Deep Linking Gives You The Crucial Insights For Developing The App

Deep linking gives you the crucial insights for developing the app

Mobile deep linking which is also known as a mobile app deep linking is the process of linking URI to specific pages or locations within an application. The benefits of deep linking are very vast and must be integrated into every application development strategy. This technology can add the various functions for your users that cannot be achieved by building the flat structured application.

Let’s see the working algorithm of this technology.

First marketing professionals have to discover the best channel that drives organic results such as mobile web, social media, text messages, or emails. After that, they have to convince potential users to open application frequently by providing substantial content and using deep linking.

An advanced deep linking is called the deferred linking and it is used when the application is not installed on the user’s device. In this situation, the user gets an URL that redirects the user on to the respective app store to download the app. After that, the app lands on the specific page which needs to call the deep linking service provider with the special code, the provider will fetch the deep linking data which is used to install the application.

Basically, there are three ways to perform the mobile deep linking.

Standard deep linking

It redirects the user to the specific part of the application by using your app URI. This method only applicable when app is installed on the user’s device, otherwise, it shows error.

Deferred linking

It directs the user to the specific content if the app is installed otherwise direct to the respective app store listing to download the app.

Contextual deep linking

This can serve the functions of the above two and also allows for more precise tracking and better relevancy to the users. It is very helpful for both the developers and users because these links pass data to an app through the install and allow to personalized onboarding.

Why it is important?

The most frustrating situation is when an app gives the notification about the giveaway and you just click on the link to open the app. But instead of landing on specific page, it lands on the homepage of the app with no instructions about the giveaway. Deep linking is the best option to remove this issue, it opens the page with instructions for the user’s benefit.

You can implement the deferred and contextual deep linking to enhances the user experience, improving the user onboarding process, and better tracking marketing campaigns.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of a mobile app deep linking.

Enhances the user experience

Users are able to access your application easily through the deep links, with essentially no navigation. It can redirect the users to the specific screens of the app instead of a home screen that means, if you are linking something in your app from social media or website then users are able to navigate seamlessly to that content.

Convenience in content promotion

It allows you to create the links on the websites, emails, and social media that redirects at the specific part of the application. It works as an amazing promotional tool, by using this you can bring special deals and services to the customers. Bringing the quality content is better and interesting than pushing users to open the app.

Set connection between two apps

The ability to link the two apps is one of the most prominent advantages of this technology. If the user is interested in buying something and your app refers to that specific seller app, then it build trust and provides the best user experience. It is also easy for users to navigate, keep track of referrals, and offer a seamless experience to the customer.

Gives possibilities for user re-engagement

In the lot of scenarios user has installed the app but have not used it for a long time. With the help of this technology, you can encourage your customers to get back to your application by creating offers, discounts, or certain deals and then notify them. When you send the push notification, this technology helps you to take the users directly to the page where details and offers are available. It helps user to

perform certain tasks instead of navigating randomly across the app.

Improved the search results and app download

Have you ever searched out for a product in the Google search box and get the desired results that take you into the mobile application. This happens because Google indexes the mobile app deep links, which means when you click on the link you directly land on a specific page of the application.

If you are building the app for your business then you cannot put the website down immediately. The slow and steady process of migrating your users from the website to the application through deep links can be helpful.

By converting the website links into the deep links, you can allow your users to browse products, check the description, price, and many more and then take them to the mobile app for further processing. This way you can encourages the users on the current platform and increases the app download.

Provide insights into campaign effectiveness

Since deep link has the ability to pass the data, you can more accurately see which campaigns and sources are most helpful in driving users to your application or driving downloads. Maybe it can be done through the text messages, emails, social media, or deeply linked ads.

Now, as we all know that this technology redirects the users to specific content, it puts users of different paths then the ideal user flow. This means that you need to be carefully plan how they will be used and how you present information to the users.

To give the seamless experience to the user you have to make sure that deep links take the user to the specific content without any logins or interstitial pages. If you are planning to build such kind of apps then contact Techugo. We are expert in designing the mobile application according to the client requirements with the latest tools and technologies. So, if you have any concerns regarding the application development company, then contact us.

How To Avoid Vendor Lock-In And Integrate Push Notification?

How to avoid Vendor Lock-In and Integrate Push Notification

Surely, you would have heard about the web push notification. However, you could be reasoning on how these notifications are important. Actually, push notification is an interactive way that instigates customer engagement,  in spite of  the matter of facts such as what they are doing and where they are.  More clearly, it is a great mean of communication that re-engages users and strives to bring them back to the website or app.

Today, it is being adopted by numbers of both popular brands and marketers. This is a critical instrument that grabs the attention of users by delivering a message in unexpected times. However, for a variety of marketers, it is hard to implement push notification due to the vendor lock-in.

Yes! you heard me correct vendor lock-in is the major hurdle that people face while implementing the push notification.

What is vendor lock?

Vendor lock-in is a kind of constraint that makes customers dependent on a vendor for acquiring product or service. Here the customer is person acquiring push notification service from the vendor. In this case, customers are not able to switch the notification service without paying hefty switching charges.

Though there is no dearth of standards to eradicate this problem of app lock-in, but a website can be used to lock-in customers. A majority of customers realize this issue very late and end up with bigger issues related to support and maintenance charges, overly-charged procedures and so on.  This happens due to a variety of reasons such as lack of resources and more. If a website owner is not able to change its vendor, surely it is vendor lock situation that is creating problem.

If you are planning to implement this feature in your website and unaware or confused about options available for you. Or you didn’t take precaution while implementing push notification with your first vendor and want to switch to other push notification platform. Here are the steps you should follow.

Take a look at the steps to integrate push notification without vendor lock-in.

Note: To integrate push notification in your website, your website domain should be secured. Check, is your website URL contain HTTPS? If it isn’t, get the secured URL first.

Step 1: Create Google Cloud Messaging Key and ID

The primer step is to ensure portability. Along with this, you need to create FCM Project and FCM Key. Creating FCM key is free and for this you can take help of guidelines provided by Google. FCM is the latest version of GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). FCM is referred  as Firebase Cloud Messaging. This is a fundamental practice for implementing browser push notification. FCM guarantees more reliable delivery of push notification, however, you can go along with traditional GCM. Although, FCM is easy to use, in comparison of GCM.

Besides, It offers huge convenience in importing subscribers to other push notification vendors. Through this way, it is possible to avoid the vendor lock-in for web push notification service.

Note:  FCM settings is not enough to avoid the vendor lock-in. A majority of people neglect this fact. Here is the brief explanation that you must keep in mind.

If I consider Chrome architecture dedicated to push notification.  It needs service worker javascript code that allows execution in push subscribers’ browsers. When a notification is sent to a browser, this event initiates and calls the notification from Push Server. This server is usually hosted by the platform you are picking to live the push notification and HTTPS  domain, is usually utilized for notification and subscription hosting.

For switching, you will need to replace the service javascript code with new one and point it to the new push server. In short, you must have full control over the HTTPS subdomain.

Step 2: Acquire HTTPs Web Domain

From above, it would be clear to you that HTPS domain is critical for delivering web push notification and gain subscribers. Along with that, it is also crucial for avoiding vendor lock-in. Undoubtedly, it is tough to transfer complete site from HTTP to HTTPs sub-domain, therefore you integrate a subdomain on HTTPs.

Now you have created a custom subdomain as part of your website. Later you will need to enable custom subdomain in PushEngage. For that follow the given steps:
*Buy an SSL certificate
* Setup your domain, and enable your SSL certificate on it. Later set up DNS mapping for this new domain.
*Set the PushEngage installation files in subdomain.
*Enter it in custom subdomain setting in PushEngage

That’s it now your website will be live with Push Notification without vendor lock-in.

What else you should know?

Except this, you can set up push notification API in Ruby or Node.js web application with VAPID. What is VAPID?

Well! it stands for voluntary application server identification. This is an option but it has big security benefits. With this, application server utilizes VAPID for identifying themselves to push server. With this, push subscriptions properly get confined to their origin app servers. Succinctly, VAPID is able to prevent an attacker from stealing a user PushSubscription and restrict sending of push messages to the user from other servers.

Besides, with VPID protocol, push services can provide analytics and debugging assistance for app servers. In chrome, it is not necessary to register website through Google Developer Console and pass credential in Push report.

Now, you would have known how you can avoid vendor lock-in. However, this feature is not only important to retain users to your website,  UI and seamless experience make a count. You must get in touch with a reliable web development company to ensure a great website creation. Deft web designer and developer can create a great product that can hold customer attention and keep them engaged. Techugo can provide you in this. We are a trusted web and app builder company, with team of industry experts. We render best iphone application development company and ensure client satisfaction. To know more about website development and Push notification, get in touch with our experts.

Point To Consider Before Hiring Mobile App Development Company

Today, numerous web and app development companies are available in the different corners of the world. However, not all are able to serve your expectations. Each of them promises to deliver high-grade assistance and great applications, but barely some are able to keep their promises.

If you are planning to create a mobile app for your business, surely you have to go through portfolios of various companies over the internet. Indeed, a majority of them would be providing the same bunch of services. In such a situation, it is hard for you to pick one from them. So, here are some points that you should consider while choosing a company to create your business app.

 1. Technologies and Platform they are using for creating mobile app: It is essential to check which technologies they are using. Are they incorporating modern technologies or using older but powerful technologies? Along with that, you need to see for which platforms they are creating applications such as Android, iOS or others.

    2. Which types of applications they have created: Today, different types of applications are trending among people such as social media, sports, enterprises, fashion, education and more. You need to look that had they built the app related to your business or in the similar niche.

    3. Review of their clients: Another important thing is the feedback they have gained from their clients. Check for the reviews, there are several online portals on which you can check the reviews of companies.

4. Additional services they are offering: Apart from the application what assistance they are offering is important. You must look for a company that can help you in every aspect whenever the need arises.

Now, you might have understood what you should consider while picking a development firm. To know more about it, speak with our experts. Being a mobile app development company, Techugo has earned the huge appreciation in recent years. From years, we are engaged in delivering wonderful business applications including social media, healthcare and more. Our clientele includes industry leaders, and they have appreciated our work. To secure a great mobile app for your business, get our assistance.

What Is The Best Way To Generate Feedback From Potential Customers?

What is the best way to generate feedback from potential customers

Running any kind of business has only one rule that use your best tools to meet your customers’ expectation and fulfil all their needs by keeping them loyal to your business or brands. Remember that your customer is the most important essence of your business. Because without good customers you are not able to run your business and earn profit from it.

Now, business owners have the same question that is “how to make sure that their efforts are bringing the desired results and fulfil the customers need?”

The best way to get sure about your efforts is by asking the opinions of your customers or we can say that getting their feedback. Remember that if you do not try to find out what exactly your customer wants and what they think about your services, then you will never be able to give the best customer experience.

Their opinions and feedback give you the important insights that help you to adjust your business activities to eventually fit their needs more validly. There is number of ways you can use to get the opinons of your customers. But the best way is by allowing your users to give feedback, by using this method you can easily know and consider everything your customer want and their expectations.

Remember that getting quality feedback is also very important and not every organization or business get that valuable information. If you value your customer by asking feedback, you can keep them engaged with you.

To conquer these challenge organizations are finding new ways to engage their customer and seek their response. The most common question by organizations are “how to get quality feedback from your customers?”

Here we are listing the most effective ways to get the quality customer feedback. 

Provide proactive live chat support

Live chat can resolve many issues, for example, it can help customers to find the items they seek, answer the questions of the customers regarding payments, shipping, etc. It can also help companies to understand their customers better and analyze the patterns if there are any issue.

Organizations can increase the efficiency of online chat by making it proactive such as set the live chat window to appear whenever a customer has been reading a page for a long time. 

Get feedback on the live chat session

Just like email surveys which are sent after you close a ticket in a customer support portal, you can ask for the feedback just after the live chat has closed. This feedback can include basic questions about chat experience. It helps you to increase the effectiveness of live chat, in case if there is any unsatisfactory response then instantly take the action that can help to win the customers trust. 

Provide dedicated customer feedback forms on your app page

Always provide a dedicated feedback mail id, for example, If the customer can communicate any complaint through this email, provide the proper support. This is the best practice for generating the most effective feedback, you can also provide the dedicated feedback form but remember that feedback form include all relevant questions related feedback. To make a greater impact make sure that feedback form and feedback email address should be highly visible on the app pages. 

Measure your customer service performance

Send out an email survey when the complete token is closed. The aim of this survey is to determine whether the resolution is in accordance with the customer’s expectations or not. Make sure to ask minimum questions because this type of surveys are work when there are only a few questions.

The most simple way is to provide the options to rate their experience on the basis of the 0-10 scale. Or just ask the question in the form of true or false, negative response instantly ask another question to get the details about how the situations could have been better resolve. 

Call your customers regularly

Calling customer is a highly personalized way to communicate with customers, this method is proactive, and generates the best response. The major advantage of this method is that you get the feedback directly from the customer and you can also sense the level of satisfaction or frustration by listening to their voice tone. If this method executed well, it makes the strong bond between customer and organization and makes your customers feel valued. 

Use email surveys for new customers

The best part of the email survey is that you can ask information for the entire experience. You can use tools such as SurveyMonkey or Survey Anyplace to send out these surveys. You must ask the information about the following aspects:

  • The motivation for choosing the store: price, availability, free shipping, the order in search, engine ranking, etc.
  • The method used to find the store: search engine, customer referral, social media site, blog post, local listing, other online ads, etc.
  • Feedback on product/service including quality, service, price, availability, etc.
  • Overall service experience including website navigation, ease of use, availability, customer service experience, delivery time, quality of communications, and other suggestions for improvement. 

Monitor social channels

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be an amazing platform for customer feedback. There are plenty of tools are available that helps in social listening and gathering information on social media about the brand.

Remember that time plays a very important role in handling the complaints on social media because negative comments spread rapidly. Sometimes you can get the negative comments very frequently, so, keep patience and try to resolve the issue.

These are the ways to get honest feedback from your potential customer. It does not matter you get positive comment of negative comment, both are important for you. There are lots of ways to generate feedback, but these are the best one you can choose any one of them according to your convenience.

At Techugo, we are developing the mobile application for both iOS an Android platform. If you are looking for a top mobile app development company in USA, then contact Techugo.

No Need To Worry About Calorie Intakes With Diet & Nutrition Mobile App

No need to worry about calorie intakes with diet & nutrition mobile app

In this faster-paced life, we hardly give required attention to our health and fitness. Most of the time, we juggle up with daily chores and ignore our fitness due to several reasons. The most common reason for this ignorance is lack of information & knowledge, that involves affect of unusual partaking on our health.

In a nutshell, many of us are unaware of the actual impact of food on our body, and when the problem grows worse, we look for nutritionist and fitness trainers. Though, many people don’t have required time to visit the nutritionist or fitness trainers and class. Well! in this situation diet & nutrition mobile apps are providing great relief to people, as now they can learn about food impact on their body with an app easily. Let’s learn more about it.

Diet & Nutrition Mobile apps

Since the mobile app has become a need, a number of applications are aiding people in a variety of ways. In this niche, fitness apps are most useful and appreciated tool. This tool is helping people in maintaining good health. It is being fused with numbers of great features that can help you track your calorie intake and analyze what food can augment/diminish fat in your body. With such application, choosing healthy food won’t be challenging for you, as you can figure out how much calories you are consuming.

I know you would be having a myriad of questions in this regard such as, how these apps work? What features they have? and more. In this post, I am discussing how these apps work, and their features. Take a look.

Before dive into the feature list of diet & nutrition mobile applications, you need to know that there are numbers of such applications available in respective stores. Every app has been built with a distinct idea, so it may be possible that all apps don’t have the same features and functionalities.

Indeed, these apps have been developed with a single aim to provide fitness support, however, features and functionalities depend on the preference of app owners. So, before downloading a diet & nutrition app, you must look a preview of the app features. Irrespective of this fact, here are I am listing some common features of diet and nutrition apps that can serve you an unmatched user experience.

Features of Diet & Nutrition Apps

  1. Signup

It is a very common and fundamental feature of almost every mobile application, as it not just offers access to users but also create an identity of user. While signing up with diet & nutrition app, you have to fill up a registration that asks for a plethora of information to identify the current status of your body. This includes age, gender, height, desired weight, current weight, allergies, food preference and more. These apps ask all required information to provide you with a brief diet plan and cater sought-after aid. Succinctly, app employs this information for your diet control.

 2. Food Logging

Well! the core purpose of creating such an application is counting your food & drink intakes. No! these apps are not spies that will keep an eye on you every time. Actually, you have to enter the food that you have consumed in a day. To push this information, app has fields integrated with food dictionary and calorie datebook. Are you thinking why food dictionary? well! you don’t want to type the whole dish every time whenever you log it, do you? Besides, these apps have calorie datebook that allows the app to dig up the calories contained by a particular food.

3. Calorie & Nutrition Calculator

Right after food logging comes the Calorie calculator, that showcases your day’s total calorie consumption. Can you imagine that awe expression when you find out that you have consumed a big supply of calories in a day, on the app screen? Well! it is very interesting and useful feature of these applications, as you can check and cut down your calorie intakes. Besides, it also showcases how much nutrition is your body receiving through a particular food. Apart from this, you can also figure out what nutrition values a food is containing. This is helpful for people who are suffering from nutrition deficits.   

  1. Activity Tracking

    Another feature is actitivity tracking. It is true that calorie tracking is the core feature of such applications, however, activities such as yoga, running and walking play a crucial role, as they prompt weight loss. Some apps have wearable connection feature that tracks activities and inform how much weight you have lost. It keeps you engaged with diet plan and help in achieving health goals.

       5. Connection with wearable

    As technology is expanding its reach, mobile apps are being integrated with great potential, and now they are able to establish a connection with wearable devices. As there are certain wearable devices, that help in tracking health, such applications are getting connected with these devices and offering great ease.

    This integration facilitates the feeding of various health measures such as heartbeat rate, per day running distance, calories burnt and more to the application, and allow it to showcase your current health status.

    6. Dietitian Tips and More

    Another advantage of such application is diet tips and other stuff related to health & food. Many applications have a recipe section, where you can check the recipes of a number of healthy food. Except these, such applications are being integrated with many more interesting features.

    Now you would have understood how diet and nutrition apps are helpful. So, what are you waiting for? download one and enjoy a healthy life.

Other than that, if you are fitness personnel and wishing to obtain a fitness app to grow your business, then an expert mobile app development company in India can provide you right aid in this regard.

At Techugo, we develop a wide range of mobile apps and fuse great features. With our team, we are successfully aiding a huge clientele in securing a wide range of apps including social media, healthcare, education and more.  Get our diet & nutrition app development assistance and secure a sizzling app solution.

What Is The Effective Way To Send The Push Notification?

What Is The Effective Way To Send The Push Notification

Push notification has become the best way of marketing, it is the fastest way to get the users attention. But at the same time push notifications are one of the most challenging things to implement.

The impact of push notification can be both positive and negative, if the implementation of push notification has done properly, it will increase your business. But the situation will become worse if the implementation has not done properly.

To create a good user experience, it is important to design the relevant push notifications. So, here we are discussing the few methods to design the best push notification.

Make notifications relevant

This is the most important part of designing the push notification. If you want your users to click on your push notification and visit your website or app, then provide the useful information. Generally, users don’t irritate if they getting the notification as long as it is valuable for them.

Basically, there are two types of notifications, one which is general information and second is the personalized information. Let’s take an example to understand it better, in the first situation Facebook delivered a notification about a new post or new friend request. Such notification does not provide any valuable information to the user, it is just like spam.

In the second situation, Netflix delivered the notification about the new episode of user favorite show. Now user cannot ignore this notification because Netflix analyzes the user interest and then send the notification.

The second type has the capability to makes the difference in business. So, analyze your user’s behavior to send valuable information through push notification.

Time your notification

Timing matters a lot, if you send a notification at the wrong time, the user will ignore your notification or in worst case the app associated with notification will be deleted.

Avoid sending notifications at night. Lots of people sleep with their smartphone and not all of them turn their device into DND mode. So, sending the notification between 12 am to 6 am risks waking up or distributing the user. Even user turn silent mode then also all the notification delivered during the night might be easily ignored because when the user finds the list of notifications on the phone in the morning, the first natural action is clean out the screen.

Generally, the best time to send the push notification is between 7 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 10 pm. But different users have different usage pattern, you need to analyze when your users are most engaged with the mobile phone. That time is the best time for dending the push notification.

Make notification actionable

Sending too many notifications in a short period of time can lead the situation known as “notification overkill.” Choose the optimal frequency based on the information you have about your user.

Make sure that the notification should lead to a specific part of the application. IT can be really annoying when you receive an interesting notification, click on it and find yourself on a home screen of the application that doesn’t relate to the notification.

Establish a notification strategy

Before sending a notification, you have to clear about your goal, with each notification you send to your user you should be able to say what you expect people to do. If you are not sure what kind of message will perform best for your user, then send the multiple versions to find out the best one.

When you analyzing the effect of notifications then track both positive and negative. Because each provides the valuable information that helps you to improve your campaign performance and change your strategy accordingly.

One of the crucial moments ignored by many teams is that when you are monitoring your campaign it is important to take a long view. Because some time short term engagement boost after sending a few notifications, it doesn’t mean that you have a similar situation in a long term. That’s why always monitor and adjust the push notifications based on the user’s behavior.

These are the few methods to design the excellent push notifications. Remember that push notification is the most effective to communicate with your user. If you want to develop the mobile application with excellent features and functionalities then contact Techugo. We are the best mobile application development company.

5 Golden Rules To Improve Mobile App User-Experience

5 Golden Rules To Improve Mobile App User-Experience

Undoubtedly, user experience is the true USP of a mobile app, that’s why app developers pay great attention on creating an engaging user experience. Actually, user experience plays a big role in the app usability, as it declares the success of the mobile app. The app development is not only about the fusing great features but also about creating great user experience.

Most of the mobile apps don’t earn the required attention of users and stay lost in the heap of apps in the respective stores, due to the poor user experience. Actually, beginners don’t know how to improve the user experience of the apps. In this post, we will learn how you can improve your app’s user-experience and retain users.

Take a look at the below points to enhance your mobile app user experience.

1. Utilize Native Components

While creating a mobile app, you must ensure that users can comprehend the use of elements available on the screen. If a user will face hardship in interacting with the UI components, then surely it will affect the user ‘s interest in the app.  You should pick native components to create your app user interface because people know how to use them. Actually, people are already aware of the functionalities of native UI components. If you will use native components, users will intuitively able to understand the application. Besides, you can integrate animation, automation or transition, because they look good in native mobile apps.

2. Make Functionalities Error Free

You have to understand that app functionality is very crucial, and seamless functionalities boost the user experience. Usually,  app creators don’t consider enough time in perfecting the functionalities of their app. Experts have asserted that a majority of app uninstalls happen due to the bad app performance and flawed functionalities. If an app doesn’t work well, users don’t spend more time on the app.

Besides, you should comprehend that functionalities of apps must help users to accomplish a specific task, without much hassle. If your app is not able to help people in this way, they are expected to uninstall the app.

3. Ensure Consistent UI design

A consistent UI design assures users that they are utilizing same application. Inconsistency in design can confuse users and creates a bad impact. With consistent design, users perceive that they are working on the right path, as they see the same logo and header design of the app. In addition, a consistent navigation system offers a consistent user experience that is important for app success.  Unconventional app designs lead to users’ frustration as they hamper the app intuition. So, ensure to follow conventions in design and maintain consistency to build trust among users.

4.  Choose a simple typeface

Simple typefaces or fonts are more readable than attractive but messy font styles. Even in unfavorable lights, users can read simple fonts. That’s why sans serif font is most popular among developers and designers to make design responsive and comprehensible.

To make UI more intuitive and effective, designers have started paying attention on readability of fonts for text bodies. You should consider it, as simple typeface are easy to pick. However, you must take care while selecting the size and formats of each font. Besides, remember the contrast also affects the readability. So, ensure good contrast between font and background color.

5. Work on the search feature

Every user comes to the app for a purpose and intends to achieve a specific goal such as finding or buying products or services. If your app doesn’t have effective navigation and users are facing hardship in finding useful links than there are chances that users can uninstall the app. To ensure ease for the users, you can integrate search feature in the app. By using the search feature, users can make searches easily. The search feature and easy navigation can enhance the usability of your app.

By considering these steps, you can make your app more engaging. A reliable and deft mobile app development company  like Techugo can help you in securing an attractive & user-friendly mobile app UX. We at Techugo, offer a wide range of services including iOS and Android app development. Owing to our team of UX designers, we have been appreciated by each of our clients for delivering quality apps. To know more, get in touch with us.

Scrap The Most Prevalent Set Of Myths Related To App Building


The number of confusion and doubts peeping out from the app development concept are not hidden from anyone, because many people stay with a belief that app development is needed but there are many If’s and Buts’ associated with it, and consequently these misconnections congeal the process of productivity for your business.

The fear which bothers and restrains you to opt from picking the app development is much obvious, but don’t you think that you must gather the appropriate information to make the use of this concept to the fullest?

When it comes to the app development companies, there is a fear amongst the people that their idea of the app will be exposed to everyone and can be stolen by the others, and their concept is much at the risk, but this is something very illogical because companies do understand their responsibility to keep the client’s idea safe and secure.

Wait there is much more

Also, sometimes the business owners are little skeptical regarding the control of the process. They think that the command of the whole process will be in the hands of the others but this is not the right thought because the owner has the full control over it.

Do you think, the myths end here?

No there is much more to serve the platter…

So, in order to help you easily opt for selecting the app development without any fear and insecurity, we have brought this post, which can help your app to reach the pinnacle of success, by scraping the myths out of your mind, and help your business to meet the demands of digital media through the means of app technology.

Let’s take a look at various misconceptions, surrounding the app development concept…

The Job Is Done Once The App Gets Built

There is a misconception amongst the business owners, who largely think that once the app project is handed over to the company, they can easily sit and relax and enjoy the means of technology doing wonders for their business.

But it is a futile aspect to think about even, because in order to bring your business on the digital platform; an app is mere a segment to reach that goal, and there are many other milestones as well to be completed.

After the app development there comes a bigger responsibility of turning it into a bigger success and reaches the wider audience base, through the right set of promotional and marketing activities.

Believe me, every phase of app development requires more attention from your end, henceforth you need to invest more time and passion in turning your mobile app into a popular version.

Else, you may fail to get the desired results. So, it is quite necessary to have a timely check on the progress of the project. This will help you to get the quality app as per your requirement.

An App Cannot Be Modified On Its Completion

A very popular myth, revolving around the minds of the business owners; once the app is built then there is no scope of any modification or alteration.

C’mon it is not at all true!!!

Technology has solved the various kinds of concerns like the emergence of agile technology has provided the feasibility to the developers to make the modifications as per the requirement of the business.

Apart from this, the developers also believe in developing the apps in such a manner, so that the alterations can be made at the later stage also if required. So even if you are getting an app designed by the third party you have the very much scope available for making the required changes done.

App Building Is An Expensive Journey

This is one of the biggest concerns which keeps on striking the mind of the business owners, and it is much logical as well, since keeping a tab on your finances capacity, is not at wrong.

But what you need to understand that an app development process can grow expensive or stay in your budget, and it all depends on you.

The number of features, technologies and the set of platforms chosen for your mobile app concept, really mark a difference and affect the app costing to a large extent.

Just to give you an idea, the cost graph for your app can be like this:

  • A Basic App cost comes with the basic functionalities and are easiest to build and is less expensive with around $6000- $8000 and suits the needs of small businesses.
  • An Enterprise App is little more complex and integrates the database management systems and content management and would cost around $18,000- $35,000.
  • An eCommerce App has various features like location-based services, payment gateway, push notifications to name a few, and can be developed at the cost around $6,000 – $10,000.
  • A Game App may cost around $15,000- $20,000 and more even, depending upon the number of features available.

Henceforth if you want to control the app cost, then it depends a lot more on your own choice and requirements, which your chosen app development agency would share with you in advance to get the right set of technologies within your budget.

At the inception of the project, you have to tell your requirement, specifications and what all you are looking for, they will give you a brief idea or estimation of the cost as per your needs. This kind of interaction provides a transparency in the money matters and keeps any kind of dispute at a bay.

Outsourcing Is Not An Ideal Option

How come is that possible for a company that they will be paid for a project but still they will not be motivated to infuse their dedication and efforts? This hardly happens with a renowned company.

Business owners generally think that the level of dedication oozing from their employee can only be witnessed with an in-house project, not from the outsourced company. But this is not the kind of approach followed by the leading iOS application development companies as these companies ensure to take every project that comes across as their own project because the reputation of the company is at stake.

In fact, they give their more than 100% efforts to please the customer and win his confidence. They also hold accountability to answer him in case of any unsatisfactory results. This makes them more cautious while handling the project and they try to deliver the best possible app.

Last but not the least, you must pick the mobile app developed to help your business to cross the scale of success meter and must not let these myths to abandon your dream concept to come into reality.

The Creative Design A Tool For App’s Success Plan


When the question of app survival comes in question, then anything in your reach must be taken into consideration, not leaving even an inch on your app to be grasped fully, letting the users stay engaged and glued to the app further.

An app does not suffice to only coding and technical aspects and there is a huge list of functionalities and the features which are further bespoken by the mobile app technology and complete the flow of successful app product.

The essence which helps the mobile app development to come out as a winner and loved by the audience is the app design.

Yes, the app design turns into a challenge when you accept the fact that your mobile app has to survive among the millions of other existing apps and it is only the worth of the app design, which helps the mobile app to come out as a winner.

Seriously does app design hold this much worth?

Yes, and maybe it is much more than vision and by picking a wrong design, can entirely chuck off the possibilities for your app to gain the momentum in the app’s world.

Therefore it is highly important to pay attention to app design and help your app connect to dug deeper in the rejection and make your business face the investment crunch.

Why Does The App Design Hold So Much Relevance?

We, humans, are highly demanding, and our very much own Mr. Mind is programmed to get inclined towards more colors and ambiance as it boosts our fascination to the next level.

The color helps in developing the pleasing effect from a product or the service around us and as a result, we feel inclined to use the product. This is the very same concept which is implied on the app’s existence as well.

Hence an app design matters most to accentuate the app’s feature and help it support the concept, further letting the audience to stay engaged.

However, to help you fathom, how app design can be optimized further in various segments of your app, let’s find out the design rules, which can leave you gaping, let’s read this post further…

  • Technology Induces Excitement

Every app has the same button for navigation and these are not useless, but mandatory enough for a mobile app and cannot be avoided.

However, the very taste of these buttons somehow becomes boring and predictable, which somehow put the users in the monotonous zone.

If you really want your mobile app to not to experience such distress, then you must integrate and utilize the flow of innovation oozing out of the technologies.

This would help your users to experience the buttons and texture of the app, coated with creativity to help the users to enjoy the usage.

You can infuse the different elements in your app’s design and let your imagination set loose. However the options are innumerable but something which you must not forget, that your picked style is well-suitable for the specific app’s genre.

Keep your design minimal and simple and let the imagination take its toll on your app design.

  • Less is Always More

The app design is one aspect, where the less you would put, the more it would be enjoyed. Your app users are finicky, they want to experience the innovation, but in an easy to understand the method, eliminating every single chance of overdoing your mobile app.

Users looking for something which is simple, clean and clear, they want the intuitive mobile apps, but at the same time, they don’t entertain the excessive dosage of design patterns, which convert the app into a riddle to be navigated further.

Try to keep the mobile app design as simple as possible and don’t forget, the less you implement the better it would be.

  • Swiping Is Trending

When you look closely at the mechanism behind the Smartphone concept, the fac which serves your need is the convenience.

The convenience has a broader vision, not just limited to app technology, but the features integrated within the app technology. The popularity of most of the mobile apps, largely fall onto the most exciting feature; swiping.

With the swiping feature, you open a floodgate of opportunities for your users to interact interestingly with your mobile app and give you a much robust reason, to help your audience to stay engaged.

  • Keep A Check On Thumb Size

No, you don’t have to go each and everyone to access their thumb size, however, it is a wonderfully ridiculous plan!!! (pun intended)

But what you have to consider in this approach is, that phone screens vary today, and users come up with their own demands to hold the phone.

Henceforth your mobile app must give the clear and sufficient space for any user to utilize the navigation buttons effectively.

  • Don’t Replicate The Web

A website is an integral part for a business and a mobile app just enhances that experience to a next level. However, many app designers, mistake the web design to speak same things like app design, which not just confuse the users, but also make them lose their interest.

When you decide to get a mobile app designed, a website should be an influence not for your mobile app, not the complete copy of your website.

Thus, keep the design and the functionalities coupled with the content to be minimal on the app, compared to the website.

  • Color Palette

Since colors have their own identity, which further adds the taste to a design. When it comes to a mobile app, there is much more to be considered and experienced with the color palette.

A smart choice made, bring out the best for your mobile app and make the users stay glued or stay longer on your mobile app.

With the accurate color contrast, you not just garner the attention of the targeted audience, but also carve a fine line difference from your competitors.

Every color standing in the platter, speaks for something, for instance: a pastel muted colors, speak a much-sophisticated app, whereas the bold and bright colors stand for music or entertainment apps.

The mantra you must follow here is to get a comprehensive market research of your audience, and understand which app design can help your app to grow further.

Above stated strategies, help your mobile app to carve a difference in the bubble of existing millions of mobile apps, however a fluid app design can only be achieved, when you decide to go ahead with a mobile app which is designed and developed especially for your business needs through a leading mobile app development  company in USA.

Take the assistance of such company and get a competitive edge on your rivals.

Common Faux Pas Picked During the App Designing

A mobile app is the official adaptation of the technology by a business, but there is more there in the mobile app, which meets the eyes.

An app is not a mere combination of some techies coding skills, which empower the mobile app to a successful product, rather a mobile app is a fusion of coding, design, layout, concept and every other possible aspect, which you cannot think of or even goes beyond your imagination bubble.

I know it sounds so fascinating, and trust me, out of all the aspects the most interesting and engaging aspect is the App Design, which transforms the plain app concept into an app product, which is further enjoyed and accessed by the tons of users and this very app sets a curve line on the users’ lips.

But there is another side of the story as well, which tells that a few mistakes picked during the designing process of your app, can destroy the dream of a successful app thoroughly.

With this post, I want to draw your attention towards the number of blunders picked and integrated unintentionally during the app design process, which cost the success of the app.

Hence, just take a look and read ahead…

What Is The Root Cause???

Before taking a hit at the mistakes, I want to focus my attention towards the root cause, from where the problem begins actually.

The problem arises when the app designers get the technical brief of the project and they can merge it further with their creative brief session and the expectations from the client turned out to be something disastrous and not worthy even.

Believe me, it is a hard nut to crack if the app designer fails to comprehend the project in detail and bring out an app design which fits no one’s purpose.

Now I would like to focus on the number of app mistakes, which must be avoided at any given cost and condition, let’s take a look…

  • Considering An Amateur App Development Company

Generally, I don’t consider this point as the top point, but when it comes to app design, I found it mandatory, to give it a shout as the very first, to begin with.

Many app owners, in order to have some pennies, decide to take the app development process with an amateur or inefficient app developer, who certainly charges next to peanuts for the development process, but towards the end leave your app project in a lurch, which becomes nothing but fit-to-be thrown into the trash bin.

You must not go ahead with this mistake and always proceed with a leading app development company in Canada to address your app requirement, through their technical exposure and the expertise, to finally help you get a successful mobile app solution.

  • Letting Over-Designing To Happen

The creativity oozes out profusely from the designing team, it is a known fact.

But sometimes this creativity goes to the next level, wherein the app designers do LITTLE EXTRA on the project and consequently an app comes out with something extra, which was never needed or required by the app users.

As an app designer, you need to take a hold on your creativity and must ensure that you avoid the excessive use of bold color choices, integrating too many graphics and designing as per your personal expectations.

In total, these mistakes would harm the app concept and instead of making the app look appealing, you would distract the user and they would not be able to get the real essence of the app.

  • Going Extra Mile With Typography And Fonts

An app design depends on selecting the right fonts and placement of text, which convey the right message to the app users.

If there is no balance in your design with the finite space, then it can cause a ruckus to occur, hence you need to be extra careful with loading one section with text.

When you forcefully put excessive content on one screen, then it becomes a pile of trash for the users, which is often avoided.

Keep the minimal text on the app screen and place it in the right space, so users can enjoy accessing it.

On the other hand, you must not experiment with the different font styles, since it distracts the user-attention.

Remember, many apps don’t receive their deserving recognition since the font style was not fathomable by the app users and it led to a situation where the users abandoned the app, in the absence of comprehending the text.

Make sure your typography and the font style work in sync and give the right message to the users.

  • Missing The CTA Button

Call-to-action is that button, which leads a path for your app users, to take the action.

Now you must be wondering that what CTA is?

Actually, CTA is that button in your app, which tells the users to buy, get in touch or take any required action to complete the steps.

Many mobile app designers, ditch CTA, by thinking that there is no need for such, but they are wrong, because wherever you want your users to take the further action to add the CTA button.

With the inclusion of this button, you drive the data of users to the direction you are most willing for.

Apart from this, many times, users get to experience a mobile app, which is not worthy or as per their requirements, since app designers let their personal taste to reflect boldly n the app design, which hampers the process of branding.

My personal recommendation is that let your app design to be a unique yet a very much part of your app concept.

The efforts made in the app design process must be taken with extreme cautions, so the final app design would look appealing to the users.

Last but not least, follow my mantra while designing the app…that says…


Hence create an app design which can help the users to build a CONNECTION with your brand by eliminating the scope of epic app design mistakes.