What Makes A Good Mobile App? : A Comprehensive Guide

Good Mobile AppThere are plenty of mobile apps available on app stores. They are all made to fulfill a purpose and meet human needs. The idea behind mobile apps is always to simplify the complications of human life and assist them in the best way possible while having the user engaged. But, are all the apps successful in realizing this goal? The answer is a big NO. Not every app finds its way onto the device of the user and there could be many reasons for that. One of the reasons for an app not being successful is losing out to their competitors in the fierce battle to entice and lure users to become a prospect customer. The other important reasons could be the faults in the app. Let’s discuss a few of those features in detail and how to avoid the shortcomings of a mobile app with Techugo, a top mobile app development company in Dubai.

  1. Simple & Easy To Use: As discussed earlier, an essential role that an app plays is to ease the complications and basic struggles of everyday life and hence, your app needs to be simple and easy to use with little to no complex functions. An app that is complicated and can have the user easily confused is of no use to the user and would end up getting uninstalled almost immediately after the download. To make sure that users use your app, a smooth design and simple layout are required to be defined during the mobile app development process. The navigation within the app should be uncomplicated and the app should serve the purpose it is meant for. If your app has minimal and simplistic features, a user is more likely to be drawn towards it and use it.
  1. Performance Shouldn’t Be Sidelined: Often times while developing the app, the performance aspect of the app on the device is overlooked. Remember, a user would never opt for an app that slows down the speed of his device. A user would always want his device to function smoothly while using the app. Therefore, the size of the app should be as low as possible so that it doesn’t occupy much space on the device and the processing capabilities of the app don’t overheat or freeze the device. The app shouldn’t consume too much power of the device and the response of the app on the device should be as quick as possible. Additionally, an app shouldn’t take quite a lot of time to boot up and should be lightning fast when making use of the internet connection. An optimized app with all the performance glitches perfectly worked upon during the app development process, would end up winning the heart of the user and will definitely find a place on the device of the user.
  1. Security Should Be Tight: A user’s primary concern is that the privacy of his data isn’t breached. An app utilizes quite an amount of a user’s permissions to access vital information on the device and his personal data to customize things to his liking. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the app to preserve these vital statistics gathered from the user and hence, the security should not be overlooked. An app’s security should be as robust as a concrete wall of a prison. Stringent measures should be taken to avert any kind of data theft or phishing attempts that puts users’ data at risk or exposed. If an app fails to meet the security requirements, a user will never go for that app.
  1. Online/Offline Usability: Apps come with an assurance of simplifying and streamlining a user’s life or to keep him engaged or entertained. Hence, the app needs to be usable at all times, irrespective of the circumstances. An app shouldn’t be developed only keeping in mind the online usability. Albeit minimum, an app should be able to work offline also. An app for which a user finds usability in both the environments is a sure shot.
  1. App Updates: To compete against your competitors and assume the throne of domination and access to consumers, the app needs to meet certain standards and specifications that keep on changing all the time. Accordingly, to meet the standards and changing demand, the app needs to be updated constantly. New features and adaptability to new environments should be released with every app update and the app updates should be planned in advance. This an app development process that’s never ending until the app is decommissioned. Regular app updates also help in removing glitches or unnecessary features of the app and thus, help in the smooth functioning of the app.
  1. Communication Channel: An app helps an organization to bring it closer to its consumers. The bridging of the gap helps the organization in understanding its consumers better and enables it to assist them and address them conveniently and efficiently. The organization can work on the feedback of the customers to fine tune its app according to the consumers’ need. Moreover, this communication channel can also be used as an advertisement and marketing tool to promote your products/services and introduce new products.
  1. Freedom To Personalize: Humans love it when they are paid heed to and made to feel special. With an app, one has the opportunity to allure their users by giving them access to app personalization according to their taste and likeness. You can let the users set the theme according to their taste, change the color and background of the app, the appearance, use their own photos to customize the app, etc. These functionalities can be easily realized in the app development phase and is a Mantra of surefire success.
  2. Analytics Integration:In order to serve your customers to their level of expectation, it is increasingly important that you track the user behavior, the reaction, the demography, the usage stats and many other things. This can easily be achieved with the use of analytical tools that are available to track such crucial insights about users and help in tuning the app better.
  1. Amalgamation Of Social Media: In this digitized world, everybody likes to make a statement and address their presence. Social Media has set the stage for that and has made it available to everyone. People love to share their achievements, happiness on the platform. Rather, to put it more aptly, people love to share their emotions. Hence, to expand your user base, it is essential that the app has a feature to make postings on social media platforms and enable users to do it easily. The feature can be added while the mobile app is in the development phase.
  1. Cover As Much Ground As Possible: Since the arrival of smartphones, the world has been majorly split into two halves. iOS& Android. Both the platforms have their own set of unique features and resonate with users in their own style. Both are exceptional in their own league and have a huge following. Thus, to expand your consumer base and the use of your mobile app, it is necessary that you don’t pick a side and develop an app that’s compatible with both the platforms to maximize your user base and profits.

Conclusion: It is not rocket science to build a mobile app that grabs the attention of the users and serve their purpose spot on. All it requires is proper planning during the development stage and efficient execution of those plans. A mobile app development company that provides app development services along with marketing and promotion strategies for your app, can do the job for you.

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The New Year 2017 has finally and happily crossed the mid-life of its very first month and has given an exciting plethora for our yet-to-be filled promises, hopes and dreams to be achieved; I welcomed this year with the hope of everything to turn from better to stupendous. I don’t want to sound overrated with the flow of my words, but am helpless since my job role of a CEO of Techugo- a top mobile app  development company in India, always pushes me forward to attain the excellence, which can be crooned afterwards through the success graph. Social media handling has been a ubiquitous part of my profile, since it is the most convenient and comfortable medium to communicate with the clients. Certainly, I have reached to a level in my career and experience, where I can never be taken as neophyte, although there is always a room for more learning, but my indulgence with the social media channel, almost for 24/7, has made me understand the accurate usage of technology with social media.

LinkedIn and Its affects

Somehow, the quintessence within me always shouts for more and beseech me to not to settle for anything better than perfect. I want everything to be impeccable enough to meet my level of expectations, maybe I might sound a little cynical with my approach to most out there, but this approach is not at all incapacitate in any aspect. Everything needs refurbishing to meet the standards of current demand, every technology, gadgets and devices need the change and get the constant renovation. To illustrate my point further, let me take the example of FB, YouTube and many other social media channels, which have received a remarkable overhaul, fitting the taste of their user’s demand. I always yearned my favorite social media channel: LinkedIn, also to change its look for something better. LinkedIn has been one of the most vital elements for every industry professionals, boosting the career graph, hiring and getting hired, as well as for business-to-business (B2B) activities. I feel proud to admit that I have gained and earned lifetime relationships through LinkedIn and has remained in touch with people in my industry and niche, also, I have built strong, long-lasting connections with them only through my LinkedIn account.

The NEW LinkedIn UI

I read it somewhere, “If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies “, which actually implies assertively on every situation and digs out the optimism hidden within us. In the month of September, 2016, I read an article stating that LinkedIn is all set to change its appearance next year 2017. My demanding schedule almost left me with zero visible memory of LinkedIn overhaul, until I came this morning, and enjoyed myself being amused. Although the changes have occurred at the moment for the Premium account, but it may cover the basic account type too.

The new UI is a perfect amalgamation of insight, strategy, fresh ideas, and resources designed to gain the reinforcement and results. The new change is not something which can be let passed, but is a phenomenal change, which can never be missed. When I opened my LinkedIn profile I was absolutely stunned to see the transformation it has got, the new desktop design, reflects the app launched on your mobile, on an honest note, I had to re-check, on the right top corner icon, whether I have clicked LinkedIn account or some other website is opened. But to soothe me down further, I found the most fascinating feature of messaging, which comes as a drop down icon in right below corner of the page, the other features, such as: Ads, more, Jobs, home, etc., are designed so well with the interactive symbols and icons, would instantly give you a feel to click on the icons without a delay. To summarize it further, let’s take a look at below mentioned points:

  • Profile View

profile view

The profile view has taken a new turn with new LinkedIn UI, not just with a look, but the way new expressive content has been utilized to add a section to the profile, is commendable. The alignment of the profile is in the left but is wide and the font style and the new tags make it different place to land on.

  • Menu Icons



The other striking feature is new Menu Icons, which are replaced with some new features, such as: jobs, ads and the most interesting ME icon, at the third left icon from the left, which on being clicked, takes you directly to the profile view.

  • More Icon


One other added icon in the menu bar of LinkedIn is More, which has ample of new features, like : learning, post a job, groups, ProFinder, lookup and slideshare, which allow the users to access to numerous services with a mere click from your homepage only. The show more option at the below of more icon, has different service option to be relished by the users.

  • Messages


With the previous version of LinkedIn, you had to click on the message box at the right corner to access the read/send messages, but the new LinkedIn has changed the game of messaging, making it exclusive and classy enough. Now users can access the messages section to read/send/new chat everything involves in messaging, as a drop down feature at the below right side corner of the page. It will not be wrong to say, this feature will gain the maximum popularity, since it is designed from the user’s perspective.

  • Language No Barrier Anymore


On the home page, now LinkedIn lets the user to ‘add profile in another language’, so language is no more a barrier to reach your potential customers globally.

  • My Network Notifications


This section has also overhauled completely, unlike the previous version, the new LinkedIn, offers the same information with some new added icons and changed language, which makes it irresistible for the users.

For a new user it would be a pleasing affair to use, but for an existing user, this change is actually beyond the contentment, which can never be explained further in words. I am all set to spend some time learning and exploring the new layout and structure to share my valuable experience further and enjoy the NEW and exciting UI of LinkedIn. For sure, the UI has been incorporated very well within the NEW LinkedIn and you feel eager to understand the features quickly, am positive about replenishing the new business opportunities and building the brand, with the new LinkedIn outlook.

I am so very thankful to the entire LinkedIn team, who put their sheer efforts to create a sensational experience for all the LinkedIn users across the globe, and my team at Techugo, who takes pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups, would certainly benefit to grow exponentially to gain the new heights of success.

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