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9mobile app.pngWith substantial development in the field of mobile phones, the businesses heavily rely upon the channel to advertise and market their products and services. It’s history when people would log on to their computers, access the website to gather information about your products and make a purchase. Consumers nowadays spend a considerable amount of time on their smartphones and want everything on their fingertips. The giants of the business world have identified this change, and are working in the direction to promote their app through efficient app marketing strategies. Having an app for your business needs, just for the sake of it, wouldn’t suffice for it. The methods have simplified and have become more ergonomic with each passing day, and hence there’s a constant need to keep up with the ever-changing atmosphere. A single mistake can account for huge losses. Metamorphism according to the change is equally necessary. But, what could make your app famous and gives it the ability to sell? Today, we take a look at the mobile app marketing strategies one needs, to stay on top of their game with Techugo, a top mobile app development company in India.

  1. A Lasting Impression Marks The Return: Always remember, the app should make the users feel special, have something unique to offer to them against your competitors and how simplified your approach is. There are thousands of app, that would probably be providing the same services as yours. It is the experience, that makes the difference. Efficiently marketing the experience can boost the sales of your company, and can lead to sizable downloads of your app.
  1. Ancient Marketing Gambits Aren’t Game Changing Anymore: With the business channels constantly transmogrifying, resorting to old marketing tactics, although not harming the promotion, wouldn’t prove to be of much use to the business. The age is all about ease, simplicity and time-saving. No one has the time to make an effort and search for your brand. It should be readily available to them at their fingertips. Availability on the app store is one way but, the app faces another challenge of competing with other apps. To turn things in your favor, market your apps in places where your target customers frequent the most. Real-time bidding is a low-cost and effective option to reach their desired audiences. Paid ad services too, have an effect as it puts your product/services out in the front line, urging users to download your app, resulting in high installs and popularity of your app.
  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Is The Key To Success: The very basic rule for any business is, to know your agenda. You should know the aim of your business and set the goals accordingly. The basic marketing strategy remains more or less the same. The only thing that should be different is, the tactics to deal with those metrics. KPIs tell you the behavior, your app is generating, the organic reach, consumers’ faithfulness, app store ranking and optimization. These little things play a vital role in the progress, and development of the app and should be handled with expertise. A dedicated team of individuals would be great, to begin with, as this is a fairly unexplored ground.
  1. Pay Heed To App Marketing: With over 50% of the world on the internet and 90% of them on mobile phones, not deploying an efficient app marketing strategy and not sanctioning enough funds required to boost the marketing strategy for your app, could pose serious damage to your business. It’s a magical portal, that houses a huge consumer base that could drive your business if carefully handled. Companies have already begun solely focusing on the development of their apps and promoting them to generate better revenues, and achieve better access.
  1. Market Your Uniqueness : There might be a plethora of apps like yours, but the ways in which you differ from the rest is what makes you stand out. It’s the difference that counts and remember, users, rely on experience. If they find the difference worth, you don’t need to worry a thing about your app.
  1. Be Found: To be popular, visibility is the most important aspect one should worry about. Much like the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in the app world, App Store Optimization (ASO) is the force that turns the table. The keywords that define your app should be relevant and should return your app as result when searched for. It is because of this reason that mobile app development companies have started including ASO as a part of their development process.
  1. Social Media Crossover: It’s a must have for apps to have a connection to social media platforms, viz., Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Quora, Google+, etc. Have your users engaged in different fun activities, be it a game or a quiz. Allow them to post their achievements on their social media pages. There is no bigger marketing strategy than word of mouth. It builds the faith in user for your services and products and thus expands your business revenues.
  1. Numbers Can Be misleading: A successful app marketing campaign doesn’t just account for the number of times your app was downloaded, and the rank which it attained on the app store. An efficient app marketing strategy depends on the customer retention. Irrespective of the fact that your app was downloaded gazillion times, if it’s not able to hold the customers back, something is seriously wrong and needs a fix ASAP. It’s a full circle, and as discussed earlier, it all depends on customer loyalty, even more than the organic customers, one generates. The UI/UX of the app helps in garnering loyal customers. It’s the loyal customers responsible for the ROI and not one time users.
  1. Be The Tortoise & Not The Rabbit: The world of mobile phones is constantly developing. Today’s technology and approach might become useless tomorrow. It is essential to be a chameleon in such an environment. Adopting new technology and susceptible to changes is the path forward. Creating a successful app doesn’t mean everything. It would soon burn out if it’s not evolved. A consumer would flee to other apps that’d provide something different. Always bringing something extraordinary to the platter would step up your game against your competitors.

It is an established fact that, this is the age of mobiles, and an extraordinary way to directly connect to your customers. With the right mix of mobile app development strategies, and constant innovative ideas, with a zeal to serve better, could give your business the required push. It is also a fact that, not all business have a technical side to them, and no matter your prowess at the marketing gimmicks, when it comes to mobile app marketing, the playing field is different. We at Techugo, understand such challenges, and know the shortcomings and repercussions of an under powered marketing strategy. With experience gained over the years, we have some of the most brilliant strategies to market your app. A business is futile if it doesn’t possess the capability to adapt, and we help firms, in adapting to these new trends. We are mobile app development company and we know what it takes for an app to be ace. We meticulously define a blueprint for your business idea, give it a shape, add the required ingredients to realize it and market it and make it successful. We enable technology to surpass your imagination. For more details visit us at : http://www.techugo.com and/or contact us at :


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Simple Ways To Install .ipa on Your iPhone

It was a dream come true, when I received a congratulating message on the office WhatsApp group last evening, it said,” KUDOS, with loads of flower and congratulating emoticons” and everybody congratulated, but with no explanation and leaving me in my excited world of hallucinations, where I almost imagined myself grabbing the ‘Employee of the year’ award, but the wire of my illusions broke with a loud beep sound oozing from Smartphone with a notification from my CEO, thankfully his one line message brought the revelation to me, the message had a succinct content “Preeti, UDID blog is a massive hit with clients, write more”, though I couldn’t comprehend, whether it was a praise or a set of instructions, but I too replied without being evasive and sent a :). Although I also didn’t understand whether my reply was also a mere nod, thanks or a simple acknowledgment, well, whatever it was, I didn’t receive any more message trailing, but I cleared my doubts that it was not an Award winning dream come true situation, but it was my last blog HOW TO GET UDID OF YOUR IPHONE WITHOUT BEING TECHNICALLY CHALLENGED, which filled my Smartphone screen with limitless notifications.

This morning, I couldn’t believe the stats shown by SEO, and made me accept the fact that my last blog was not just majorly read by our clients, but also a lot many users across the globe took a dive into the blog and praised the clean writing style. To treat and pamper myself, I instantly called the boy to grab a box of Ferrero Rocher from the nearby market, but while taking the money out, I stopped myself and decided to promote Demonetization drive of our beloved PM Modi and online ordered from BigBasket. After digging and almost finishing the chocolate box I sat and realized what other factors really trouble the client or a non-technical person. While running with my thought process, some random piece of chat struck me, when a junior iOS developer pinged me in the wee hours with a ‘SAD FACE’ emoticon, that he couldn’t download the .ipa file ….so I picked my topic and here I am writing about How to install .ipa file on your iPhone. So let’s begin

What is .ipa File

Before we proceed with the process of installing, let’s clear some basic facts, like what is .ipa file all about? IPA stands for “iOS Application Archive “, it stores the iOS app. Also, every .ipa file has a binary for the ARM architecture, which can only be installed on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. iOS device. These files work as containers (like ZIP) to hold the various pieces of data that make up an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch app; like for games, utilities, weather, social networking, news, and other apps. The structure of an IPA file is same like for every app; an iTunesArtwork file is a PNG/ JPEG file used as the icon for the app, the Payload folder contains all of the app’s data, and information about the developer and application are stored in the file called iTunesMetadata.plist.

Why You Need It

For the iOS developer, the .ipa file allows testing the app on your iPad or iPhone before you send the .zip file to Apple for review and you have to install .ipa file on iPad/iPhone to test it further.

How To Install .ipa File

Before installing you should remember that .ipa file can never be installed through AirDrop, Dropbox, or a similar service. Apple allows you to install the .ipa files with two ways: first you can add the .ipa file to your iTunes library on your Mac and sync your iPad/iPhone with iTunes, but this way has a drawback that if your mobile holds a little excessive data then the process would take a little extra time than expected.

  • Method 1 – Using iTunes

With iTunes the .ipa installation is safest and most preferred by the developers across the globe.

  • Step 1

Connect your iPhone to Mac and launch iTunes.

connect iphone

  • Step 2

Go to View – Show sidebar

Show sidebar

  • Step 3

Select the apps and drag its .ipa file into iTunes library.

.ipa file

  • Step 4

Go to the library – apps – select application from the main menu.

main menu

  • Step 5

Drag and drop an application from the main menu to the device.

Drag and drop

  • Step 6

Wait for iTunes to synchronize and your .ipa file is there.


  • Method 2- Install .ipa Files Online

For the first time users, Diawi is a similar online tool for IOS developer, help you install .ipa file directly on iPhone.

  • Step 1

Open Diawi.com.


  • Step 2

Upload the application and its provisioning profile.


  • Step 3

Send the link to your testers, clients, and friends or even use it yourself. (Either by Mail, WhatsApp etc.)


  • Step 4

Open the link in Safari on the iOS device and click on install.

iOS device

  • Step 5

Your .ipa file is ready for you.

 .ipa file

Phew!! I got tech bitten while writing this blog, although it was all for the .ipa installation on your iPhone, and I hope it will help you all with the .ipa installation next time, and with this hope that your .ipa installation would be a smooth journey I sign off, with little information about the company I am associated with currently…That is Techugo – a top mobile app development company, where we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team  has the expertise to create a unique  variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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