5 Common Mobile App Development Mistakes To Avoid


Mobility and mobile devices have changed consumer behavior and industry norms. “Research firm Forester predict[ed] by the end of 2016, fully 46% of the global population will utilize smartphones. Users currently spend 58% of their digital time in mobile applications.”

As the rise of mobile application continues, it’s important to avoid common app development mistakes. Here’s a look at the most common mistakes appreneurs and mobile application development company make when they launch a new application.

1.Mistake:Creating a mobile experience similar to a desktop UX

Many mobile app developers make the mistake of creating mobile apps that are too similar to desktop apps. They simply look like smaller versions of the desktop platform. And they offer the same functionality, but fit on a smaller screen. Keep in mind, a mobile app is a different platform and should be treated as such. Mobile users require a different experience.

2. Mistake:Building a mobile website instead of a mobile app

With 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play, the standard has become extremely high.

 And “[a]pps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser.”

Mobile-Apps-In-App-StoresBoth apps and mobile websites are accessed on handheld devices. However, “[w]hen it comes to deciding whether to build a native app or a mobile website, the most appropriate choice really depends on your end goals.” For example, “for interactive games (think Angry Birds) an app is almost always going to be your best choice, at least for the foreseeable future.” It’s a mistake to think that a mobile website is the best choice for all businesses.

3. Mistake: Overlooking mobile app marketing

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to build a useful mobile app, and fail to market it. How do you expect to reach your audience without a marketing strategy? People may download your app based on word of mouth, but nothing works better than a smart app marketing strategy in uae.

“A mobile app marketing strategy can complement a brand’s offline experience (in-store special offers, for example), drive e-commerce, or simply help connect a brand with its loyal customers.”

4. Mistake: Ignoring user engagement

The real power of mobile application come from their personal nature. When users install an apps, they carry their device around all day. In fact, apps “are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, with people spending an average of 30 hours per month in them, according to Nielsen1. Apps play a key role in those I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy moments.”

Woman using mobile phone in cafe. Female sitting in cafe and cup

It is the perfect opportunity to engage users in a personal way. Localytics describes highly engaged users as those that have 10+ sessions per month.

5. Mistake: Anticipating high mobile app retention rates

As Think With Google explains, “People download apps every day, but the truth is that many of them are abandoned or never even used.” The mobile app ecosystem suffers from poor retention. According to Loyalists, “[a]cross all industries, 80% of all app users churn within 90 days.” You can improve retention through, in-app messaging, push notifications, individualization, remarking and more.

If you want to build a mobile app for your business, first understand customer needs and study the metrics that contribute to overall app success. Once launched, study app analytics to improve over time.

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Source : http://yfsmagazine.com/2017/04/07/5-common-mobile-app-development-mistakes-to-avoid/



Google Assistant

My current company Techugo- a top mobile app development company, has robust working structure, which gives the equal and fair chance to every employee to go and grab the chance of being a face of the company in front of the client, so it was my day, when I had been given this opportunity, which I accepted with a grinning smile. Although I am very extrovert by nature, but it was a Fri evening and we had a video conference with our overseas client, being new to the organization, it was but obvious for me to get all the butterflies of the world to come and get accumulated in my tiny stomach and I was feeling to throw up due to nervousness, but had to remain calm and quiet and pose as relaxed as possible. The only question from my CTO Preeti Singh, “Gunjan , all ready?”, brought me into the frame of the Monalisa portrait made by Leonardo DA Vinci. I can laugh at my situation now when I am writing, but a month ago this situation was gruesome for me and I wanted to remain invisible…Well the meeting started and I was introduced to our client, my name ‘Gunjan Manral’ is not as tough to pronounce or maybe this was a mere thought of mine only, since our client repeated my name as ‘Gooojan Menrahl’, although he was told again but he couldn’t attain the correct pronunciation, so in order not to annoy him further, we decided to let the meeting move on, no prize for guessing for the next few days I was tried with my patience, since my colleagues kept on calling my name with the same pronunciation.

This all is quite much obvious when an Asian name is usually being pronounced by native English speakers, but when your name is also pronounced as “Gooojan” by Google Assistant, then you feel little helpless to curb the antics of your friends. A machine is expected to work according to your desire, but unfortunately, the advancement of technology has reached the extreme, but yet in mobile technology, a most common problem faced among all voice assistant is they sound unnatural and the pronunciation of names are almost suicidal. But Google has come up with a solution to fix the issue of mispronunciation of your name through two different techniques…quite a reliever isn’t it…yes, and especially for me, it is…so let’s know those two different ways to escape you from being mortified in front of your friends and colleagues.

Way 1 : Your Nickname

As a child, you are called with different and lovely diminutives, which sound so ecstatic and cute during the childhood, but sooner you cross that stage, such names are not always sooth down your ears. I too have a nickname, and fortunately very cute still, so without divulging the name, I would like to talk about the process. With Google assistant you can set your nickname (if you still like it) to be used, it is easier for the technology to grab the shortened form of your name, you can follow the process:

  • Open the Google Home app on Android or iOS
  • Click on More settings
  • Click on Personal Info
  • Click Nickname
  • Enter your nickname
  • Tap Play to test out the pronunciation

Now, all the time Google Assistant would address you by name, either through Google Home or Assistant on Pixel phones, but it will be that short and cute name filled by you.

Way 2: Phonetic Pronunciation

If you are not willing to pick your nickname, then there is one other way for you, that is Phonetic Spelling of your name. Phonetic chart sound more like a V&A practice made in the call center, but it is not, rather it would help the Google to understand your name through the phonetic spelling and it would never be wrong. Let’s learn how to do it:

  • In the above-mentioned menu option
  • Click on the option to spell out how your name
  • Click the radio button to the left of Spell it out.
  • Here type the phonetic spelling of your name, using English alphabets only
  • Click the blue Play button to test it

You must add spaces to break up the syllable and carry out the exact functioning of the syllable stress, like for my name, I would spell it: Goon-Jan.

This technology was earlier available with Cortana on Windows and Siri on Mac, but with Google, you can imply this technique in two different ways, as per your convenience. Google indeed has brought relief to many like me, who want to keep their name to be pronounced clearly. On the other hand, I am an Android app developerwith Techugo, worth to mention, if you want your Android app development concept to get the wings of reality then Techugo is the right destination for you.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way.

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We all are surrounded by the mobile apps and technology is used highly in every aspect in our vicinity. Now the level of mobile app revolution has reached to the level where it is beyond the reach of desertion. Albeit, there are various reasons to pick the mobile app revolution, but due to the instant hike in the mobile users, it has increased the demand of mobile apps to be adopted by every industry and domain. Mobile apps are useful not only for the users, but for the business owners too, because it has shrunk the world to an accessible axis where anybody at any point of time can enjoy the freedom of accessing the required information or services.

Mobile Apps Make The Business Accessible  

It is not easy for any business owner to work 24/7, apart from some exceptional cases, but on the regular basis, it turns out to be a hard task to accomplish and even you can’t access the global customers from your brick and mortar business premise. Mobile apps are adopted smartly by every industry across the globe, and people buy the products, regardless of their time-zone, language barrier or distance. Mobile apps have brought every product at our fingertips, where we can make a purchase with a convenience of time & place. Your business gets accessed by all across the globe and they can make an instant purchase.

Opens A New Window of Opportunities

In the era of competition, it gets a rat-race to compete with other business. Websites are used quite lesser being compared with the dedicated mobile apps for your product, so the regular traffic on mobile app helps you to understand the customer behavior, also the review/feedback/ rating system helps you to improve your product or fix the product issue, according to your customer’s requirement. Mobile app analytics help you to identify the positive and negative indicators, so you can fix them in-time to avoid losing your customer and you would also receive an expanded window of opportunity to attach new customers to your revenue basket.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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Google has propelled the most intuitive application, which depends on AI driven and the application is called Google Allo. This works for both iOS and Android stages and is giving a sneak-look into the solid and strong manmade brainpower capacities that Google has worked and come about into Allo. With Allo’s “keen” capacities, Google expects to make it less demanding to react to messages and after some time changes with clients’ own style, Google said in an official web journal.

Savvy Reply

Allo’s AI-controlled elements uses machine figuring out how to propose the ideal reactions to both content and realistic messages, wiping out the writing errand. Allo virtual collaborators “comprehend your reality” in ways that license clients to stand up their questions or give the headings, the way it has been given to an associate. Client will be recommended words and expressions once begin to sort. Likewise, this keen answer highlight will likewise propose reactions for photographs. On the off chance that a client gets a photograph of a child, a shrewd answer proposals would pop out like “charming!”. Google says that the savvy answer will enhance after some time and acclimate to client way of life.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most extraordinary component presented inside this application, which lets the clients to just sort @google to ask the web crawler addresses and secure the assistance straightforwardly in their visits. Google Assistant is much nearer to Facebook’s vision for M, the informal community’s own AI-based associate. This can be taken in numerous things that could have been utilized to get the data identified with flight statuses, interpretations alongside photograph acknowledgment. Case in point: when client transfers the photo of Taj Mahal, Google Assistant would ask the client, whether client needs to take in more about its history. Google has consolidated Allo’s keen content components with its photograph acknowledgment capacities, so the application can likewise recommend reactions to photographs that are being imparted to the clients. Like Snapchat, Allo permits clients to draw on photographs before sending them to companions.

This component ends up being more valuable when utilized one-on-one, since it would help you to get the help identified with your schedule, set updates and get the most recent features. Client can even set cautions, clocks, seek photographs and make calls by means of Google Assistant, with the assistance of an Android gadget.

Step by step instructions to Start With The App

Client can join with their telephone number and after personality confirmation, the application checks the location book to discover people,who are likewise utilizing the application. Another considerable component which Allo lets, is to record a voice message, send a photograph with a doodle (for Android just right now), or offer a guide of current area. The application additionally incorporates various themed sticker packs that can be utilized to liven up the visits.

“Google Allo can help you make arrangements, discover data, and convey what needs be all the more effectively in talk. Furthermore, the more you utilize it, the more it enhances after some time,” Google said.

“If you have an idea for your business, you can reach our group to talk about further your idea to bring into reality. The exchange would help you to pick up a superior knowledge of your application prerequisite.”

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This blog will address each of your queries about developing mobile apps. Most of the business owners have a misconception that mobile apps are meant for the big brands and not for small business and start-ups, but eventually more and more small and midsize businesses need to follow the mobile trend and understand the effective mobile strategy involves to boost up their business. .

Developing mobile apps for your users can help them be more productive, but before you start building apps, learn about the different kinds.

Mobile apps help you to increase your visibility

As the reports have suggested, an average person spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device. Once you initiate a new start-up, mobile apps help you to reach out to the maximum number of people throughout the world in no time and you remain visible to your consumers 24/7. A mobile app for your business, works as a face. An app contributes greatly to your brand awareness amongst your consumers. The more your customers are involved with your mobile app, the sooner they will be inclined to buy your product and/or service.

Defining the process of mobile application development

There are many hurdles and the procedures involved in the process of Mobile application development along with writing the software for devices such as Smartphone and tablets. App developers create various mobile apps as per the specific features of certain devices’ specific features, for instance iPhone app developers create apps for iPhone and Android app developers create specifically for Android. When developers build an application specifically for a device, it means that the code is specific to that device’s processor. The biggest turn-over of developing mobile apps natively is that the code can never be re-used from one OS to another. The code written for a native app for an Android device cannot be compatible with a Windows Phone.

How to build mobile apps

When you decide to build an app, then various mobile application companies are available in the market , but for your businesses, it often makes more sense to choose the best app developer company. You can opt from either: trust your existing in-house skills, or outsource the project. When you pick your in-house team for the app development, then he/she may have to keep other tasks aside in order to complete the mobile app development project. But when you outsource the project, then you have the access to global talent and would be much more focused on your app development process, which would ultimately result in on-time delivery.

First step to consider before developing mobile apps

Although, mobile app development has its own set of fixed challenges and various relevant points to keep in mind, before planning to develop a mobile app. The first thing to know before building a mobile app is to understand your user’s needs before you start. Before initiating to search for the app developers, know your users need and what purpose your app would serve. This would also include knowing further what your app developers are capable of building. Don’t pick a company just by the cost factor, because choosing a company on the basis of costing is a worthless idea. Once your mobile app is developed, follow all the T&C of app store fully to avoid the chances of your app getting rejected.

Native or Web-based apps

Native mobile app development, involves developing the same app multiple time, so it can run on multiple OSes, since these apps are more beneficial so companies do prefer it more. On the contrary, developing the mobile apps on Web-based platforms such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, is quite economical and less-time consuming, since developers need to build one app to run on various mobile platforms.

Hybrid mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps are a fusion of Web and native app development. But it faces certain issues, since no mobile browser fully supports HTML5. One way to ensure that applications show optimum performance on a given device is to develop the mobile app on a native platform of the mobile device. Once you understand the key processes and steps in the mobile app development lifecycle, you would be better prepared to develop an app with the function and features you actually need for your business.

“If you have got a concept for your business, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.”

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Apple has dependably made the history however the dispatch of iPhone 7 has turned the diversion to another course, and as depicted by Apple these two new handsets are the “most developed iPhones ever” that are “pressed with one of a kind advancements.” After months of bits of gossip, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus propelled at the Apple’s dispatch occasion in San Francisco. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both have critical camera upgrades, another shiny dark shading, better battery life, speedier processors, and enhanced water resistance actualized through a flush home catch and no earphone jack. How about we bring look with a brief portrayal of the considerable number of components in iPhone7 …

1. No Headphone Jack: Of course the earphone jack is lost in the iPhone 7, rather than earphone jack, you can utilize connector and EarPods, which are sent alongside the handsets. The pair of wired earphones can be connected to the charging port on the base of the gadget, and in addition a connector for the general population who need to cling to their old earphone

2.AirPods: Another remote arrangement of earphones called “AirPods,” additionally dispatched by Apple, which has five hours of battery life and are sold with a case that offers charging on the go, for an aggregate of 24 hours of battery. AirPods capacities with Siri and the capacity to naturally recognize when fit in the ears. Starting now, there accessibility is booked in late October for $159. These can interface with both the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 with only a tap, as indicated by Apple.

3.Capacity: The capacity issue has at last been determined by Apple , both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are accessible with higher stockpiling limits, at 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. The base model accompanies 32GB for $649. The following most elevated stockpiling is a 128GB, for $749, while the biggest is an unquestionable requirement purchase with 256GB for $849. For the iPhone 7 Plus, the 32GB model expenses $769, while the 128GB model expenses $869. The biggest iPhone 7 Plus, with 256GB of capacity, will cost $969.

4.Double Lens Camera: The iPhone is significantly famous for different determinations however a standout amongst the most noticeable components is the best picture catching taking awesome photographs. The iPhone 7 Plus components both have faultless camera enhancements that would bring about crisper, brighter, more nitty gritty pictures. These handsets convey the elements like a 12-megapixel camera with optical picture adjustment, another Apple-composed picture signal processor, a 6-component focal point, a bigger f/1.8 gap, and wide shading catch for more dynamic, consistent with life hues and the iPhone 7 Plus has an extra element which incorporates a double camera framework with a wide-edge focal point and a zooming focal point, empowering 2x optical zoom and a DSLR-like picture shots.

The best of all the camera elements is the enhanced adaptation of front-confronting camera, highlighting a 7-megapixel sensor with wide shading catch, propelled pixel innovation, and auto picture adjustment for selfies that look better than anyone might have expected. Another four-LED True Tone streak with 50 percent more splendor comes pressed with these handsets.

5.A New Home Button: Apple has updated the Home catch on the iPhone 7 to make the gadget water safe. The “Home catch” is intended to be strong and responsive, and work couple with Apple’s Taptic Engine to give “more exact and adjustable material criticism”. Despite the fact that the catch doesn’t “click” similarly as it did on the old handset, yet it gives moment input when you touch it.

6.Retina HD Display: The Retina HD presentation is a gift for sure, with components like a wide shading range for better shading immersion and “silver screen standard” hues.

7.A10: Apple is well known for redesigning its processor, this A10 Fusion chip is said to be 40 percent quicker than a year ago’s processor, with 50 percent more design execution. Both telephones additionally got a battery update, for example iPhone 7 can remain for two hours of more battery life than the iPhone 6s, and the iPhone 7 Plus has an additional hour of battery life contrasted with the iPhone 6s Plus.

8.IP67 Water and Dust Resistance: The one all the more fascinating element is IP67 water and clean resistance, which lets the iPhone 7 is tidy tight and can stay safe, if submerged up to 1 meter profound for 30 minutes.

9.No More Antenna Lines: One perceptible configuration change is that Apple has expelled the plastic radio wire lines from the back of the gadget.

10.Shading: The assemblages of the telephones are produced using aluminum are accessible in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Jet Black hues. Dark is another darker matte shading that replaces Space Gray, while Jet Black is a shiny new polished completion.

Without a doubt stuffed with all the specified components the new iPhones are shockingly new and worth to purchase.

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Smart phones and tablets are ruling the world, and with more and more people getting access to Internet while on the go, you cannot escape this insurgency.

This is ‘the’ moment in time for mobile app developers, thanks to the increased adaptability of mobile phones and the subsequent increase in the demand for mobile application development. Having a mobile app is no longer an extravagance companies indulge in. It has become the basic necessity by which you retain your present customers. This is because we are living at the climax of a technological revolution; the impact of which is felt in every nuance of life, changing the lifestyle of people in its entirety.

Now, if you are planning to create mobile apps, be prepared. Developing a successful mobile application comes with its fair share of challenges–many of which differ from traditional development. Before you start your project, you must understand these challenges exist, and figure out how you will address each one. If you are currently standing at the threshold, wondering whether to outsource your app, these challenges in the form of tips, would certainly help you.

1st Challenge

Choosing the right app

This is the very first step to boost your business. The first challenge in building a mobile app is to understand your user’s needs before you start.

Before initiating to search for the app developers, ask a question first to yourself: Why do your users need this app? What problem will it solve?

 2nd Challenge

Finding the right skills

The next big challenge, How would you build this app? You have two choices: Bring in new skills, or outsource the project. There is so much talent to tap and you can visit media platforms like Linked In, Facebook and even listing websites like Clutch, Extract and GoodFirms to discuss work with skilled talents. You no longer have to depend on your internal employees to develop an app for you because when you outsource, you have access to global talent. On the contrary, when you depend on an internal employee for the app development, then he/she may have to keep other tasks aside in order to complete the mobile app development project. But an offshore team would be focused on just this one task, so they can give full focus and deliver the work on time. Another advantage with the offshore team is that they can work around your schedule and come for online meetings and conferences because they may not be tied down with other commitments. That way, you no longer have to worry about the limited resources in your company in terms of workforce.

 3rd Challenge

Finding a reliable partner

Getting a mobile app development company onboard, can bring more troubles, if you fail to choose the right company for your app development process. Mobile app development company has to work with you as a partner, not as an outsource company only. Get the more details about the company from various sources and then pick the company, don’t get swayed away by the cost factor, because choosing a company on the basis of costing is a futile idea. Look for someone who has developed similar apps before and has a proven track record, communicates effectively and is well versed with the app store submission rules.

4th Challenge

Risk Management

There are a few risks, you need to deal with while getting your app done. Some of the most common risks are government regulations, competition from rivals, market volatility, economical and financial downturns. You can forget about most of these risks when you outsource your requirement, apart from maintaining industry standards and compiling to data security and privacy rules while handling them.

5th Challenge

Making a pace with platform design guidelines

When you decide to build native apps, you need to understand that you’re building for a platform that you do not control. For instance, every time Apple or Google updates their operating systems, you must update your app to fit their new requirements.

 6th Challenge

Security of apps data

In a recent survey conducted with top notch IT companies, their managers revealed shocking details, which state: the security of mobile applications was being put at risk due to the pressure on IT to release applications quickly.

One of the most important issues businesses must consider when deploying mobile apps is on-device security. In order to protect company data when it’s outside the office, businesses must introduce mobile policies that contend with their employees’ file sync-and-share habits. If your app contains any sensitive information, an organization needs to make security the top priority because hackers are always looking for a way to get in, and it shouldn’t be made easy for them.

 7th Challenge

App stores’ approval

A higher number of chances are there, that your app might get rejected for the first. Here your app developers’ proficient knowledge of app submission rules would be proven worthy. So make sure your app is sifted thoroughly the T&C of app store beforehand only.

So once you decide to develop an app, your focus should be more on ‘what not to do’ than on ‘what to do’. Undoubtedly, there are several challenges faced by developers every time they start working on a new mobile app, but something which remains more vital is to be aware of these challenges and address them in the right way, which would result in a most productive and worthy app for your business.

If you need to offshore your mobile app development project, we have all the talent and technology you require. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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There are many a companies in mobile app development industry and before hiring a suitable app development company, various set of questions must have arisen in your brain regarding the app development process. App development process is a tricked procedure which comes with its own complexities. It’s nothing something more or less with android or iPhone, but rather each development platform provides its own set of difficult phase. Before you embark on the search for a developer, there are a few important factors to consider:1.What an iPhone app will do for your business

2.How you should approach the development process

3.Why you are developing it

4.Who your audience is

5.Is it actually the best medium to reach your target market

The significant developments in technology within the communications industry now mean that if your business doesn’t have an iPhone app for the consumer to make use of your services than you are missing out something big of the marketing strategy. Whether it’s for the original iPhone or the most popular iPhone 5 or 6 version, an iPhone app can take between six weeks and six months to develop and implement successfully. You have to be careful before choosing the right iPhone app developer for your business. Some of the important factors after you have planned and decided to go ahead with the iPhone app, are:

1.View the full portfolio of the short-listed app development companies; so that you can make sure that their previous work is in line with your vision.

2.Getting the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred or thousand dollars in building your product. A good development company should be able to not only guide you through the process of development, but also give you creative input based on their experience with similar apps. Every startup or entrepreneur has a budget. But often the lowest cost option can turn out to be more expensive in the long run, for example, if you get to re-do your with another developer then it would be an additional and unnecessary cost for you.

3.Designing an iPhone app requires the skills of an app specialist who create an app that is compatible with an iPhone and, therefore, reach your target audience it is essential that you hire someone with those essential key skills.

4.Before you choose your iPhone app developer, develop an approximate idea of the purpose of your app so that you can find somebody with those specific skills. For example, if you’re looking for a fashion domain app then you will most likely need someone with more specialized skills than for an information-only app.

Make sure you do proper research and then turn to any decision. Techugo is one of the best iPhone App development companies that have the finest app developers. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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By: Vaibhav Sharma


When we visit a foreign land, the first thing which troubles our brain, is the local language of that country, if we are not fluent with it, it might lead to some disastrous experience of our trip. No doubt the Google Translate is a pretty handy tool for this problem but at times the translation might not necessarily be what we’re trying to convey, which is why Google needs our help in fine tuning the process. This has led to the launch of an app called Crowdsource. This is a remarkable Google application, which has been introduced on Google Play- Crowdsource, it’s a unique application of its kind, and it asks the users to translate and transcript images or text.

As Google has confirmed, this is a pilot project. Once the app is started first time, user is asked for the language he/she is fluent in; ultimately it will lead to the more options within the various categories. Once complete, user is given with 5 different sections that allow them to translate or transcribe their desired content.  Beyond that, it features large buttons that let the user to choose from a selection of micro-tasks like image transcription, handwriting recognition, translation and translation validation, as well as map translation validation.

Millions of people rely on Google’s services daily, whether that’s Google Maps, Google Translate, or even just Google Search. Now the company is asking for users help to further improve those services, just a few seconds at a time. Users can do this by helping out with image transcription, handwriting recognition, translation, translation validation, and maps translation validation. Users who are fluent in multiple languages can help out with the translation aspect, but if the user is unable to, they can still help out with image transcription and handwriting recognition. Image transcription takes blurry images of signs (usually street signs), and asks to type out what they think it says.

Very interestingly, Google Opinion Rewards application that gives users free Play Store credit for just filling out a few questions, this application does not offer no such reward. Google, however, suggests that users contribute to Crowdsource because by doing so they’ll know that they’ve “made the internet a better place for their community. Although, Google offers some perks. The Crowdsource app tallies the points and shows them next to a trophy image. Going beyond a feel-good gesture, though Google Maps’ Local Guides program gives people a terabyte of free Google Drive online storage, though only if they reach advanced levels of participation

It can be downloaded via the Google Play Store, right now, the app is only available for Android and it does not appear that there are plans for an iOS version yet.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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