How To Control The App Ux To Improve App Usability


The moment you look for a mobile app the only concern which crosses the mind is the worth of the mobile app…


Because not every mobile app is as worthy as it echoes in the various marketing strategies.

The reason behind the app usability can be scaled to many different segments, but the major reason behind it is the app performance.

The app performance does not concise to one particular point of app loading time but has many other factors which make the difference. I concur with you that it is not an easy task to make a successful mobile app, and except hovering onto the various apps.

Then what makes a difference?

Well, the difference is largely made by app UX…

App UX…are you serious?

On an honest note, yes it is very much possible for the app UX to affect the app usability and it cannot be given a MISS at any point of time.

Tip #1

Let Simplicity grow up

An app is accessed with a simple goal of ease down their requirements through the services offered by the app, but if your app fails to offer the simplicity in the app interface, then you sow obstacles in your app success path.

Don’t include many features and functionalities in your app, except the additional ones.

Tip #2

Design consistency

You love experimenting with your app design to bring the additional dose of creativity, it’s indeed good, but why to infuse your app with different color and theme on every page making every app screen alienated from another.

The most surprising fact suggests that app branding comes only from the branding-oriented design. Thus ensure that your logo, header, app theme, app design, and app interface is complimenting each other and are the inseparable part of the app.

Tip # 3

Fast loading time

An app which consumes more than the expected loading time is often neglected by the users.

Then what is the ideal loading time?

At Techugo, we majorly depend on faster loading time like 4-5 seconds, I know it might sound a little weird to some, but this is how we work, and gain the appreciation from our clients and their end users.

Though the app loading time depends largely on the features, animations, graphics, and images used in the app, try to keep them of minimal size to attain the fast loading time…

These strategies if followed well can help your app to enhance the usability, and also, if you are still wondering where to start your app from, then get in touch with the Techugo team to handle your app project and help your business to increase the business revenue through app solution.

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