How Apps Can Benefit Your Business

Driving Your Business with Mobile Apps

Getting an app for your business is no more a trend abut a necessity to accomplish the business goals. If you think that without a mobile app it is an easier task for your business to survive, then you are absolutely wrong, because an app is a digital revolution, which helps your business to get acknowledged by the larger user base across the globe.

An app is a window, through which your users can interact with you at any time and at any place as per their convenience. A mobile app has much more to offer to your business, such as:

  • Your business gets sheer visibility
  • Enhances your business accessibility
  • Let your business get an edge over your competitors
  • You can offer value to your customer by offering Support
  • Your business gets the brand recognition
  • You gain customers’ feedback and requests from a simple platform

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What Is The Next Step After The App Concept


I have a GREAT app concept and believe me it would rock the app world…it is the most common though which crosses your mind, once the seedling of an app concept is germinated on the creative fields of your brain. It is truth that a great app concept can transform your business possibilities, and there is NO turn back around after that, but having an app concept merely does not serve the purpose and it needs to be crafted on the reality so it can reach to the market and serve the purpose it is intended to built with.

A great app concept is always taken further with certain to-do action list, and failing largely on any of these list pointers can destroy the entire game of your mobile app. Lets read ahead and explore what are the ways your mobile app can get developed and become an instant hit….

Market Research

The market for each business domain has potential to succeed, but only if it is followed by a deep understanding of the market and its need. I know many business owners have a very common misconception, that we know what is our market needs, but what they fail to understand that market need does not suffice to know about your product and services and buyers, but about a mobile app..Yes you heard me correct, when you plan to transform your business onto the scale of the mobile app, then your market domain would not change, but its targeted audience and their preferences may differ and would have a certain competition, which your app has to deal with…so do the market research in accordance like ; which categories will your app be in? Who are your competitors? What your users want and how to translate it on app’s landscape? Also, you need to find out which features would help your app to succeed?

Grab answer for these questions and follow the subsequent steps.

Understand Your App Purpose

A very famous adage suggests, to convince others, you need to be convinced yourself first…and it is well-applied on your mobile app also. Once you decide your mobile app to roll-on, just sit, relax and think why your business ACTUALLY needs a mobile app? How this app really going to be a problem-solver? How it would help your brand to expand? Once you get the answers to all these questions, believe me what you get instantly is a sheer way which would lead to app success.

Through this understanding, you would be able to add or remove certain features on the basis of your analysis.

Pick The Right Platform

I know it sounds easy to type and read, but hard to apply in real life and the question which bugs you badly is which app platform I should pick?

Much of the written material is available on the internet which suggests different theories based on different studies and can guide you. Even here I am going to speak the same words, that your app OS must be largely dependent on your demographic region, for instance, if you are in the US, then iOS platform works best for you and if in south-east Asia, then the combination of OSs Android & iOS must be picked.

App Name Needs To Be Quirky

Your app name has to be unique and must be unconventional, but related to the mobile app concept only. Once the app concept and the app development company are decided upon, you need to ensure that a good time is invested in finding a right name for your app.

It should not be long, but small and crisp, easy to be pronounced, and must compliment the app genre or purpose clearly.

Pick A Right App Development Partner

The reason I have given the name partner, is for a reason, because a mobile app does not happen in fraction of seconds, but consumes time, and your engagement with your development team goes even beyond the app publish, it can be due to any reason, be it app update, bug removal or any new functionality , to cut it short the association goes on and t needs to be managed well.

If your chosen iPhone app development company is noteworthy and naïve in the profession, then, believe me, it would serve no purpose but by the end of the day you would be reduced to tears due to the lack of coordination, mismanagement and scarcity of technical expertise. So take a robust plan and pick a right app development company for your app concept, so by the end your app can hoist the colors of victory.

There are many iPhone application development company in the market which are trying to help the different business domains to get ranked higher with boosted revenue, but you need to analyze first before and pick a right name for your app concept.

Indeed these steps are just a few of the steps and there are much more, but if you would consider them carefully, then the remaining part of your app development process would be a journey to be cherished forever.

I shall be concluding the more steps to be considered in this league in my upcoming writings, but until my next writings hit the floor, keep exploring and enjoying technology and as always keep yourself tech-updated…

So time to bid adieu to my readers, til my next post comes on your way…


Why Push Notifications Cannot Be Avoided


Mobile apps have started afresh our mindsets about the technology and have helped our lives to hop from the merry tizzy to convenient mode. The time when mobile apps were introduced in our lives, little did we know that depending on these technological advancements would be a welcomed tour for us, wherein we all have indulged happily without any regret.

As the time has advanced, so the technology and our demands too, finding more reasons to make us fall more in love with mobile apps. Mobile apps have the different variants which are developed to serve the extreme level of users’ demands while offering the best user experience. In this run a feature of a mobile app, which has largely gained attention and could not be ignored largely, is push notification.

With this blog today I am going to address some of the most significant uses of push notifications, and how do these small beeps on your end-users’ mobiles would help you gain the business revenue. Let’s explore further…

A Flexible Marketing Tool

The major fear of any organization is that they don’t want to sound Pushy with their marketing tactics, which generally provokes the users to abandon the process in-between. In such scenario, a push notification is a soft-marketing tool, which does not spike the frustration level amongst the users, since it offers what end-users are looking for and can be switched to OFF mode if users are finding it inconvenient. This really does help in offering the services according to the users’ taste, without hampering their comfort zone.

A Weapon To Enhance User-Retention

Every business is based on certain requirements and needs of a user base, which evolve from a targeted zone. To make a business successful, you always need to work on the different business strategies which are carved upon the research and analysis of the focused users. Since a mobile app is an extended marketing tool for your business revenue generation, so opting for a detailed and researched outlook before shooting the push notifications to the targeted user base works as a divine guide for your business to pave on the successful platform and let your users get retained and remained engaged to your app platform.

A Platform To Boost Revenue

Which org, does not want to boost revenue, everyone does…but to accomplish this task does not happen in one night, but consumes efforts, planning, and strategies to go along with. The push-notifications are the part of that marketing planning and strategies, which are the most effective ways to boost the revenue and do not deter the app to mark a presence in the market, consequently leading to revenue-boosting.

Once you notify your end-users with the seasonal/festive/ or any other offer going on, they would prefer to grab the services through the convenient mode of the mobile app, which helps you to shatter the barriers of time and zone efficiently and can target the global audience for offering your services.

A Way To Understand Your Customers

The success of any business depends on its users’ engagement and it is not possible with an offline platform, but is very much possible with an ease with the push notification. Do you wonder how? Then lemme explain, so I can let you dive into the ocean of push-notifications’ benefits; when you send the pertinent push-notification to your users, based on their preferred mode, with the right set of analytical tools, you can easily keep a watch, at what frequency your message was read or responded, or clicked, whether the user traffic has increased and many more other marketing data can be managed with the push notifications.

An Easy Mode To Communicate With Users

Effective marketing is always an outcome of effective communication between the seller and buyer, and with the growing competition, it is indeed a very much required aspect to interact with the end users in a way, which is most convenient and preferred from their end. A push-notification sent from your app server to your potential and targeted users, is a channel which you create so your end-users can communicate with you and they require least efforts to manage and are cost-effective. A push-notification has more views chances than a regular marketing emails sent to the users.

Indeed push-notifications have been a game changer in the app platform, but there are certain aspects you need to consider very carefully, before opting for the push-notifications to officially make an entry into your end-users’ Smartphones, such as:

Be less frequent: As per a study reveals, 30% of app users, opt for app uninstalls if there is a frequent number of notifications, so be patient, do not bombard your users with the excessive dosage of the notifications in the short interval. Do research and on the basis of your analysis hit only the targeted audience in a moderation.

Never skip testing: Yes, you need testing for the push-notifications too, many times, there are notifications from the apps, which are blank, or are unable to open, and such examples irk more than the simple notification, so let your notification go through proper testing regime, before hitting the floor.

Keep messages short: Your users prefer only the convenience oozing out from the mobile app, so they don’t have all the time in the world to get entertained by the long and lengthy messages from your end. Ensure that your push notifications consist of very limited characters and succinct message, to deliver what your users are actually looking for.

Be creative: Any notification sent into a typical style, does not engage the users for the longer time, be creative, let the content flaunt its magic, make interesting headlines, creative ideas to grab your users’ attention.

Push-notifications can bring wonders to your business, if opted correctly, they can be an extended marketing weapon for your brand recognition, so you need to ensure that you don’t step on a wrong note, which can spoil your brand’s image thoroughly.

Yes, of course, you need the help of a top mobile app development company in India to assist you in developing your app concept into reality, so your mobile app can touch the pinnacle of success with an ease.

On the other hand, until my next blog floats, keep yourself tech-updated and stay hooked to my blog space…JJJ


Getting Your App Developed By The Industry Expert


The current era of digitization has led to maximum opportunities carved in for your mobile app concept to be converted into a reality. The technological aspects have led to a larger number of businesses and industries to gain the popularity in their respective fields and the major contribution credit goes to mobile app technology, which has let the business of any sizes, expand their visibility to a larger platforms.

But the more demand in the mobile apps, the exponential rise in the mobile app development companies, has made a very tough environment for the business owners, to pick the best out of the existing mobile app development companies. The mobile app development companies often offer the app development services, but those apps never serve the purpose of actual app requirement for the end users, and this makes the mobile apps, fail in the app market.

To solve this problem, you must get in touch with a leading name in the app development industry, which has the required expertise and the exposure to handling the app requirement effortlessly, and the end result would only offer the best app solution to users. If you are thinking that how to get an industry expert in the app development field, then you need to look out for a name, which has the exposure to handle your app requirement and such name is Techugo- an mobile app development company to offer the best app solution to your business needs.

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hire ui designer

A mobile app has the potential to take your business to the pinnacle of success, or drop it down to ground level, if not picked and developed wisely.

No, I didn’t mean to scare you, but this digital platform today bears the maximum power to get the attention of targeted users without any trouble

A mobile app is not just about some random set of codes, which are integrated together in the app platform, but it is a platform, letting users interact while engaging through a visual appeal created by the mobile app.  The UI is one of the most vital aspects of a mobile app development phase, and are responsible to make your app a successful venture.

Don’t Judge Only On Portfolios

I totally understand that UI designers are largely hired due to their work, which gets showcased on their portfolios. Indeed, it is a great way to know more about the UI designer’s work and the projects undertaken and helps to a great extent in hiring the right candidate for your company, but do you really think it is ENOUGH?

The UI designer is basically not an expense, but an investment for your further success on your turf. Hiring a UI designer, only on the basis of the portfolio, is not a justified act since a portfolio does not reflect the complete set of the effectiveness of a project.

You need to understand that the work of UI designer must be judged on the basis of its practical level and how well it translates the agenda of the mobile app to the users, and how easily users are able to understand it. Ensure these points are considered cautiously to hire a relevant resource.

Beat The Old Methods

Many mobile app development companies, look for the resources which are only available in their vicinity and are little reluctant to hire somebody out of their local turf, due to different challenges set by the recruitment process.

But in this limitation, at largely, you tend to miss a talented resource, who could be a part of your team. As an app development company, you must widen your search and look out for the talent and skill from any corner. You can easily get in touch with the candidates through video chat and live video calls, to make you understand, to communicate the candidate with an ease.

This would help you get an efficient talent regardless of the location barrier and can enhance the work efficiency of your team.

Above all something which also matters is the creativity UI designer holds, to shape the app concept in the best possible way to be molded into a mobile app. The mobile app development companies in India are integrating these tactics to hire a top UI designer to deliver the best app experience to their users.


It is quite ubiquitous to see that businesses across the globe are yearning for the mobile apps to promote their business and boost their sales and increase their traffic, since the users from the current digital era, are looking for the convenient ways to access the services of their choices. But the most significant task in the mobile app journey stands is the role of the mobile app development company.

The app development field has got a big loud and shouts from the different app development companies, which are getting their recognition through their impeccable delivery of the successful mobile apps. But some mobile app development companies are there which are not worth to make a pace with the correct dose of technology, due to the absence of right app development exposure and the experience, and their existence in the app development market, makes it a tougher job for the business owners to pick the right app development partner.

The app development company must have the required exposure, experience, and the skills to transform the concept into a successful mobile app, through the unconventional creativity and innovation combined with the technology. If you are finding it too much to be asked for an app development company, then you need to correct your facts, because such company exists very much in the app development field, and that is Techugo- a top mobile app development company.

The team Techugo has already delivered some of the most successful mobile apps to some of the leading brands and startups across the globe. You can get in touch with the Techugo team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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How To Submit Mobile Apps For Reviews Successfully


The most common fear which prevails and controls the mind of every app developer once the app is developed is the acceptance by the users. A mobile app is the result of months of mobile app developer’s passion and creativity, which they combine together to get a unique piece, but users are the real judge, who give a clean and fair chit to the mobile app.

If your mobile app has a good concept and it is fitting the user’s requirement then success rolls down on your path, but before reaching to that part, you have to cross, certain more stages as well that is app publishing and submission on the respective stores.

Nothing can be more delightful for a mobile app developer, when the mobile app gets approve officially on the app store. But the most critical stage after the app approval is providing the required exposure to your mobile app in the app store. The best way to accomplish is by submitting your app for review.

So if you are willing to get the impressive reviews for your mobile app, then I insist you read ahead…

Don’t Skip Any Information

An app is reviewed by the supply reviewers only when it contains the all the required information like app name, description, feature, company name, contact information and every link from the app store. These aspects help your mobile app to be found easily online and your app can get the instant attention from the reviewers.

Don’t Skip Description

Your mobile app serves many purposes, and how does it help the users it needs to be specified in the most engaging manner in your app description. Your app description is a great marketing tactic, which lets the targeted users to get attracted to the mobile app. Ensure to include the category of the app and it needs to be succinct while explaining that why your mobile app is different and unique. Don’t overuse the keywords in the description, it only destroys the game further and try to include every possible information about your app’s functionality and features in the app description.

Don’t Skip Promotion Code

It works as the cherry on the cake, wherein you offer the promotion code to the publishers, so they check and review your mobile app without a fail.

Don’t Skip App Video

A mobile app consists of many functionalities and features, which cannot be mentioned at once in the app description, so an app video is the best way to serve this purpose. Through an app video, you let the reviewers grab a clear understanding of your mobile app, but you need to be very smart to pick the right screens showing the UI, graphics, and functionality of your mobile app.

You have to ensure that video must not be longer than 10 seconds, but have the best practices used to showcase the app features. This would help the reviewers to check the look of your app, before downloading it.


This is one of the most significant aspects that you need to take care of smartly and that’s the reason I chose to address it towards the end. When you decide to put your app for review, then you have to ensure that the process involved in it is not undertaken without a clear understanding of the objective. You don’t have to rush to make any random step because a rushy business in this field, would only give you negative reviews. You need to take a closer look at your mobile app and must understand that which feature can help you gain attention.

Present the mobile app in the most polished and refined way to your reviews, which would win their hearts. The number of reviews you receive, help you attain a remarkable place in the app market.

Indeed the role of a top mobile app development company is the most vital, since it helps your app concept to meet the reality platform, so you need to pick a right mobile application development companies for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the expertise in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups.

Your mobile app development company must offer a strategic plan to showcase your app idea, business goal, and revenue in the most informative and engaging way.

So keep reading my blogs and keep yourself tech-updated and as always…..CIAOJJJ


How to use Digital marketing To promote your business

Digital marketing is the most sought-after marketing strategy, which is highly picked by the marketers. If you are willing to know that how digital marketing helps your business, then you must read this blog further…:)

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