Reasons Why Your App Is In Dire Need Of Video Marketing


You get the app concept, you hire a leading app development company, and then your app is developed and one fine day it gets ready to hit the market and the very second news you hear is that your app is not achieving the best download rates from the users…

Oops, what has gone wrong with my mobile, I integrated every possible winning feature and the functionalities in my mobile app, then how come it is not able to spike that OOMPH factor amongst the users??? Is there something wrong with my mobile app??? Have I forgotten something??? I am seriously confused and really don’t know how to deal with this issue since my entire business is on the stake…L

I am sure some of you might have gone through this thought process if you have undergone to this situation, although it is very likely that many apps face this turbulence, since the competition fever is higher than ever before in the market, which breaks the loop of every possible revenue from your mobile app and at the end of the day you feel restless and anxious enough to help your app survive in the dense forest of competition.

Have you ever thought which feature can actually save your mobile app to get doomed???

Well, it is a question which is quite often and frequently been asked by the app owners, and sadly not many app development companies are able to understand the need of the hour and fail to suggest the best answer.

Although there are some leading app development companies like Techugo, which eventually come forward and suggest the best strategy to be followed in such situation, and believe me the suggested strategy is a proven method for your app’s success…

But what is the strategy????


The strategy is: Video Feature

Now you must be thinking that how a video can really help your mobile app to secure a recognition in the app market???

Well, there are plenty of reasons to support this theory, and am going to share some of the most significant reasons to help you find out the reality behind it…just read ahead…

Engaging User Interface

We buy something first from our eyes, I think we all agree with this factor and I don’t need to explain it further…within an app a video opens the user engagement door to a new extent since users prefer to watch rather than read-only…maybe that’s also a reason behind the popularity of YouTube.

An app video works as the interaction tool with the users and helps the users to get accustomed to your mobile app efficiently.

The Video Encourages The Curiosity

Your mobile app has a number of features and the functionalities integrated into it, but these features and the functionalities are not experienced till the time app is downloaded.

But with an app video, your mobile app can promote its set of functionalities and features with an engaging mode with your users, letting them experience the app much before downloading, and encouraging their curiosity level to a new standard.

A Video Statistics Are The Mode of Marketing

Every video is surrounded by a number of statistics, which directly hits the users’ psychology and force them to watch the video further and as a result, download the mobile app.

Now you must be aware that how the video helps your mobile app to gain the huge popularity, but this video feature would only work when your mobile app complements the features it has flaunted in the video, and this can only be achieved once you decide to move ahead with your mobile app project only with a leading mobile app development company in India, which can take your mobile app to a new level of success.


Why A Mobile App For Your Business Is Not Just An Option

Why A Mobile App For Yur Business Is Not Just An Option

Would it be OTT to call mobile app a MUST-TO-HAVE for every business????

Absolutely not….

It would be not at all an OTT, but considering it not at all a worthy piece for your business is the biggest SIN you can ever commit to your business and the saddest part of the this condition suggests that you can never come out of this horror, no matter how hard you would try to sustain and come out as a winner, but without a mobile app, expecting your business to win the hearts of the users, is a big-time issue, which you need to deal with.

When I look around one of the most troubling pieces of information which freely orbits the business owners on a regular cycle update, that business popularity has nothing to do with a mobile app, and if a business keeps on delivering the quality laden services than attaining the attention is not a big deal…it seriously irks me and increases my anxiety L

I somehow concur with this approach as long as it talks about the quality-driven services, but the moment the approach leads to no-importance of mobile apps, I defer this approach, and I have a strong reason behind it…

Please explore those reasons with this post and understand the worth of my point…

Do You Have An Online Presence???

With an offline business, where you are doing perfectly fine or maybe more than fine, you consider a mobile app a futile aspect to be involved in your app…this feel is correct fine for now, but if look for a long-range objective then an offline business does not fit in the picture, because users have turned to be ever-demanding and look for the convenience in every required service.

This demand is well managed by a mobile app platform, through which your users can access your services at any point of time just by a click on their Smartphone.

App Helps You Build A Stronger Brand

Your business might be a successful venture in a limited turf, but on the other hand, apart from that limited accessibility, no one knows about your business, and that is a concerning aspect for your business if you want to beat the odds of competition.

Strong brand recognition is all about the users or consumers who are well aware of your brand and communicate with your brand. This continuous cycle of regular interaction with your targeted market builds the trust, which encourages the most number of users to stay committed to your brand.

And surprisingly this strategy is practiced widely by a mobile app since it allows the users to stay connected and explore more about your product.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

It is a very common factor that every business depends on the specific users’ needs and requirements, and no prize for guessing these needs never remain same, but keeps on upgrading at a faster pace, and with a mobile app you have a much accessible platform to help you analyze the needs of the users, through regular feedback and suggestions.

Thus a mobile app turns out to be a portal which helps you improve your business and its value in many ways leading to high customer satisfaction.

Helps You Boost Profits

Eventually, when your customers are extremely satisfied it leads to much greater profits to be incurred from the business. Also since the local businesses around you might not be having a mobile app platform and this will lead to sensation in a market if you decide to pick a mobile app for your business and win over the competition effortlessly.

I truly hope that these factors would help you to comprehend the worth of a mobile app for your business and now when you have decided to proceed with a mobile app, then my last suggestion goes that pick a top iPhone app development company in Qatar to help you make your mobile app dream into reality.


Essentials For Mobile App Success


Your mobile app is a perfect piece when it lands in your hand, but before it goes through a rigorous development process, which combines a series of codes, designing elements and technologies as a part of your app development process.

As an app development company your utmost aim remains to help the client to boost the business revenue further through the mobile app, but in this run, there are certain mistakes which as a mobile app development company you need to avoid, in order to gain the impeccable mobile app.

You would be surprised to know that not every mobile app becomes a success, after its launch and the app developers remain clueless that what went wrong with my app…it is disturbing and painful as well, when you notice your app, which has a number of efforts, time and money invested on it, gets rejected by the users.

Do you know why does it happen?

Well, the reason behind this rejection depends on some of the mistakes which are practiced during the app development process, such as:

Not Considering Users’ Demands

When you develop an app, the very and the only thing you need to consider is giving an ear to your users’ demands. You need to research and analyze what exactly your users want from your app and what are the problems they are facing, and in return, you need to design and modulate your app into that way, so your users can access a much needed mobile app for their usage.

Giving A Desktop-Like Experience

Your app needs to be a mobile app, not a replica of your website. If your users are not going to find any difference between your app and website, then try to think, that why would they even bother to use your mobile app.

Ignoring App Testing

No one would like to access a mobile app, which is nothing but full of crashes, bugs and slow performance. Remember even if your mobile app as the best of the app concept and the app features, yet you need to test it at every step because your users want a clean and seamless user experience while accessing your mobile app.

These are some of the essentials, which if considered, can help a mobile app development company to develop a mobile app of higher usability and maximum downloads in number.

Thus practice these strategies and help your mobile app to climb the success ladder….


What Are You Doing Wrong In Your App Design?


The very first aspect comes in an app designer’s mind; my design, my creative approach and innovative thought process can never be wrong.


I trust quite many, but as a matter of fact, it is a wrong approach, we all are humans and to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes are a part of our nature and we cannot run from this.

This approach is implemented not only on the personal but as well as on our professional front too…J

Let’s hop back to my blog topic….

When an app is developed, there are several factors, which if not taken in notice, can destroy the complete app…


But, with this blog, I am going to address only those most prominent mistakes which are sometimes overlooked by the app designers….let’s take a look


The app users are not just smart, but picky as well, they don’t love to give a second chance to your mobile app when it is not living up to the mark on their very first visit on the app.

The first impression of the app has to be taken care of, no matter what, but it needs to be given the supreme priority. You must ensure:

  • The app home screen needs to be uploaded faster than you imagined even.
  • You cannot compromise with your app design; it needs to be unique and must compliment your app functionalities.
  • Make the app transition from one-screen-to-another seamless enough


Doing Excessive Animations

It might sound rude, but your app needs to have a very balanced approach of animations.

It must not look like a forceful and unwanted animation dose to your app. The animations indeed look good, but are not enjoyed further, if your users get to see them constantly.

Users are straight-forward and don’t like the same animation to consume their time of app loading, they might enjoy in the first few attempts, but later they prefer to abandon such experience for a faster and clean loading.

Infusing Every Style

As an app designer, it is expected from you that you are a creative genius and each of your design must reflect that.

But at times just to make the app a little different and unique app designers, fall into a trap and make every possible design, theme, and idea in their reach get infused together.

But this step does not bring anything good, but brings only the harm further to your app.

The over-enthusiastic approach shown in the app design leaves it with the cluttered look and your users are left confused looking for better app experience.

Ensure that your app is simple and has no confusing factor instilled in it.

Display only the most prominent features with the most prominent buttons, which would help the users to access what they need eventually.

App Design Needs To Be Consistent

An app is not just a technical piece full of coding, but it is the combination of concept, design, features along with coding, which clearly indicates one sole business and its requirements through an app platform.

Considering this in mind, you have to understand that your app is a segment of a business brand, thus every inch of your mobile app must be designed and developed with the brand recognition of respective business domain.

Keep your app consistent throughout every screen and without any difference made to the colors, fonts, styles, border widths and image size on every app screen.

You might think that users scarcely take a note of these minor aspects, but you are wrong, because users do take a note of these aspects and these small fragments of your app, help to create value amongst the targeted audience.

Design Needs To Be In Sync With The Platform

Albeit, this aspect is well-taken care by the app platforms guidelines, yet, you need to take care of the app platform, where the app is getting downloaded.

Consider the app interface fully and design the app.

Complicated Interface

This generally happens with me, when I try to play a new game, usually in the first few attempts I am unable to unable to understand the game, which leaves me irritated and I often abandon the game in-between.

But this was merely an example, which you need to avoid maximum and your app interface needs to be easy, scalable enough to be used without any user manual.

Skipping The Default Value

What is default value?

Well, the default value is a sleek walk-through based on your past usage or pre-marked preferences utilized within the app.

The default value is a big help for your users, which they can access at the point of time.

With a default value, you help your users to leave good feedback about your app, since with default value reduce the number of errors, thus integrate the default value option in your app design.

These small, but important points help your mobile app to come in an action, but also along with this, the hiring one of the top mobile app development companies must be taken into consideration carefully.

Every mobile app development company has its own forte and set of distinct awards and accolades in its kitty, you only need to pick one of the leading mobile app development agencies India and get your app scored the success chart effortlessly.

Until my next blog…my lovely readers, keep exploring and enjoying my blogs further….


Techugo Is Your Trusted App Development Partner

Techugo Is Your Trusted App Development Partner

The current digital era is ever expanding with giving a boost to the competition in every business, wherein every business is looking to reach out to more prospects, become more popular as a Global Brand.

In such demanding atmosphere, an app comes to your rescue, which not just helps your brand to get widely popular but increase the sales growth.

If you still have not got an app development partner for your app requirements, then you must get in touch with the Techugo- iPhone application development company to help you in transforming your brand into a global brand, through the unique app.

The mobile apps developed by Techugo are not just unique but are very user-friendly, which allow the users from all walks of life to enjoy the seamless app experience.

Techugo has a proven success record of developing the highly celebrated mobile apps for some of the top-notch brands and startups across the globe.

What are you waiting for?

Just get in touch with the Techugo team and let your app give a voice to your business goals and consequently boosting your revenue chart.

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Which App Platform Startups Should Focus On


App technology has engulfed all the business genres positively and there is no second opinion to its existence. Whether you need to call a distant relative in abroad or booking a cab to travel in your city, from major to minor, all daily needs are well-handled by the mobile apps and users prefer to get their needs addressed through the app platform.

In this race of fitting the odds of competition, every business be it a branded outlet or a newbie startup prefer to set a strong foot in the app development process. As a brand it is quite much obvious to pick a favorable app platform, since the user’s needs and the business goals are quite visible for a brand, but the question arises, when as a startup, you have to pick a right app platform for your business needs, and the lack of exposure and vague user’s demand make the situation worse, on top the financial constraint make you fall into a do or die situation, where you have no choice but have to pick the RIGHT platform to suggest the need of platform.

As a startup the most suitable platform to be picked is…? Actually, it is hard to make a clear understanding that which OS you need to proceed with…can’t believe your ears?

I know this fact is little ambiguous to be believed by an entrepreneur, since a large part of your business is on a stake, and a wrong app platform choice can cost you arms and legs for your startup…So why to trust me? Well, a valid question, and to reply and ease down you further, I have collected the 3 top reasons in this article further, so you can select the suitable app platform effortlessly.

Check The Audience base

Since Android devices come in different size and shapes, the users are attracted to buy the Android devices more, thus widening the market for Android apps. As per a study reveals Android holds the 87% and iOS around 12% of the app market, which might make a strong reason that you must pick Android as your chosen app platform, but again something which you need to consider as well, that is your business market. If your business expansion has a user base only in the US, then picking Android would be a wrong decision, since the iPhone users are more in there and they prefer an iPhone application.

Phone Update

In past Android was largely scrutinized for the slow number of updates it provided, but recently Google has resolved this issue by shifting the maximum number of apps to the Google play store, which helps the mobile app to get updated quickly sans the complete OS update.

On the other hand, iOS provides the updates as and when available and a major annual update as well. The updated game is a little bit tiring and space consuming with iOS, but with Android, it is smaller with only the required updates.

App Quality

The quality of the app is highly preferred by each and every user, and if app irks, it serves no purpose. The iOS apps are regulated by the rigid guideline of Apple store, which sifts down the iOS app from various stages to make it error-free.

But the Android apps are available in different genres and go through sans any stringent policy for the quality check from Google. As a consequence, it increases the security risks to be faced by the users in abundance.

Then Which app platform to Pick?

  • The Android OS is the best option for you, if limitless customization, integrated with the freedom to make your phone work as per the users’ need, is your major concern.
  • iPhone OS is your answer if you are a compose user, who is looking for sleek design, updated features with a secured and succinct number of mobile apps and no security threat.
  • And most importantly, it depends largely on: what is the demand of your targeted audience.

 I personally believe both the platforms have their equal share of benefits and advantages, you only need to pick the right platform, after conducting a thorough research on your market demands and business goals.

So enhance your business visibility with the right platform and get your app developed by one of the top mobile app development companies and let your business grow exponentially…


What Apple Watch Os 4 Has To Offer


Apple WWDC event already has brought some of the most exciting features in the row and left the users waiting desperately for all the features to finally roll-in. Along with iOS 11, some of the most remarkable features are brought to Apple Watch with Watch OS 4 as well, like new watch faces, including a smart Siri face, new Workout and Activity features, Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay payments, and much more. To know more just read ahead…

  • Watch Face

Apple watch has got a remarkable change with OS 4, that it has got the most exciting watch face and the ability to set a certain image with engaging patterns, which would entertain the wearer throughout the day. The range of faces includes; Siri face, kaleidoscope, and Toy Story characters. The Siri face is imbibed with Machine Learning, which would display the most relevant information based on the time, location, routine, reminders and photo memories. Also, it would dynamically update the info whenever the user would raise the wrist and user can tap the new Siri complication to ask something which is not displayed.

  • Activity & Workout

Apple Watch started their journey as the most passionate source of keeping track on health, and it has carried the legacy forward with Apple Watch OS 4 as well. Now the workout app has got a brand new interface, letting the users to work out effortlessly. Now workout app includes auto-sets for the pool swim workouts and new motion and heart rate algorithms for High-Intensity Interval Training workouts. It allows the user to combine multiple workouts to capture overall calorie and time measurements. Also, choosing the workout types is simple, where user can set a workout goal based on calories burned, distance traveled, or time. With Watch OS 4, the user can pick ‘smart coaching’ option, a very personalized way letting the users to take monthly challenges, based on their history and activity records. Another best feature is that all types of notifications would be shut automatically, once the user starts the workout with ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, and would turn to normal, once the workout is finished.

  • Music

With Watch OS 4 users would experience the Music app in a different way, which would be much better than ever before. Users can see the Music and playlist as per their regular taste of music, and would also have the Apple-curated playlists, including the likes of Heavy Rotation, Favourites Mix, and New Music Mix. Worth to mention, these options are available only after activating the Apple Music subscription.

  • News App

There would also be a new Apple News app for the watch, which would display the news headlines on the Siri face and would allow the user to save articles on their phone.

  • Flashlight

The flashlight icon is a new addition to Control Center, allowing the users to see in the dark and use it as a safety light when cycling. Although it is not much clear from Apple’s end that what other purpose it would serve.

  • Apple Pay

Apple Pay has improved for the betterment, wherein now users can send payments to anyone in their contact list, right from their watch using Apple Pay and the money would be credited to receiver’s Apple Pay Cash account, which can be transferred further to bank accounts.

  • Other Features

Now users can connect directly with the Bluetooth in Apple Watch and bypass the phone. This would help in updating the information whenever users would raise their wrists. This feature allows the users to interact with small devices around for continuous health and fitness monitoring. This would also help the users to access several apps in the background with turn-by-turn navigation by raising their wrist to see the next step in the directions.

The Release Date

It is expected that watchOS 4 will be available for general download around September 2017. As of now Watch OS 4 is in beta phase and developers can download a beta version of watchOS.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a mobile app developed for Apple Watch and want to acquire the OS 4 functionalities in your Apple Watch app, then you must get in touch with Techugo- a iPhone application development company, and which has the most experienced tech troop to address your app requirement efficiently. If you still confuse that why to hire Techugo app development services, then you must visit our website and experience the difference, since unlike our competitors, we don’t work for our client, rather we work WITH our clients, to understand and deliver a project what their user base requires. So instead of waiting any longer, just simply give us a call, and let us handle your app development requirements efficiently.

Why Your Startup Needs A Mobile App


As an entrepreneur you always plan and dream to achieve big in your life and want your business to attain the global expansion in no time. But some of you mistake it that with a unique business concept, it is easier to mark a presence on the global front and your concept would speak for itself, you are right, but what you must not miss, that this is the era of technology, where every single business is linked with another through mobile app platform. So a mobile app platform would open the door of new business opportunities for your by expanding your business to a global platform.

Many startups have a feel that mobile apps are only dedicated to established brands, but actually, this is a mere myth, which needs to be broken since mobile apps can serve the need of any business regardless of their size or industry. A mobile app is a platform which lets the potential users reach your business in no time and access the services and make purchases at any point of time, with no barrier of time and region zone. So if you have got a startup and planning to expand your business presence, then you must opt for a mobile app, developed by a top mobile app development company in UAE, like Techugo, which has catered the app development services to many brands and startups to get their deserving niche in their particular business domain. At Techugo we have a brood of tech specialists who are there to serve you with the best possible app development solution for your business requirements.

Just get in touch with the Techugo team at:
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It is a worldwide fact, that mobile apps are the instant answer to many of our daily requirements, since the app platform is the best way to address those needs without a fail. Mobile apps are everywhere, and their presence can be felt easily on our regular active status on our mobile screens, but not every app has a strong and loyal customer base, do you wonder why?… Yes, you are right, because users do not get what they supposed to get from a mobile app, and as a result dump the mobile apps through uninstalls. It is way too disheartening for a mobile app developer and business owners to know that their beloved mobile app, has received uninstall from a bigger chunk of users.

The reasons for quitting the mobile app in between can be in abundance, but to retain your customers effectively is the biggest challenge faced by any business. To understand that what are the best ways to keep your users loyal to your services, read this ahead and get accomplish the customer loyalty program with your mobile apps….

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Ummm!!! Quite interesting to ask such question, or maybe very foolish to ask such question, but yet I would love to satiate some of the hungry brains out there and would answer this question. When you build a mobile app for your business, you can draw a good attention, if the mobile app offers what users want, but users can never remain stick to your mobile app, if your mobile app does not offer anything new or upgrade its features, there you may lose a potential customer base in a jiffy. Remember customer loyalty drives the loyal customers buy products and services again and again from a same brand or store. Now the question arises how to maintain the customer loyalty, so below are some major ways to boost your customer loyalty with mobile apps…take a look

  • Incentives Always Work

It sounds a little weird but actually, little-gift-wrapped incentives always work in your favor, integrate some monetization efforts in your customer retention program and let there be a healthy flow of the customer retention chain. You can offer rewards or in-app incentives to increase customer retention ad it really works in the favor of your aim.

  • Deliver What You Promise

It is the next but the most crucial part to sustain your customer base, DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE, many mobile apps promise to deliver certain things on upgrading the mobile app, but eventually, turn out to be something else, when it comes to the final delivery, this really irks your customers to the extent that they can give a ditch to your mobile app instantly, so DO NOT play with your customers, only promise that which is in your authority, even if it is not much, but it will create a strong loyal customer base around your mobile app.

  • Let There Be A Communication Bridge

The most I hate in the service, when my grievances are not addressed promptly and I have to reach 5 different angles to reach the real place to solve my query, I think just like me, many are out there, who feel dejected, isolated and cheated when no one hears the cry, and unfortunately this is the most common practice integrated by every mobile app developer, thinking that replying to your user’s query is a time –waste or does not hold much priority, but hey you are absolutely wrong, because the words of acknowledgment given to your user’s problems, act as a healer, and you build a trust wall around you and your users which help them to stick to your services, even if there had been some flaws. So LISTEN to your users and give voice to their concerns.

  • Don’t Be Rigid

I personally prefer a mobile app, which I can customize as per my taste, so it can clearly depict my mood and personality through the mobile app, but sadly not many mobile apps offer this feature to users, where they can customize the mobile apps to get a personalized effect, which gives a robotic experience to users, and they feel their interaction is one way, not two ways, so give your users this liberty so they are able to utilize the mobile app in a customized way, which they prefer.

A mobile app can be a blessing for your business if it is able to retain the right set of customers for your domain for a longer time. So practice above-mentioned strategies in your mobile app development process religiously so you would not lag behind in the successful app development for your business requirements. Not every mobile app development company is capable of integrating these strategies effectively in their app development process, but Techugo has gained popularity as  mobile app development company, since we do not just develop successful mobile apps, but our mobile apps help end-users to be retained and remained glued to the mobile apps for the longer time.

If you have got a mobile app concept, you must get in touch with Techugo-  iPhone app development company to get your mobile app developed by experts. You can get in touch with Techugo at….

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Skype: ankit.techugo

Importance Of UI/UX In Mobile App Development Process

Importance Of UI UX

The need for mobile apps for businesses is much more than maintaining an online presence. It is a source to generate massive revenues, expanding the customer base, generating new business prospects, reinforcing brand image, etc. Everybody has something to offer and thus, in such a dog-fight, it is extremely necessary for businesses to lure customers in different ways to ensure their retention and loyalty towards their service and brand. When the user is concerned, it is not the technicality of the app that counts. It is the features and the interface of the app that makes the difference to the user, which decides its fate and in turn the fate of the company. Thus, it is important that user engagement should be given top most priority and with this mindset, the UI/UX of the app should be designed so that the user never feels the need to opt for another app. Let’s delve into the basics of UI/UX of mobile apps and how it helps in customer retention.

What is UI? : A User Interface (UI) is the space where a human and a machine interacts with each other. The medium of interaction depends on the environment that constitutes the individual and the machine. When mobile phones and humans interact with each other, the interaction takes place through a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is not restricted only to the tabs and navigation menu in an app. In fact, the entire functioning of the app depends upon it.

What is UX? : A User Experience (UX), as the name suggests, is the experience a user has while using the app. Their emotions and behavior when using the app account for this. It comprises of pragmatic, worthy, meaningful facets of human – mobile app interaction. A flawless UX guarantees the return and loyalty of a consumer. Developing UX of an app involves a lot of research, analysis of user behavior, a rock solid planning and many other things.

Now that we have a brief idea about what a UI/UX is, let’s discuss some of its vital components below.

  1. Usual Suspects: The most basic requirements to make an app appealing, is the use of understandable or at least familiar symbols, icons, tabs, etc. This makes the user feel at home and familiar with functionalities of those elements. The colour schemes and themes for the app should not repel the user. For instance, a smooth and bright colour scheme makes the user happy. Also, whilst these things are paid attention to, users should also be given the freedom to customize the look of the app according to their will and mood. This makes the user feel special.

  1. Keep The Confusions At Bay: While creating an app, the prime focus should be on the simplicity of the design. An app’s UI should be self-explanatory and just in case your app is overloaded with features, make sure to include a small app tour in the beginning. This makes users familiar with your app and enables them to use its functions and features with ease.
  1. Lags & Jitters Are For Losers: The last thing an app’s UI should do is to bog down the speed of the user’s device. A user would opt for anything but, an app that slows down or freezes his device. To ensure a faster UI, the app should shed excess load. The smaller the size of the app, the faster it is. It should also be duly noted that the app should be swift when working online. An app that takes time load even when the device has access to a fast internet connection, has some defects and needs to be checked and corrected on a priority basis.
  1. Consistency:An app should maintain its consistency when the user navigates from one page to another. The layout should almost replicate itself so that a user doesn’t encounter a major change. It makes the user familiar with new pages of the app and helps him in efficiently navigating through the app and the new functions that he comes across.

Conclusion: UI is what a user first comes across, and his return and loyalty to your app and brand depends entirely upon his experience and interaction with the app. It is important for businesses to preserve and expand their customer base and although, technical aspects are important, the UI/UX of the app can’t be ignored as that is the driving force for customer retention.

About Techugo: We’re a mobile app development company and we develop mobile apps for businesses customized to their needs. We realize that UI/UX forms an essential component of the mobile app development process and hence, our development process especially focuses on the look and feel of the app apart from the technical specification to provide users with an overall satisfying experience.