Mobile App Development Company In Abu Dhabi

Mobile applications play a vital role in promoting the products or services of any business. Undoubtedly, mobile devices are nothing without the mobile apps and with the increasing demand for mobile apps, the demand for app development companies is also increasing. Today, one of the most booming and progressive industries is the mobile application development industry.

With each passing day, mobile apps are expanding to different platforms and industries. Businesses are not only trying to catch up with the online world, but also with the device industry. They are taking a step forward, by getting a dedicated mobile app developed for their business, in order to reach out to the potential audience in an effective way.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you need to have a dedicated mobile app, and for a successful mobile app, you need to hire an ideal mobile app development company. An ideal mobile app development company in saudi arabia will provide you highly efficient services that can change the future of your business, whereas, a wrong choice can spoil the complete app project.

Selecting an ideal app development company can be a tedious task, and in order to make it simple for you, Techugo, Mobile App Development Company in Abu Dhabi is here. Techugo has served some of the leading brands and startups all around the world. Techugo is a cluster of very capable app development specialists, who are not only talented and skilled, but their enthusiasm for creating latest app designs, and development exceeds the vision of our clients. At Techugo, we constantly strive hard to exceed the expectations of our clients, as we believe that a happy client means a happy business. So, get in touch with us today, and find out what we have in store for you.


Essentials For Mobile App Success


Your mobile app is a perfect piece when it lands in your hand, but before it goes through a rigorous development process, which combines a series of codes, designing elements and technologies as a part of your app development process.

As an app development company your utmost aim remains to help the client to boost the business revenue further through the mobile app, but in this run, there are certain mistakes which as a mobile app development company you need to avoid, in order to gain the impeccable mobile app.

You would be surprised to know that not every mobile app becomes a success, after its launch and the app developers remain clueless that what went wrong with my app…it is disturbing and painful as well, when you notice your app, which has a number of efforts, time and money invested on it, gets rejected by the users.

Do you know why does it happen?

Well, the reason behind this rejection depends on some of the mistakes which are practiced during the app development process, such as:

Not Considering Users’ Demands

When you develop an app, the very and the only thing you need to consider is giving an ear to your users’ demands. You need to research and analyze what exactly your users want from your app and what are the problems they are facing, and in return, you need to design and modulate your app into that way, so your users can access a much needed mobile app for their usage.

Giving A Desktop-Like Experience

Your app needs to be a mobile app, not a replica of your website. If your users are not going to find any difference between your app and website, then try to think, that why would they even bother to use your mobile app.

Ignoring App Testing

No one would like to access a mobile app, which is nothing but full of crashes, bugs and slow performance. Remember even if your mobile app as the best of the app concept and the app features, yet you need to test it at every step because your users want a clean and seamless user experience while accessing your mobile app.

These are some of the essentials, which if considered, can help a mobile app development company to develop a mobile app of higher usability and maximum downloads in number.

Thus practice these strategies and help your mobile app to climb the success ladder….


Android Application Development Company


In this smartphone era, people are taking full advantage of the endless conveniences that these devices and mobile apps are offering. Being an open source, Android has become one of the most extensively used platforms these days. It has completely stirred the mobile application market, as being open source it offers countless benefits to both businesses and developers.

Today, the app market is flooded with the Android apps, and with each passing day, new and unique mobile apps are introduced to the market. The Android app development comes with countless opportunities, out of which only a few are recognized, and a lot of opportunities are still waiting to be explored.  With the increasing demand for Android devices, the demand for Android apps has already increased, ultimately giving rise to the demand for Android application development companies.

Although there are numerous companies working in the field of Android app development, a successful app cannot be accomplished with the services offered by a rookie. For a successful Android app, you need to get the services from a top iphone application development company. Hiring a professional app development company can bring your app ideas into reality, on the other hand, making a wrong choice can be problematic for business’s present, as well as for its future.

A professional and experienced team of developers would understand the needs and demands of the business and its customers, and create a unique and innovative app. Are you finding any difficulty in picking up the best out of the vast sea of developers? If yes, then don’t worry and opt for Techugo, a leading Android application development company.

Techugo is a cluster of professional and skillful Android app developers and designers. At Techugo, we create unique and amazing mobile app solution, using the latest tools and technologies. We have served some of the amazing app solutions to leading brands and startups. Techugo has a technically sound development team that would assist you throughout your app development process.  So, get in touch with us today, and let your business embrace with a unique and successful app solution. You can also get in touch with iPhone app Development Company to get your iPhone app developed.

What Are You Doing Wrong In Your App Design?


The very first aspect comes in an app designer’s mind; my design, my creative approach and innovative thought process can never be wrong.


I trust quite many, but as a matter of fact, it is a wrong approach, we all are humans and to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes are a part of our nature and we cannot run from this.

This approach is implemented not only on the personal but as well as on our professional front too…J

Let’s hop back to my blog topic….

When an app is developed, there are several factors, which if not taken in notice, can destroy the complete app…


But, with this blog, I am going to address only those most prominent mistakes which are sometimes overlooked by the app designers….let’s take a look


The app users are not just smart, but picky as well, they don’t love to give a second chance to your mobile app when it is not living up to the mark on their very first visit on the app.

The first impression of the app has to be taken care of, no matter what, but it needs to be given the supreme priority. You must ensure:

  • The app home screen needs to be uploaded faster than you imagined even.
  • You cannot compromise with your app design; it needs to be unique and must compliment your app functionalities.
  • Make the app transition from one-screen-to-another seamless enough


Doing Excessive Animations

It might sound rude, but your app needs to have a very balanced approach of animations.

It must not look like a forceful and unwanted animation dose to your app. The animations indeed look good, but are not enjoyed further, if your users get to see them constantly.

Users are straight-forward and don’t like the same animation to consume their time of app loading, they might enjoy in the first few attempts, but later they prefer to abandon such experience for a faster and clean loading.

Infusing Every Style

As an app designer, it is expected from you that you are a creative genius and each of your design must reflect that.

But at times just to make the app a little different and unique app designers, fall into a trap and make every possible design, theme, and idea in their reach get infused together.

But this step does not bring anything good, but brings only the harm further to your app.

The over-enthusiastic approach shown in the app design leaves it with the cluttered look and your users are left confused looking for better app experience.

Ensure that your app is simple and has no confusing factor instilled in it.

Display only the most prominent features with the most prominent buttons, which would help the users to access what they need eventually.

App Design Needs To Be Consistent

An app is not just a technical piece full of coding, but it is the combination of concept, design, features along with coding, which clearly indicates one sole business and its requirements through an app platform.

Considering this in mind, you have to understand that your app is a segment of a business brand, thus every inch of your mobile app must be designed and developed with the brand recognition of respective business domain.

Keep your app consistent throughout every screen and without any difference made to the colors, fonts, styles, border widths and image size on every app screen.

You might think that users scarcely take a note of these minor aspects, but you are wrong, because users do take a note of these aspects and these small fragments of your app, help to create value amongst the targeted audience.

Design Needs To Be In Sync With The Platform

Albeit, this aspect is well-taken care by the app platforms guidelines, yet, you need to take care of the app platform, where the app is getting downloaded.

Consider the app interface fully and design the app.

Complicated Interface

This generally happens with me, when I try to play a new game, usually in the first few attempts I am unable to unable to understand the game, which leaves me irritated and I often abandon the game in-between.

But this was merely an example, which you need to avoid maximum and your app interface needs to be easy, scalable enough to be used without any user manual.

Skipping The Default Value

What is default value?

Well, the default value is a sleek walk-through based on your past usage or pre-marked preferences utilized within the app.

The default value is a big help for your users, which they can access at the point of time.

With a default value, you help your users to leave good feedback about your app, since with default value reduce the number of errors, thus integrate the default value option in your app design.

These small, but important points help your mobile app to come in an action, but also along with this, the hiring one of the top mobile app development companies must be taken into consideration carefully.

Every mobile app development company has its own forte and set of distinct awards and accolades in its kitty, you only need to pick one of the leading mobile app development agencies India and get your app scored the success chart effortlessly.

Until my next blog…my lovely readers, keep exploring and enjoying my blogs further….


3 Tips For Companies Investing In An App For The First Time


At Techugo, we help many different types of clients refine their ideas for mobile apps, develop the technical features they need, and launch apps that can help their businesses grow and succeed.

Our approach to mobile app development prioritizes creativity and communication. In this article, we’ll unpack 3 aspects of mobile app development to help companies investing in an app for the first time become more familiar with our approach.


For companies building a mobile app for the first time, it’s easy to become distracted by how many features an app might offer.

However, we encourage our clients to instead focus on the problems a mobile app can solve.

“Techugo is a solution provider,” said Abhinav Singh, CEO of Techugo. “We provide intuitive solution to enterprises and startups.”

For example, a clothing retailer might need an app that makes it easier for customers to shop on their mobile phones, or a movie theater might want an app that helps frequent customers make the most of their loyalty rewards program.

For companies that want to develop an app but need help determining which app features will be most effective, Techugo can help.

“Our role as a consultant and solution hub never ends–it starts with the idea and helps our partners reach the epitome of their businesses,” said Abhinav.

By staying focused on why a company’s mobile app should exist and how it will help users, Techugo ensures that mobile apps deliver maximum value for clients’ businesses.


Companies working with app developers for the first time might be surprised by the level of communication required. However, open communication is one of the key ingredients for a successful app.

For example, there are countless variables involved with app development, so the cost to build a mobile app varies widely among different types of projects. Similarly, clients and developers must communicate clearly when deciding which app features to prioritize, adjusting the development timeline, and maintaining a mobile app over time.

Techugo also encourages clients to think about mobile apps in terms of their potential for enhancing communication with users.

“At Techugo, we believe that technology is a communication tool,said Preeti Singh, CTO of Techugo. “With app development, we bridge the gap between the users and the service providers.”

Techugo helps clients refine their ideas and enhance their customers’ experience with their brand by prioritizing communication at every level of the app development process.

“Each of our apps is a technical contribution in the digital revolution, to change the world for something better,” said Preeti.


In many cases, a successful mobile app is the result of a company’s deep knowledge of their industry and customers and a mobile app developer’s technical expertise. This collaboration can become one of the most enjoyable parts of the app development process.

“Our work ethic depends on collaboration and trust with our clients,” said Ankit Singh, Business Head at Techugo.

Techugo’s strategy for collaborating with clients is to make sure they are involved and educated throughout the process.

Online tools can help app developers and clients make an app together by organizing key information in a central, accessible software tool. Tools such as Basecamp and Google Hangout help collaborators work across time zones.

Using these strategies to facilitate collaboration, clients and developers can combine their knowledge to build the best possible mobile app.


With a focus on solutions, open communication, and an emphasis on collaboration, Techugo helps clients build the mobile apps they need to grow.

“Our business approach has always been simple: ‘Earn The Business,’” said Ankit. “A happy customer is the best marketing strategy of all.”

Interested in working with us? Let’s get started.

Mobile App Development Company

Undoubtedly, businesses all around the world are opting for mobile apps to promote their products and services, to boost their sales, and also to increase their traffic. The mobile apps are the best way to market the product and services for a business, as more and more people are using mobile apps for their day-to-day activities. But in the recipe of a successful mobile app, the most important ingredient is mobile app Development Company.

The app development field is occupied with a lot of app development companies, and after realizing the increasing demand of mobile apps, even many new companies are entering in this field. Although not every company is worth to be in the list of top app development companies, due to the absence of expertise, knowledge, skill, creativity and many other things, but their presence makes it tough for the businesses, to pick an ideal technology partner, which will assist them in getting an amazing app solution to reach out their targeted users.

An ideal mobile app development company must have the experience, and skills to handle the app project, and transform the unbaked ideas of the clients, to a successful mobile app solution. An ideal app development company must have a team of, talented and professional designers and developers, to create a unique and innovative app using the latest tools and technologies. Developing an app is easy, but developing a successful app can be challenging, and an ideal app development company knows, how to deal with those challenges and create an engaging, innovative, and unique mobile app solution.

If you are facing difficulty in finding an ideal company, don’t worry, as Techugo is here to rescue you. Techugo is a top mobile app development company, catering the best apps.  Techugo has delivered some of the most successful mobile apps, to leading brands and startups all round the world. Techugo will assist you throughout your app development journey. Gift your business wings in disguise of mobile app developed by Techugo, to let your business fly to the heights of success. Techugo will bring your dream app concept into a successful reality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a unique and successful mobile app developed for your business. Get in touch with Techugo today, and find out what it has in store for you and your business. We are waiting to serve you.

How To Control The App Ux To Improve App Usability


The moment you look for a mobile app the only concern which crosses the mind is the worth of the mobile app…


Because not every mobile app is as worthy as it echoes in the various marketing strategies.

The reason behind the app usability can be scaled to many different segments, but the major reason behind it is the app performance.

The app performance does not concise to one particular point of app loading time but has many other factors which make the difference. I concur with you that it is not an easy task to make a successful mobile app, and except hovering onto the various apps.

Then what makes a difference?

Well, the difference is largely made by app UX…

App UX…are you serious?

On an honest note, yes it is very much possible for the app UX to affect the app usability and it cannot be given a MISS at any point of time.

Tip #1

Let Simplicity grow up

An app is accessed with a simple goal of ease down their requirements through the services offered by the app, but if your app fails to offer the simplicity in the app interface, then you sow obstacles in your app success path.

Don’t include many features and functionalities in your app, except the additional ones.

Tip #2

Design consistency

You love experimenting with your app design to bring the additional dose of creativity, it’s indeed good, but why to infuse your app with different color and theme on every page making every app screen alienated from another.

The most surprising fact suggests that app branding comes only from the branding-oriented design. Thus ensure that your logo, header, app theme, app design, and app interface is complimenting each other and are the inseparable part of the app.

Tip # 3

Fast loading time

An app which consumes more than the expected loading time is often neglected by the users.

Then what is the ideal loading time?

At Techugo, we majorly depend on faster loading time like 4-5 seconds, I know it might sound a little weird to some, but this is how we work, and gain the appreciation from our clients and their end users.

Though the app loading time depends largely on the features, animations, graphics, and images used in the app, try to keep them of minimal size to attain the fast loading time…

These strategies if followed well can help your app to enhance the usability, and also, if you are still wondering where to start your app from, then get in touch with the Techugo team to handle your app project and help your business to increase the business revenue through app solution.

You can explore further about Techugo at and you may also get in touch with the Techugo team at:
Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo


Techugo Is Your Trusted App Development Partner

Techugo Is Your Trusted App Development Partner

The current digital era is ever expanding with giving a boost to the competition in every business, wherein every business is looking to reach out to more prospects, become more popular as a Global Brand.

In such demanding atmosphere, an app comes to your rescue, which not just helps your brand to get widely popular but increase the sales growth.

If you still have not got an app development partner for your app requirements, then you must get in touch with the Techugo- iPhone application development company to help you in transforming your brand into a global brand, through the unique app.

The mobile apps developed by Techugo are not just unique but are very user-friendly, which allow the users from all walks of life to enjoy the seamless app experience.

Techugo has a proven success record of developing the highly celebrated mobile apps for some of the top-notch brands and startups across the globe.

What are you waiting for?

Just get in touch with the Techugo team and let your app give a voice to your business goals and consequently boosting your revenue chart.

If you want to know a little more about Techugo, you can visit and also, you can get in touch with the Techugo team at:
Skype: aks141
Skype: ankit.techugo


How A Right App Development Company Improves App Engagement


The technology has crossed the new success landscape with the introduction of the mobile app and it is crossing all the boundaries and the continents to make the businesses accessible through one axis point.

A mobile app comes in different size and shapes and varies from one business to another, but something which remains constant with the every app genre is the app engagement.

The app engagement is the only factor, which lets your app to beat the competition bug with an ease, and stay closer to your targeted audience hearts, despite having enough options available in the app market.

We all know that every app which makes an entry into the respective app stores does not always gain popularity and gets lost in the app jungle. Various theories suggest the responsible reason behind it, and the most obvious of all is the section of right app Development Company for your app concept.

There are many top iPhone application development companies in the app development field, but you need to be careful while choosing the right app development company for your app requirement, because, the app development company is accountable for making your app go successful or get uninstalled by the users.

Many App Development companies boast of having a proven record of successful app development, but don’t go merely by the words, but cross-check the technical exposure and the online presence of the prospect app development company and find out what their clients have to say about their work and accordingly select a right app development company and let your app outshine the other apps in the app market.

Which App Platform Startups Should Focus On


App technology has engulfed all the business genres positively and there is no second opinion to its existence. Whether you need to call a distant relative in abroad or booking a cab to travel in your city, from major to minor, all daily needs are well-handled by the mobile apps and users prefer to get their needs addressed through the app platform.

In this race of fitting the odds of competition, every business be it a branded outlet or a newbie startup prefer to set a strong foot in the app development process. As a brand it is quite much obvious to pick a favorable app platform, since the user’s needs and the business goals are quite visible for a brand, but the question arises, when as a startup, you have to pick a right app platform for your business needs, and the lack of exposure and vague user’s demand make the situation worse, on top the financial constraint make you fall into a do or die situation, where you have no choice but have to pick the RIGHT platform to suggest the need of platform.

As a startup the most suitable platform to be picked is…? Actually, it is hard to make a clear understanding that which OS you need to proceed with…can’t believe your ears?

I know this fact is little ambiguous to be believed by an entrepreneur, since a large part of your business is on a stake, and a wrong app platform choice can cost you arms and legs for your startup…So why to trust me? Well, a valid question, and to reply and ease down you further, I have collected the 3 top reasons in this article further, so you can select the suitable app platform effortlessly.

Check The Audience base

Since Android devices come in different size and shapes, the users are attracted to buy the Android devices more, thus widening the market for Android apps. As per a study reveals Android holds the 87% and iOS around 12% of the app market, which might make a strong reason that you must pick Android as your chosen app platform, but again something which you need to consider as well, that is your business market. If your business expansion has a user base only in the US, then picking Android would be a wrong decision, since the iPhone users are more in there and they prefer an iPhone application.

Phone Update

In past Android was largely scrutinized for the slow number of updates it provided, but recently Google has resolved this issue by shifting the maximum number of apps to the Google play store, which helps the mobile app to get updated quickly sans the complete OS update.

On the other hand, iOS provides the updates as and when available and a major annual update as well. The updated game is a little bit tiring and space consuming with iOS, but with Android, it is smaller with only the required updates.

App Quality

The quality of the app is highly preferred by each and every user, and if app irks, it serves no purpose. The iOS apps are regulated by the rigid guideline of Apple store, which sifts down the iOS app from various stages to make it error-free.

But the Android apps are available in different genres and go through sans any stringent policy for the quality check from Google. As a consequence, it increases the security risks to be faced by the users in abundance.

Then Which app platform to Pick?

  • The Android OS is the best option for you, if limitless customization, integrated with the freedom to make your phone work as per the users’ need, is your major concern.
  • iPhone OS is your answer if you are a compose user, who is looking for sleek design, updated features with a secured and succinct number of mobile apps and no security threat.
  • And most importantly, it depends largely on: what is the demand of your targeted audience.

 I personally believe both the platforms have their equal share of benefits and advantages, you only need to pick the right platform, after conducting a thorough research on your market demands and business goals.

So enhance your business visibility with the right platform and get your app developed by one of the top mobile app development companies and let your business grow exponentially…