one hears the cry, and unfortunately this is the most common practice integrated by every mobile app developer, thinking that replying to your user’s query is a time –waste or does not hold much priority, but hey you are absolutely wrong, because the words of acknowledgment given to your user’s problems, act as a healer, and you build a trust wall around you and your users which help them to stick to your services, even if there had been some flaws. So LISTEN to your users and give voice to their concerns.

  • Don’t Be Rigid

I personally prefer a mobile app, which I can customize as per my taste, so it can clearly depict my mood and personality through the mobile app, but sadly not many mobile apps offer this feature to users, where they can customize the mobile apps to get a personalized effect, which gives a robotic experience to users, and they feel their interaction is one way, not two ways, so give your users this liberty so they are able to utilize the mobile app in a customized way, which they prefer.

A mobile app can be a blessing for your business if it is able to retain the right set of customers for your domain for a longer time. So practice above-mentioned strategies in your mobile app development process religiously so you would not lag behind in the successful app development for your business requirements. Not every mobile app development company is capable of integrating these strategies effectively in their app development process, but Techugo has gained popularity as  mobile app development company, since we do not just develop successful mobile apps, but our mobile apps help end-users to be retained and remained glued to the mobile apps for the longer time.

If you have got a mobile app concept, you must get in touch with Techugo-  iPhone app development company to get your mobile app developed by experts. You can get in touch with Techugo at….

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Importance Of UI/UX In Mobile App Development Process

Importance Of UI UX

The need for mobile apps for businesses is much more than maintaining an online presence. It is a source to generate massive revenues, expanding the customer base, generating new business prospects, reinforcing brand image, etc. Everybody has something to offer and thus, in such a dog-fight, it is extremely necessary for businesses to lure customers in different ways to ensure their retention and loyalty towards their service and brand. When the user is concerned, it is not the technicality of the app that counts. It is the features and the interface of the app that makes the difference to the user, which decides its fate and in turn the fate of the company. Thus, it is important that user engagement should be given top most priority and with this mindset, the UI/UX of the app should be designed so that the user never feels the need to opt for another app. Let’s delve into the basics of UI/UX of mobile apps and how it helps in customer retention.

What is UI? : A User Interface (UI) is the space where a human and a machine interacts with each other. The medium of interaction depends on the environment that constitutes the individual and the machine. When mobile phones and humans interact with each other, the interaction takes place through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is not restricted only to the tabs and navigation menu in an app. In fact, the entire functioning of the app depends upon it.

What is UX? : A User Experience (UX), as the name suggests, is the experience a user has while using the app. Their emotions and behavior when using the app account for this. It comprises of pragmatic, worthy, meaningful facets of human – mobile app interaction. A flawless UX guarantees the return and loyalty of a consumer. Developing UX of an app involves a lot of research, analysis of user behavior, a rock solid planning and many other things.

Now that we have a brief idea about what a UI/UX is, let’s discuss some of its vital components below.

  1. Usual Suspects: The most basic requirements to make an app appealing, is the use of understandable or at least familiar symbols, icons, tabs, etc. This makes the user feel at home and familiar with functionalities of those elements. The colour schemes and themes for the app should not repel the user. For instance, a smooth and bright colour scheme makes the user happy. Also, whilst these things are paid attention to, users should also be given the freedom to customize the look of the app according to their will and mood. This makes the user feel special.

  1. Keep The Confusions At Bay: While creating an app, the prime focus should be on the simplicity of the design. An app’s UI should be self-explanatory and just in case your app is overloaded with features, make sure to include a small app tour in the beginning. This makes users familiar with your app and enables them to use its functions and features with ease.
  1. Lags & Jitters Are For Losers: The last thing an app’s UI should do is to bog down the speed of the user’s device. A user would opt for anything but, an app that slows down or freezes his device. To ensure a faster UI, the app should shed excess load. The smaller the size of the app, the faster it is. It should also be duly noted that the app should be swift when working online. An app that takes time load even when the device has access to a fast internet connection, has some defects and needs to be checked and corrected on a priority basis.
  1. Consistency:An app should maintain its consistency when the user navigates from one page to another. The layout should almost replicate itself so that a user doesn’t encounter a major change. It makes the user familiar with new pages of the app and helps him in efficiently navigating through the app and the new functions that he comes across.

Conclusion: UI is what a user first comes across, and his return and loyalty to your app and brand depends entirely upon his experience and interaction with the app. It is important for businesses to preserve and expand their customer base and although, technical aspects are important, the UI/UX of the app can’t be ignored as that is the driving force for customer retention.

About Techugo: We’re a mobile app development company and we develop mobile apps for businesses customized to their needs. We realize that UI/UX forms an essential component of the mobile app development process and hence, our development process especially focuses on the look and feel of the app apart from the technical specification to provide users with an overall satisfying experience.

Yoga Mobile App


Yoga is practiced successfully all over the globe, people opt to do Yoga for various reasons, for some it is a de-stressing exercise, for some it’s a door to spiritual bond and for some it’s a mode to fight the deadly diseases, the reasons are endless, but the aim is same to garner positive emotions and relaxation of soul, mind, and body. The International Yoga Day is celebrated to spread the awareness of Yoga benefits for stress relief, health, and physical fitness, so on this gracious occasion of #IYD2017, Techugo team is highly proud to announce a mobile app for Yoga, which will be available soon on app stores.


We all are surrounded by the mobile apps and technology is used highly in every aspect in our vicinity. Now the level of mobile app revolution has reached to the level where it is beyond the reach of desertion. Albeit, there are various reasons to pick the mobile app revolution, but due to the instant hike in the mobile users, it has increased the demand of mobile apps to be adopted by every industry and domain. Mobile apps are useful not only for the users, but for the business owners too, because it has shrunk the world to an accessible axis where anybody at any point of time can enjoy the freedom of accessing the required information or services.

Mobile Apps Make The Business Accessible  

It is not easy for any business owner to work 24/7, apart from some exceptional cases, but on the regular basis, it turns out to be a hard task to accomplish and even you can’t access the global customers from your brick and mortar business premise. Mobile apps are adopted smartly by every industry across the globe, and people buy the products, regardless of their time-zone, language barrier or distance. Mobile apps have brought every product at our fingertips, where we can make a purchase with a convenience of time & place. Your business gets accessed by all across the globe and they can make an instant purchase.

Opens A New Window of Opportunities

In the era of competition, it gets a rat-race to compete with other business. Websites are used quite lesser being compared with the dedicated mobile apps for your product, so the regular traffic on mobile app helps you to understand the customer behavior, also the review/feedback/ rating system helps you to improve your product or fix the product issue, according to your customer’s requirement. Mobile app analytics help you to identify the positive and negative indicators, so you can fix them in-time to avoid losing your customer and you would also receive an expanded window of opportunity to attach new customers to your revenue basket.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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eCommerce Mobile App

The rise in mobile-phone usage has made the Smartphone apps a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses. A lot many small-business owners have a misconception that getting an eCommerce mobile app is an expensive and difficult journey, so they avoid building the one for their business, what they fail to comprehend that a few top eCommerce mobile app development companies are simplifying the app development process of creating and testing iPhone mobile apps and Android mobile apps and make them available in the dedicated price range. Being an eCommerce business owner, you should be well aware with the pool of benefits a mobile app can provide to their business, have a look at the benefits below:

  • Your product becomes more accessible and visible to your customers
  • Send alerts to the consumers to make them update with the latest offers and discounts
  • Mobile apps increase engagement with customers.
  • Mobile apps boost repeat visits, and permit a wide variety of online transactions, including the deployment of loyalty cards, push promotions, and eCommerce transactions.
  • Mobile apps help in creating a brand identification
  • Mobile app leads to social sharing

Mobile apps play a role of the direct driver of revenue generation and keep your business in continuous touch with your consumers. Since the ever -growing number of mobile Internet users are the biggest reason to have a mobile app for your e-commerce business and a mobile-unfriendly business has every chance of driving potential customers away.

Techugo is a rapidly growing eCommerce mobile app development company India and all over the world and we provide best eCommerce mobile application development solution for your eCommerce business. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your eCommerce app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your eCommerce app requirement.

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E-learning or most commonly known as M-learning is the modern way of learning; it is performed through computers and online education. Lately, this technology has already been adopted by many educational institutions like schools and colleges, training institutions. We all love to gain knowledge, but the demanding schedule, traveling distance; despite the fact, we all want to gain the education in the most effective way possible. E-learning is not the latest trend, but the necessity of today’s time; people get the relevant study material and training as per their convenience. E-learning is a business activity and a huge industry.

Why need e-learning

Mobile learning or e-learning has vast benefits. The first benefit you receive is the instant access to the material; your staff can easily access training resources, whenever they need. It helps the employees to learn anywhere, anytime as per their convenience and they would not be solely dependent on offline study material. The technology used can be given to students like videos, more practical information with “augmented reality games” and “social learning”.

When an educational body wants to incur the e-learning method within their system the first question pops out, “How much does e-learning cost?”, it’s not at all an invalid question since we all have encountered many a times situations, where we are either over-charged for the services or don’t get the quality. To know beforehand the estimate of your e-learning cost would help you in many ways. The first-time app development costs are generally high and the ongoing costs are lower. The total costs include the software applications used to create the mobile app, the additional features added, content creation (which is an ongoing process) and the convenient user interface. The answers to cost questions cannot depend on one factor are usually broad and rough at the outset and become clearer once the final output is delivered. E-learning creates a value to the business, a start-up cost, and running costs. Even if you have a pre-defined set budget figure in your mind, yet you must know how much the eLearning costs. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting.

How to Develop The e-learning Development

When an educational body wants to incur the e-learning method within their system the first question pops out, “How much does e-learning cost?”, it’s not at all an invalid question since we all have encountered many a times situations, where we are either over-charged for the services or don’t get the quality. To know beforehand the estimate of your e-learning cost would help you in many ways. The first-time app development costs are generally high and the ongoing costs are lower. The total costs include the software applications used to create the mobile app, the additional features added, content creation (which is an ongoing process) and the convenient user interface. The answers to cost questions cannot depend on one factor are usually broad and rough at the outset and become clearer once the final output is delivered. E-learning creates a value to the business, a start-up cost, and running costs. Even if you have a pre-defined set budget figure in your mind, yet you must know how much the eLearning costs. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting.

  • Content Creation

Content creation is the trickiest job since it does not approve the mediocre approach. If your e-Learning company handles the content part than it incurs the additional money to learning cost, since the e-Learning company would have to source, write and review the content. On the contrary, if you provide the content from your end, then you can save a lot of money, in the latter situation your e-learning company would take your raw content and create SCORM compliant eLearning.

  • Attractive content

In today’s time, we don’t have enough time to read the theory with no interesting feature set in, such as graphics, narration and easy to relate language. Not every e-Learning developer comes packed with these required features, but you need to put extra efforts to find the one because such developers are hard to find and do not come at a low price. In order to make your e-learning an investment you need to concentrate a little more on the attraction of your content, so the dual task of delivering the learning objective and telling a compelling story, can be confined to your e-learning portal.

  • A Global Approach

With the current technology, turning globalized, you would not restrict your platform in your region only; you would market your product as much as you can generate the favorable revenue for your business. You need to pick the developing company, who is well-versed with a professional translation agency, so your content can be translated into different languages. Whichever vendor you choose, you’ll need to make sure that they deal with a professional translation agency. Don’t let your developers rely on Google Translate, although it’s the most favorite tool for most of us, but when it comes to translating the detailed points, are failed to be translated. With this feature, your product would attract a huge number of customers around the world and since you would provide the content in their language, they can build the trust factor with you.

  • Different Functions are needed

People find any product more interesting, when it comes exciting and engaging feature, a plain e-learning module would not grab much attention. to make your e-learning module you should include video, animations, and gamification features, and you need a team of eLearning developers with the requisite experience. To imply these features, it would require the services of various minds, who would be skilled in gamification, Instructional Designers, developers, graphic designers, videographers and proofreaders, video presenters, researchers and voice-over artists. Albeit, a simple e-learning module can also be successful, but to add some of the features would attract more customers for an engaging experience. The number and type of courses you will offer that includes video lessons, & texts, etc. You can decrease app development cost by giving preference only to the core features in the first version of the app.

  • App Design

A most significant and vital point to decide the cost factor is App Design. A good design (UI & UX design) always motivates the learners to engage with the content and spend more time on the app. It would surely cost a little more, but it would be worth to spend this much amount.

  • App Platform

In order to reach vast numbers of audience, create the e-learning platform not focusing on one major platform only, but try to cover as many as possible in the second version, it may cost but you don’t limit your product to the distinct users.

Tools for Developing Web Apps

  • IUI
  • jQT
  • iWebkit:
  • Adobe Captivate 7
  • Claro
  • Lectora Inspire

Tools for Developing Native Apps

  • Articulate Storyline
  • GoMo Learning
  • Phonegap
  • Rhodes by Motorola
  • Titanium
  • Upside2Go

The e-learning trend has changed globally and all the educational or training bodies offer the distance education since it’s not only convenient but also cost-effective as well.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept of e-learning development to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your e-learning development requirement.

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Ideas and concepts can never be sufficed to a particular field and there can be no restriction when it comes to ooze out the coherency of ideas. Every talent today has got a perfect recipe for success by adopting the mobile technology. Apart from the usual restaurant, hotel apps and eating joints there is one more curve in the eatery domain, which is getting highly popular and also in demands these days- it is food truck business. Food truck comes with its own set of convenience and the most important factor responsible for the ever-growing food truck mania is the slow-growing economy, where commoners don’t have enough privileges to indulge into expensive breakfasts and lunches or have time constraint due to the competitive era. To discuss further the standpoint of the business owner, kiosks, carts, trailers, and food trucks, these mobile food carriers can be moved from one place to another to attain the potential of the business. But a mobile app can seriously do wonders to your existing or upcoming food truck concept, read it further to know the secrets.

Why Mobile Apps for Food Truck

With no doubt involved, food truck business is exponentially increasing and would boom further in the future, due to the demanding work schedule, more and more people would opt for this. But there are some of the most significant financial barriers to initiating with the food truck business. The average food truck cost is around $90,000 to start with and is coupled with other expenses of fuel, food ingredients, maintenance and a number of employees. Due to such unavoidable costs, business owners or food truck entrepreneurs don’t make a huge budget in the initial stage. The cost-cutting aspects include no fliers, no billboard, no hoardings, which is quite justified even since the location can be switched to another, in the case of no business revenue and the printed fliers and hoardings can go wasted.

But some publicity is very much required to get your business recognized, in such scenario a mobile app works as a blessing for the food truck owners. A mobile app gives an effective and most productive way to establish the ’user engagement’ in the most practical way and simplifies the business needs. With a mobile app, the customer can get in touch with 24/7 and you can advertise the upcoming menu items or offers.

Customize the App

A mobile app for your food truck would not just help your consumers to locate but it works as a communication tool for your intro purpose as well, through the message boards and live chat room options and can help your entire staff to keep updated about the logistic requirements on a daily basis. The communication cycle created with a message or chat options provides a flawless connection between staff and vendors. The GPS feature allows finding the eateries in the vicinity and helping you identify the potential customers and exploring where competition would be higher.

Word-of- Mouth Publicity

It’s hard to deny the relevance of social media in our lives and it is equally important for food trucks also since it aids the word-of-mouth publicity for your food truck business. Your potential chunk of customers needs to know where your food truck is, what you’re serving, and would lead to positive publicity from your happy customers. Your customers would know a little easier about where you are and your menu options. A simple connect, with the third party social media channel would open the floodgate of opportunities for your business. Social media channels let you reach out to new customers, stay in touch with your biggest fans, and provide commendable service to everyone.

Business and Financial Management

The worst nightmare for any food truck owner is to be unable to manage truck’s spending, income, and profits. The mobile app works as your personal assistant and would help you stay on top of monetary management segment and help you end up making smart business decisions.

No matter how simple or complex your business’s needs are, opting for making a mobile app for your food-truck business is the best option. Techugo will help you create a mobile app for your food truck and with the help of mobile app developer Techugo , food truck owners can get a mobile app designed fitting their pocket and serving the needs of their kitchen business. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your food-truck app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your food-truck app requirement.

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“Am not here to entertain your malarkey, if you can’t lodge my FIR, then why the hell you have made this police station”, sounding rude to you? it was me, 4 months ago, losing my patience horribly on police guys. Lemme give you a brief of what all happened and why? Let’s take a quick recap in my memory’s time machine. I love my work a little too much, as a result, I always ignored the incoming messages and notifications from anyone during my working hours, and the entire assorted bunch of messages and notifications either was entertained at the late night or usually went unnoticed.

But something unfateful occurred on one of the usual afternoon of March 2016, I stepped into the Apple service center for my lappy’s technical overhauling and my phone started it’s usual beeping practice. I ignored, it beeped again, again in the short span of 2 min, this alerted my sixth sense, and I dug into my jeans’ pocket to unleash the mystery of continuous messages. Amongst the hundreds of unread messages, the latest three caught my attention, since it was from my bank, the first message read, OTP (one time password) for transferring the amount. Second read transaction with so & so bank of Rs 2500, third read the same transaction amount but at different time. Hey, Hey!! What’s happening, I almost jumped out of chair and people standing around me stared as if I have asked for their kidney donation.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, because I had not touched my Credit Card for past 3 months and I have received a transaction of 5000, in two installments of 2500 each, I went crazy and dialed the customer care number, but I was welcomed by IVR to provide my card details then my pin, and then their personal confirmation IVR message, till the time I was routed to customer care executive, I received two more messages of successful transactions, total of 5K in figure again, and by the time I reached to the customer care I had borne the loss of 10 thousand in total. The only response I received from the customer care executive, Sir, you should have called a little early, so I could have blocked your card.

I wanted to shout and lose my patience over the customer care executive, but it wasn’t his fault even, since IVR was built to guarantee the authenticity of the card holder, but I was a victim not just of card misuse but also of the creepy IVR system. I blocked my card and decided to turn ANTI-CREDIT CARD usage fully. Although I lodged the complaint with police, with hazardous result of no result till date, but my faith from the credit card banking system was completely shook away till I read “Your voice to become the new password for phone banking” yesterday in TOI. I started reading further, the news said, “A quicker method of authentication, especially in emergencies, such as when a panicky customer is trying to report the loss or theft of the card. Enter voice recognition — it promises instant authentication, and is already being rolled out by ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and a few others.”

When I searched further about the Voice Recognition system, I was impressed to know the intricacies involved within the system. It is safer than a fingerprint, since every person’s voice is even more unique than a fingerprint with own speech pattern. This technology captures the different seven metrics of voice like inflection, speed, tone and modulation to create customer’s voice recognition database. Apart from safety measure, it’s beneficial for ruralites to overcome the challenges of financial literacy and language. Collectively the information, sounded too good, but since I am already a victim of an IVR system, my lovely brain forced me to think more deeply and I realized banks need to have systems that are smart enough to challenge the user, and must not stop at voice recognition.

As per the article even, if a hacker gets his hands on the voice sample, it will be very easy for him to fool the bank’s system. Although, Voice Recognition is taken as a strong security reason by Indian private banks, but I think the iris recognition or biometrics that require a special device, just like the banks have adapted in the USA and other foreign lands, are the way much secured and authentic. On the other hand, reports suggest Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra are considering using iris-recognition technology for biometric authentication of transactions.

I would wrap-up with a gentle alert and a reminder that never share your card details with any one and I hope for the best, a more grounded, practical and logical secured banking system rolling in our country very soon..