What Are You Doing Wrong In Your App Design?


The very first aspect comes in an app designer’s mind; my design, my creative approach and innovative thought process can never be wrong.


I trust quite many, but as a matter of fact, it is a wrong approach, we all are humans and to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes are a part of our nature and we cannot run from this.

This approach is implemented not only on the personal but as well as on our professional front too…J

Let’s hop back to my blog topic….

When an app is developed, there are several factors, which if not taken in notice, can destroy the complete app…


But, with this blog, I am going to address only those most prominent mistakes which are sometimes overlooked by the app designers….let’s take a look


The app users are not just smart, but picky as well, they don’t love to give a second chance to your mobile app when it is not living up to the mark on their very first visit on the app.

The first impression of the app has to be taken care of, no matter what, but it needs to be given the supreme priority. You must ensure:

  • The app home screen needs to be uploaded faster than you imagined even.
  • You cannot compromise with your app design; it needs to be unique and must compliment your app functionalities.
  • Make the app transition from one-screen-to-another seamless enough


Doing Excessive Animations

It might sound rude, but your app needs to have a very balanced approach of animations.

It must not look like a forceful and unwanted animation dose to your app. The animations indeed look good, but are not enjoyed further, if your users get to see them constantly.

Users are straight-forward and don’t like the same animation to consume their time of app loading, they might enjoy in the first few attempts, but later they prefer to abandon such experience for a faster and clean loading.

Infusing Every Style

As an app designer, it is expected from you that you are a creative genius and each of your design must reflect that.

But at times just to make the app a little different and unique app designers, fall into a trap and make every possible design, theme, and idea in their reach get infused together.

But this step does not bring anything good, but brings only the harm further to your app.

The over-enthusiastic approach shown in the app design leaves it with the cluttered look and your users are left confused looking for better app experience.

Ensure that your app is simple and has no confusing factor instilled in it.

Display only the most prominent features with the most prominent buttons, which would help the users to access what they need eventually.

App Design Needs To Be Consistent

An app is not just a technical piece full of coding, but it is the combination of concept, design, features along with coding, which clearly indicates one sole business and its requirements through an app platform.

Considering this in mind, you have to understand that your app is a segment of a business brand, thus every inch of your mobile app must be designed and developed with the brand recognition of respective business domain.

Keep your app consistent throughout every screen and without any difference made to the colors, fonts, styles, border widths and image size on every app screen.

You might think that users scarcely take a note of these minor aspects, but you are wrong, because users do take a note of these aspects and these small fragments of your app, help to create value amongst the targeted audience.

Design Needs To Be In Sync With The Platform

Albeit, this aspect is well-taken care by the app platforms guidelines, yet, you need to take care of the app platform, where the app is getting downloaded.

Consider the app interface fully and design the app.

Complicated Interface

This generally happens with me, when I try to play a new game, usually in the first few attempts I am unable to unable to understand the game, which leaves me irritated and I often abandon the game in-between.

But this was merely an example, which you need to avoid maximum and your app interface needs to be easy, scalable enough to be used without any user manual.

Skipping The Default Value

What is default value?

Well, the default value is a sleek walk-through based on your past usage or pre-marked preferences utilized within the app.

The default value is a big help for your users, which they can access at the point of time.

With a default value, you help your users to leave good feedback about your app, since with default value reduce the number of errors, thus integrate the default value option in your app design.

These small, but important points help your mobile app to come in an action, but also along with this, the hiring one of the top mobile app development companies must be taken into consideration carefully.

Every mobile app development company has its own forte and set of distinct awards and accolades in its kitty, you only need to pick one of the leading mobile app development agencies India and get your app scored the success chart effortlessly.

Until my next blog…my lovely readers, keep exploring and enjoying my blogs further….



How to get an excellent app by hiring the mobile UI designer: tips from the UI/UX expert

Creating an app is a time-consuming and complex process. The most difficult stage is actually the beginning. At this stage, there is only an idea, so it is very difficult to formulate and state it correctly to get across exactly what is intended after completion. Very often failure can result not from the incompetence and unprofessionalism of the development team but rather the incorrectly formulated goals and requirements that lead to the wrong task being accomplishedMost errors at the beginning of the project affect the outcome. Below you will find some advice from the viewpoint of a mobile app UI designer. You can avoid many potential problems and get an outstanding application if you take into consideration the following tips then you can hire ui designer

Do Not Waste Time Looking for Absolute Uniqueness

The image for uniqueness of the app
In our world, everything is cyclical, and this can be traced to all spheres of human activity. Each stage has its own characteristic, differences and features. At the moment (and it will last for more than a year), at the peak of popularity is a simple, lightweight design material, and this is not surprising, because everything that is simple is easily perceived and learned by users. In the process of developing a super-unique,extraordinary interface, you can break all the rules that have been built on the results of research and testing, on the feedback of ordinary users. Your stunning UI/UX design for mobile will then prove too confusing for users. The mobile UI designer who creates the interface for you should create a product that conforms to the usability rules; otherwise, your and his work will turn out to be a result of senseless ideas,and the time and financial costs spent will not be justified.

Select the Target Audience for Your Application

The image of target audience for app
Not only do you need to choose your audience but you need to remember to tell the mobile UI designer, whom you’ve hired, about your choice. Of course, our designers are specialists in branding and can remind you about this at the right time with leading questions, and you, in turn, should be prepared with a response; otherwise, they will appeal to fictitious customers and will come up with their own mission foryour business along with its marketing message. They will decide on the clients personality type and behavior strategy. It is not necessary to use complex terms and study a lot of literature in order to convey your findings to the team; it is enough to describe the user in just a few words, and this will shorten the time spent on developing UI design of the application in the future.

Determine the Goals of the Application

The image of purpose of the app
First, determine the goals of the app, and as in the previous paragraph, do not forget to pass this information on to the interface developers. Often during the phase of the wireframes development, we can give good advice and eventually expand the capabilities of your product and perhaps show you the infeasibility of some of your ideas. This will let you reduce the development time of the application without wasting time on ideas that will not bring you the desired result.

Use Brand Elements in Your App’s Design

The image for brand elements in app development

If the application is a further development of your business and you already have your own logo and corporate identity, I recommend that you continue with the same style. This will serve as a continuation of the marketing campaign that you have already launchedEven if the shapes and sizes may be slightly different, the overall visual style should be preserved. Therefore, when creating UI design solutions for an application, think of this as another component of your marketing strategy. To maintain the overall style, use the same colors, fonts, and pictures in all of your materials, and you will certainly see results.

Look for UI Design Examples on the Internet

The image for app examples
This will facilitate the start of development. The Internet allows access to thousands of screenshots, examples of work by other interface creators, and ready-made successful projects with great UI design that can be shown to the team.

Break Up the Design Development into Stages

The image for stages of app designing
Our team spent more than a year developing our plan that we are now currently developing UI/UX design. These stages allow us to minimize risks both from our (the developers side) and the customer’s side and prevents some common errors at the start. Start with a small outline of the hand, then detail it in the programs for building the wireframes, and when the application scheme is finished and approved, proceed to find the color, style the interface, and develop the animation and interactions. Only then, with the approved style and color, will you proceed to the main application icon and maybe an animated tweet. Be sure to consult with developers at every stage, and show the team what you are working on; often in the course of such consultations, outstanding ideas are born that will be the highlight of your product. You can find more details about the stages of UI/UX design development in the section Graphic Design of our site.

Trust the Team of UI/UX Designers

The image of developers team
We all take on the role of the customer and the performer on a daily basis. We change roles over the course of the day, and this is normal. We are confronted with different spheres of services, be it healthcare or retail.This is all well and good if you have basic knowledge in creating interfaces and you can navigate the work of mobile UI designers, but often the theory is not enough, and it can lead you to a dead end. At such times,I cite such professions as a dentist, a surgeon, a teacher, or a psychotherapist. Do not wake up during the procedure and start to dictate the surgeon’s actions? It’s the same way when it comes to design. The most important thing is to find a team that loves and knows how to do their work with already proven resultsIn my experience, there were cases when the client could not express his wishes as he did not quite understand what he needed; he was lost only until he trusted us. The more we are trusted, the more often we hear the phrase Yes, this is exactly what I need!

In Conclusion

The image for conclusion

What color should you choose? What emotions should the design emote, should it be simple or complex? Where should the users perspective stop, and what should it attract?

Good specialists know the answers to these questions. They understand that the purpose of the work is to influence the visitors perception of your business. The more interface creators know about peoples behavior and how they make decisions, the better they can implement the users behavior strategies. They will develop a product that attracts interest and keeps it, bringing you profit and pleasure from using your product.

Source: https://appus.software/blog/how-to-get-excellent-app-by-hiring-mobile-UI-expert

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