What To Ask Your App Development Company?


The first time you decide to build a mobile app, there are many questions, which revolve in your mind that how to handle it and what would be the process to accomplish it? And like this there are many questions, which keep on barging in your mind, and you keep sinking deep in the well of myths and confusion further, and at the end you realize that the question you wanted to ask your selected mobile app development company in UAE, are replaced with something which is full of doubts and fears and does not bear resemblance of anything which is pertinent to the mobile app development.

It is one of the most obvious factors, which can never be given an avoidance at any cost, and once you decide to proceed further with the mobile app development, then you need to know what are the questions you need to ask your mobile app development company, so there cannot be an iota of confusion, which would raise in the app development process.

Here we have listed a number of questions you need to ask your app development company, in order to gain a satisfactory result from the mobile app development company.

Question #1

Why selecting a native mobile app platform would help me?

Question #2

What is the functionality of front-end and back-end?

Question #3

What are the most feasible app monetization strategies for the mobile app?

Question #4

What are the mock-ups, wireframes, and prototype?

Question #5

How much time my app development will take?

Question #6

What are the functionalities should be included in the mobile app?

Question #7

What are the app marketing strategies to be included in the app success route?

Question #8

Which app technologies would be a part of my app?

These are some of the questions; you need to get an answer, from your app development company before proceeding further, and one advice which I would like to give you here, that don’t pick an app development company on the basis of app cost.

Once you decide to pick an app development company, never let the cost factor to handle your app development company selection process, because a least app cost charging company, is often the most inefficient one, and it costs you more than you ever imagined or made a budget for your app project.

It majorly happens due to the naivety of the app development company of handling the app project and the lack of tech exposure the company possesses. Thus it is highly recommended and suggested for you to pick a mobile app development company in UAE which has the required technical exposure and the technical experience to handle your app requirement.


How A Right App Development Company Improves App Engagement


The technology has crossed the new success landscape with the introduction of the mobile app and it is crossing all the boundaries and the continents to make the businesses accessible through one axis point.

A mobile app comes in different size and shapes and varies from one business to another, but something which remains constant with the every app genre is the app engagement.

The app engagement is the only factor, which lets your app to beat the competition bug with an ease, and stay closer to your targeted audience hearts, despite having enough options available in the app market.

We all know that every app which makes an entry into the respective app stores does not always gain popularity and gets lost in the app jungle. Various theories suggest the responsible reason behind it, and the most obvious of all is the section of right app Development Company for your app concept.

There are many top iPhone application development companies in the app development field, but you need to be careful while choosing the right app development company for your app requirement, because, the app development company is accountable for making your app go successful or get uninstalled by the users.

Many App Development companies boast of having a proven record of successful app development, but don’t go merely by the words, but cross-check the technical exposure and the online presence of the prospect app development company and find out what their clients have to say about their work and accordingly select a right app development company and let your app outshine the other apps in the app market.

How Push Notifications Help In Your App Success


App success depends on various segments and one of the segments which bears the great potential in the marketing efforts is Push Notification.

Though there is a huge chunk of people who don’t know the significance of push notifications and for them reading ahead would help a lot…

Natural marketing tool..

Every push notification is a least forceful marketing channel which allows the users to receive and opt out or opt in as per their convenience. Also, the push notifications give value to your business, because it helps your brand to stay connected with the potential users, and in return, users get the prominent advantages out of it.

A reminder of your services..

The current era deals with a hectic schedule and the convenient mode of accessing services, and somewhere down the line of this battle, users are more prone to forget your brand.

With the push notification, you let the potential users to remember you always.

Help in sales increase…

Every business largely depends on the sales it receives from the users’ end, but the competition makes it tougher and converts it more into a survival of the fittest and as a consequence, you tend to lose business and sales profit.

With a push notification you let your users access the relevant offers and through an app, they can access those offers and purchase, resulting in the better sales chart.

So if you want your app to give as many as possible advantages to your business, then indulging in push-notification services for your app solution, can bring wonders to your business goals.

In this run, you also need to pick a right iPhone Application Development Company for your app requirement so the developed app would turn out to be a successful marketing venture for your business needs.


How To Submit Mobile Apps For Reviews Successfully


The most common fear which prevails and controls the mind of every app developer once the app is developed is the acceptance by the users. A mobile app is the result of months of mobile app developer’s passion and creativity, which they combine together to get a unique piece, but users are the real judge, who give a clean and fair chit to the mobile app.

If your mobile app has a good concept and it is fitting the user’s requirement then success rolls down on your path, but before reaching to that part, you have to cross, certain more stages as well that is app publishing and submission on the respective stores.

Nothing can be more delightful for a mobile app developer, when the mobile app gets approve officially on the app store. But the most critical stage after the app approval is providing the required exposure to your mobile app in the app store. The best way to accomplish is by submitting your app for review.

So if you are willing to get the impressive reviews for your mobile app, then I insist you read ahead…

Don’t Skip Any Information

An app is reviewed by the supply reviewers only when it contains the all the required information like app name, description, feature, company name, contact information and every link from the app store. These aspects help your mobile app to be found easily online and your app can get the instant attention from the reviewers.

Don’t Skip Description

Your mobile app serves many purposes, and how does it help the users it needs to be specified in the most engaging manner in your app description. Your app description is a great marketing tactic, which lets the targeted users to get attracted to the mobile app. Ensure to include the category of the app and it needs to be succinct while explaining that why your mobile app is different and unique. Don’t overuse the keywords in the description, it only destroys the game further and try to include every possible information about your app’s functionality and features in the app description.

Don’t Skip Promotion Code

It works as the cherry on the cake, wherein you offer the promotion code to the publishers, so they check and review your mobile app without a fail.

Don’t Skip App Video

A mobile app consists of many functionalities and features, which cannot be mentioned at once in the app description, so an app video is the best way to serve this purpose. Through an app video, you let the reviewers grab a clear understanding of your mobile app, but you need to be very smart to pick the right screens showing the UI, graphics, and functionality of your mobile app.

You have to ensure that video must not be longer than 10 seconds, but have the best practices used to showcase the app features. This would help the reviewers to check the look of your app, before downloading it.


This is one of the most significant aspects that you need to take care of smartly and that’s the reason I chose to address it towards the end. When you decide to put your app for review, then you have to ensure that the process involved in it is not undertaken without a clear understanding of the objective. You don’t have to rush to make any random step because a rushy business in this field, would only give you negative reviews. You need to take a closer look at your mobile app and must understand that which feature can help you gain attention.

Present the mobile app in the most polished and refined way to your reviews, which would win their hearts. The number of reviews you receive, help you attain a remarkable place in the app market.

Indeed the role of a top mobile app development company is the most vital, since it helps your app concept to meet the reality platform, so you need to pick a right mobile application development companies for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the expertise in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups.

Your mobile app development company must offer a strategic plan to showcase your app idea, business goal, and revenue in the most informative and engaging way.

So keep reading my blogs and keep yourself tech-updated and as always…..CIAOJJJ



How To Submit Your App Successfully For Review


Every app needs to go through an app reviewing process, but it can turn into a disaster, if not followed by certain guidelines. With this infographic Techugo- a top mobile app development company lets you learn the effective guidelines to submit an app successfully


Successful Features For A Successful Mobile App

Successful Mobile App Development

The mobile app development is a process, which requires dedication, passion integrated beautifully with certain app features, failing to which a mobile app can never be successful. To know more about those features, read this article Successful Features For A Successful Mobile App with Techugo – a top mobile app development company



Mobile App

Mobile apps have brought us all at one axis point, where sharing, buying and accessing the relevant information at a global level is not a hassle anymore. To understand why a mobile app for your business is much required, read this blog MOBILE APP: AN INEVITABLE NECESSITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS with Techugo – a top mobile app development company



Mobile App Startup

Having a mobile app for your business, is not a big issue anymore, a lot has been written and said about how to develop a mobile app for your business and how to choose a perfect mobile app development company, but a very limited space on the internet is shared by what makes a successful top mobile app development startup . There is no magic potion to be drunk, or some e-pills to be ingested but a certain strategy to be followed to make a successful top mobile app development startup.

It is quite obvious to feel exhausted with the pressure of excelling in your startup and prove your worth to your near ones; I don’t scream the fictional details but have soul proof reasons to advocate my words, delightfully called experience, but with a bullet-proof version to my old and hard-earned scars, I would like to focus more towards the key factors help in making the successful mobile app startup. Undeniably, there is no better teacher in the world rather than your own experiences, but as it says, ‘Precaution is better than cure’, so to take a grasp over the prevention list, always work in your favor. I would not be divulging the details about how you can arrange the investment for your startup, but my nucleus of writing would move around how your entrepreneur experiment can end up become an assertive aspiration for others.

  • Learn From Other’s Mistakes

To err is human, but if you don’t learn from the mistakes, then it is threatening for your mobile app development company’s health system. That best part about the mobile app is that you get to learn more from other’s mistakes than from the perfection of successful mobile apps. Since the mistakes create a personal Wikipedia for you, with a heading “What to Avoid in Mobile Apps” and the content keeps on increasing with the passing time. If you want to judge what is wrong, do not stick to the successful mobile apps only, but wider your circle by studying and sifting the least ranking and worst review mobile apps as well. The comparative study of successful mobile apps and worst mobile apps would assist you to detect themes, design trends, and game mechanics that separate the good mobile apps from the bad one.

  • Multitasking Team

Being a startup, you can’t rely on a huge team base from the initial phase, since it affects your budget and if your startup would take more time to get established than the usual timeline, then it can be a little tumultuous to justify the growth of your startup. You need to hire multi-talented employees with a great efficiency to reach out to your clients as & when required. The small team with multi-skilled heads working within would emphasis on the strong collaboration of the team, which would lead to a healthy work environment and expanding the team size further.

  • Be Well-versed With The App Market

There is no harm in gaining the knowledge and your homework before you initiate your tech startup. Due to the increase in demand, the technology is transforming and bringing the innovative changes at the speed of light. You ought to comprehend the relevance of staying focused. You need to inhale technology like oxygen and must become proficient in knowing the consumer demand and what they look for, in the mobile app. You should be well learned about the particular mistakes opted by other mobile app and what to adopt and what to avoid in your app development process to allure a potential chunk of clients and their consumers.

  • Requires Constant Efforts

The another fact you need to get accustomed to is that no start-up can work with 9 to 5 working hour cycle, and especially as a mobile app development company, you need to be on your toes every time, because the technology can make a breakthrough from anywhere at any time, regardless of your particular time-zone, so for your startup to be successful, when you wake up then you start and when you sleep then your mailbox receives the message, so you remain available to your clients 24/7 without a blink.

  • Sell Yourself

It might sound a little offensive, but the harsh core fact is that you need to let the world know about what you deal with, in the way your targeted customers understand. Don’t expect one happy project would do enough marketing for you; rather, you have to catch the winning vibrations from the project and escalate it to your targeted customers. Don’t spare any social media portal to speak about your existence, let the SEO and content do the magic for you. Apart from marketing, focus on the app quality without any escape, since one happy customer leaves a genuine review on the app store, which attracts an enticing number of potential users. Remember app quality and your marketing must go simultaneously to create a dazzling effect for your startup to grow further.

Although there are many other factors lead to the success of your startup and indeed more said is less, but I hope the given suggestions would help you get an insight of what all blood and sweat and app startup requires. It certainly does not need the dose of hard work, but an excessive dose of smart work, which helps you with establishing a successful startup and receive accolades from your competitors as well. The current organization, am associated with is- Techugo, which is a top mobile app development company and also a startup, but has flourished incredibly and within a year’s time the team size has expanded to 120+ developers aboard and much more are yet to be a part of our success.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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top mobile app development company

The trail of fragrances kept on following me, since the time I entered the Middle-East pavilion in international trade fair. My sole reason to bear the mayhem of different people around the world in international trade fair was to buy the wonderful and exclusive perfume and attar range from Middle-East. I love fragrance and my love has bloomed further with experience of the exotic fragrances from all the top brands of perfume manufacturers around the world. I am fragrance aficionado and I think every girl is, we all love luminous fragrances coupled with fabulous accessories.  Let’s not divert to the full fledged coverage of perfume and girls, let’s resume, where I left…It was already 2:30 pm and since I knew I was running late due to my never-ending responsibilities of CTO profile with Techugo – a top mobile app development company (I mentioned my company, since astonishingly, I laaahv (sic) my job a lot), I had to almost run at the Olympic speed to the pavilion, which was set at the other corner of the world from the parking area. I reached and almost in the midst of puff and blow I asked the pavilion owner for my favorite ‘Senora for Women’ by Ajmal, and he instantly picked my favorite perfume bottle in that most beautiful violet shade, then suddenly I eyed on another perfume bottle of some different brand in the mid-row of the pavilion table, and it was a wonderful perfume from Arabian Ouds and was simply mesmerizing, I did not waste the time to pick it also and then being highly excited, the pavilion owner, kept few more bottles in front of me and started showing me the testers.

My Job Helped

I could not resist the fragrance oozing from the tester bottles, but had to stop at two only, since did not want to be laden back from my budget crisis at mid of the month, I gently told him, “no, will buy later,” on which I got a static reply in the typical gulf accented English from him, ”Ma’am, some of these perfumes are not even available online but are very popular, so buy now, else you would have to wait till next year.” On hearing this, the actual CTO from a top mobile app development company in India, awaken within me and I could not resist myself from asking him, “Are you sure, now everything has an online presence” and he interrupted me in between and said, “Agree, but many perfume owners are selling their products through third-party shopping carts and don’t have their own website or mobile app in my city.” After formal exchanging of our business cards, he showed me his website and asked for my review, hesitantly I told him about the flaws and he accepted whole-heartedly by saying, that there are not many good web designers in his city in the UAE and asked for revamping his website…I was confused since I came to spend but surprisingly I grabbed a business deal. Although, it was a glad-tiding affair, but I was somehow, not sure enough with the aspect that not many perfume brands have a valid online presence in Middle-East, so to comprehend the scenario more clearly and before to start with the perfume project website revamp, I decided to pick my own set of research to get a clear picture of the perfume industry in the Middle- East.

Global Hub of Perfume Creations

It would not be wrong to say, in spite of sharing the space with the international perfume brands: Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Versace and many more, yet the perfumes and attar range from  the Middle East region is unavoidable. It has become a legendary destination for fine fragrances and exotic ouds, attracting the international and national buyers more frantically. The fragrance industry was calculated for 19.6 percent of the Middle East and Africa’s beauty and wellness market in 2014, with a retail value of $5 billion for the year, according to global analysts Euromonitor International (EMI) and the sector is expected to post an annual growth rate of 6.3 percent to be worth $6.4 billion in 2018. Saudi Arabia and UAE are the two leading markets in the gulf region, followed by the upcoming markets in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.  The fragrance sale in the UAE was recorded $401 million in 2014 according to EMI and is expected to grow 5 percent annually to reach $485.5 million by 2018.

International Brands In The Perfume Industry

It is surprisingly interesting that the most of the international perfume brands work and adapt the gulf consumer closely, and have introduced the customized and modified some of their exclusive product range to fit in gulf culture. While travelling, you can easily encounter the Arabian-style glass bottles carrying the brands, such as: Clive Christian, Armani Prive and Tom Ford. The particular range is developed specifically for this gulf region, and they are able to make an impressive impact over the local perfume industry in the region, since the local perfume manufacturers are struggling to achieve their international ambitions because they do not comply with global marketing requirement and lack of online presence.

Perfumes Are No More A Luxury

The Arab world has a strong connection with the fragrances from religious to social platforms and perfumes are used as a mainstream component in the cosmetics, and personal care industry, people use this essential as a trend of appearance and personal care, part of pride, self reliance, and confidence. In the Gulf, the fragrance industry has a strong representation, perfumes or attar is developed from Agarwood and oil that can compete with the western perfumes which are produced from flowers. Perfume industry is driven by the consumer’s unique cultural attitude to “fragrance” and luckily fragrance industry in gulf, has created an uncritical concept of fragrance from their production.

Marketing Mechanism

The Arab world is the land of mysteries, beauty, food, fragrance, adventure and many more glorious aspects, to be associated with it. While researching about the perfume industry in the Gulf, I found numerous and wonderful perfume brand names and resented not to try them at all, but was appalled to know, they don’t have a worthy online presence, maybe this had been a reason for my negligence. The digital revolution has shrunk the globe and has made every product made available at our fingertips, but except a few of the top perfume brands in the gulf region, none has the online presence on mobile app or a worthy website. The digital existence is the robust marketing mechanism for any industry to go global and access the consumers at any point of the day, regardless of their time zone. My job as a CTO in the top web & mobile app development company – Techugo, has given me an opportunity to meet numerous clients across the globe, who have been unable to scale top on the chart of revenue generation, just due to the lack of mobile app or a valid website, which could exemplify their products’ visibility to the consumer’s across the globe.

How Online Presence Helps

Dealing with the challenges of daily life, it turns almost impossible for us to plan a trip frequently, visit the website, or pick the products from the physical stores. We all need a compact and convenient solution for our needs and Smartphone is the answer for the same. We can access the mobile app and make shopping at any time, at anywhere and without disturbing our demanding schedule. A perfect mobile app or a refined website version for the perfume brands in the UAE can get the advantage of being highly accessible to the consumers across the world, and would make their product a worthy brand with the online presence.

We at Techugo– a top mobile app development company, have already catered to various eCommerce platforms, such as: fashion, restaurant, perfume, hotel, travel & taxi, with our top mobile app development services and have revamped the websites for some bigger and top-notch brands across the world. If you also have a concept for your eCommerce sector, you can get in touch with our team. I assure you that we are the top web & mobile app developers in India and all over the world and your concept discussion with us, would help you to gain a better insight of your requirement to fit your business requirement.

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