What Is Block Chain Technology


Lately, one technology which is creating rounds in the market and has left everyone spell-bounded…well any guesses out there???

To shy down the heat of guesses, I am glad to announce the technology, which is none other than Block chain technology….

Indeed we all have heard a lot about it after bitcoin J

And surprisingly the cryptoc urrency BitCoin and Blockchain technology has some relevant connection as well.

Then what exactly is blockchain technology?

Calling blockchain one of the most disruptive technical piece in decades, would not be wrong. It was firstly originated by a group of people- Satoshi Nakamoto. It has turned out to be something bigger since its origination and now it has become a platform, which allows the digital information to be distributed amongst the users, but not copied.

Undeniably, blockchain technology has laid the foundation of a new type of internet, has an ample number of benefits…

  • The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location
  • The data records are kept public and easily verifiable
  • No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt
  • Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously
  • It cannot be controlled by any single entity
  • It has no single point of failure


There are many other benefits related to this technology and in other words, Blockchain is indeed a revolutionary step, and it is the mechanism, which allows all the users to come at an axis point, where there is no scope for error,  missed transactions, human or machine errors, or any exchange done without consent.

Undeniably it is a much-secured system, and only some of the top mobile application development companies are able to integrate this technology effortlessly and efficiently in their development process.

You must get in touch with a top mobile application development company India, to help you to integrate the Blockchain technology in the development mechanism.

How To Convert Existing App Concept Into A Successful Mobile App


You love the app idea, and want your app to succeed so the app can turn into a massive hit for your business, but how can this happen when an app similar to your app concept already exists in the app store?

Ouch…that’s too much to give me pain, you mean to say, an app similar to my app already exists, then, of course, there is no light which can save my app from being doomed and there is no way that it can even get noticed by the potential users.

Uff, now what would happen, I have spent my time and energy invested in this app concept to bring into reality, and now it is nothing but a futile app concept.

I think I need to abandon my app dream in between and need to start from the scratch…

Hey, Relax !!!

You are over-thinking, though your concern is logical and cannot be ignored, but there are ways, which can help your existing app concept to make a sizzling app.

The sad part of the mobile app development suggests, that most of the great app concepts are already been worked upon and leaving much room for your creativity to take a turn now and you can create something BIGGG and BETTER out of the existing concept too, so don’t lose your heart and just stick around to my blog piece today to carve the better solution for your app concept…

Integrate Relevant Keywords

Yes, research is the key which suits the need of the hour best, but how is it done even?

Well, if this question has bugged you and you couldn’t find an optimal solution for your app concept, then you need to follow some steps by identifying the relevant keywords, which can be a part of the app, and help the users to find your app.

Don’t take the keywords to be any random marketing strategy, but it is one of the most vital elements when users look for an app, it can be in the form of the best game for boys, top-selling mobile app and many other keywords pertaining to your app genre.

Check Your Competitors’ Work

Your competitors are always your guide. Don’t take me wrong, you don’t have to sit and talk with your competitors for their divine guidance, but you only need to download their apps and check closely what the features are and what are the loopholes in the app.

By conducting this detective job, you allow a smooth passage for your mobile app to run effortlessly, and experience, not a single glitch which your competitor’s app already has.

And make sure your app does not repeat either of the technical or user experience glitch already performed in your competitors’ mobile app.

Give A Different Outlook To Your App

Your app concept is great and you don’t need to get it changed, but refine it a little bit.

An app concept has to be refined?

Yes, it needs to be refined, in a way that it would give your users a more filtered search approach. For instance, if your app concept was about online food delivery app, then give a twist to the app concept by making it ordering food online at the WEE hours and as well as the normal hours.

By adding this, you give your users a new approach and a refreshing outlook to consider your app and give your app the utmost preference compared to other existing mobile apps in the app market.

Run Conceptual Testing For Your App Concept

Once every relevant step mentioned above is taken into consideration, then the very next step you need to plan is running a conceptual testing for your app concept.

The conceptual testing would help you to decide the considerable market for your app.

There are different methods to perform this sort of testing and find out the real competition your app is going to face and what the targeted users, in reality, do think about your app.

Don’t Pick A Random Company

This is the utmost high-priority point you need to think of. A right mobile app development company can help you build the app in a constructive way, else your app can never go successfully.

A right mobile app development company in UAE has every possible essence to give you the relevant set of advice and suggestions to proceed with, so your mobile app can turn into successful venture.

On the other hand a wrong or inexperienced mobile app development company, would not conduct any sort of research from their end to enhance the usability of the mobile app, and in the end you would have a mobile app, which can only suffice the requirement of app but would not serve any purpose of resolving the need for your business.

Thus it is highly advisable to pick the top mobile app development company in india, so your mobile app can turn into one of the most productive ventures for your business revenue generation.


Why Push Notifications Cannot Be Avoided


Mobile apps have started afresh our mindsets about the technology and have helped our lives to hop from the merry tizzy to convenient mode. The time when mobile apps were introduced in our lives, little did we know that depending on these technological advancements would be a welcomed tour for us, wherein we all have indulged happily without any regret.

As the time has advanced, so the technology and our demands too, finding more reasons to make us fall more in love with mobile apps. Mobile apps have the different variants which are developed to serve the extreme level of users’ demands while offering the best user experience. In this run a feature of a mobile app, which has largely gained attention and could not be ignored largely, is push notification.

With this blog today I am going to address some of the most significant uses of push notifications, and how do these small beeps on your end-users’ mobiles would help you gain the business revenue. Let’s explore further…

A Flexible Marketing Tool

The major fear of any organization is that they don’t want to sound Pushy with their marketing tactics, which generally provokes the users to abandon the process in-between. In such scenario, a push notification is a soft-marketing tool, which does not spike the frustration level amongst the users, since it offers what end-users are looking for and can be switched to OFF mode if users are finding it inconvenient. This really does help in offering the services according to the users’ taste, without hampering their comfort zone.

A Weapon To Enhance User-Retention

Every business is based on certain requirements and needs of a user base, which evolve from a targeted zone. To make a business successful, you always need to work on the different business strategies which are carved upon the research and analysis of the focused users. Since a mobile app is an extended marketing tool for your business revenue generation, so opting for a detailed and researched outlook before shooting the push notifications to the targeted user base works as a divine guide for your business to pave on the successful platform and let your users get retained and remained engaged to your app platform.

A Platform To Boost Revenue

Which org, does not want to boost revenue, everyone does…but to accomplish this task does not happen in one night, but consumes efforts, planning, and strategies to go along with. The push-notifications are the part of that marketing planning and strategies, which are the most effective ways to boost the revenue and do not deter the app to mark a presence in the market, consequently leading to revenue-boosting.

Once you notify your end-users with the seasonal/festive/ or any other offer going on, they would prefer to grab the services through the convenient mode of the mobile app, which helps you to shatter the barriers of time and zone efficiently and can target the global audience for offering your services.

A Way To Understand Your Customers

The success of any business depends on its users’ engagement and it is not possible with an offline platform, but is very much possible with an ease with the push notification. Do you wonder how? Then lemme explain, so I can let you dive into the ocean of push-notifications’ benefits; when you send the pertinent push-notification to your users, based on their preferred mode, with the right set of analytical tools, you can easily keep a watch, at what frequency your message was read or responded, or clicked, whether the user traffic has increased and many more other marketing data can be managed with the push notifications.

An Easy Mode To Communicate With Users

Effective marketing is always an outcome of effective communication between the seller and buyer, and with the growing competition, it is indeed a very much required aspect to interact with the end users in a way, which is most convenient and preferred from their end. A push-notification sent from your app server to your potential and targeted users, is a channel which you create so your end-users can communicate with you and they require least efforts to manage and are cost-effective. A push-notification has more views chances than a regular marketing emails sent to the users.

Indeed push-notifications have been a game changer in the app platform, but there are certain aspects you need to consider very carefully, before opting for the push-notifications to officially make an entry into your end-users’ Smartphones, such as:

Be less frequent: As per a study reveals, 30% of app users, opt for app uninstalls if there is a frequent number of notifications, so be patient, do not bombard your users with the excessive dosage of the notifications in the short interval. Do research and on the basis of your analysis hit only the targeted audience in a moderation.

Never skip testing: Yes, you need testing for the push-notifications too, many times, there are notifications from the apps, which are blank, or are unable to open, and such examples irk more than the simple notification, so let your notification go through proper testing regime, before hitting the floor.

Keep messages short: Your users prefer only the convenience oozing out from the mobile app, so they don’t have all the time in the world to get entertained by the long and lengthy messages from your end. Ensure that your push notifications consist of very limited characters and succinct message, to deliver what your users are actually looking for.

Be creative: Any notification sent into a typical style, does not engage the users for the longer time, be creative, let the content flaunt its magic, make interesting headlines, creative ideas to grab your users’ attention.

Push-notifications can bring wonders to your business, if opted correctly, they can be an extended marketing weapon for your brand recognition, so you need to ensure that you don’t step on a wrong note, which can spoil your brand’s image thoroughly.

Yes, of course, you need the help of a top mobile app development company in India to assist you in developing your app concept into reality, so your mobile app can touch the pinnacle of success with an ease.

On the other hand, until my next blog floats, keep yourself tech-updated and stay hooked to my blog space…JJJ



top mobile app development company

To get a mobile app for a business has become a top priority for any business owner to attain, to survive in the industry and beat the competition, but have you ever stopped to think, that what all does it take to make a mobile app? We all know to create something, requires concept, planning, and a strategy, but to make a mobile app, it takes a little bit more from just concept and planning, it needs a complete strategy to pre and post mobile app launch. Today, I would discuss the nitty-gritty involved in developing a successful mobile with a top mobile app development company in India.

Mobile Apps Are A Necessity

We all need the fastest way to get our work done, no we are not lazy, but our work schedule is way too demanding, which leave us with zero-hours to pamper our needs. Be it booking a cab to work, ordering a scrumptious meal on one of the lazy Sunday afternoons or the hustle-bustle last-minute need of shopping for a cousin’s wedding, we all need a solution which can work in our favor and at our convenience. Undeniably these situations, coupled with some more, are the daily and usual jerks in each of our lives, where we go clueless to manage them, mobile apps have sorted most of such situations with a mere need of one touch on the mobile app icon, which let us shop, eat, travel, explore, book the hotel/ cab and much more in the interactive yet technically innovative way, known to be a mobile app. When I first heard about mobile apps, a giant and more technical infused character my brain had visualized, which could be used only by the tech-geeks, but after using I found it easy enough to be used by any non-technical person, without even knowing the actual technical stuff involved in building them. From the first day of mobile app introduction, today our mobiles are filled with every useful mobile app to manage our diary, tracking our health, booking a hotel and list is never ending and they are developed for big brands to startups by some of the top mobile app development agencies.

Why You Need It

The very first requirement for creating a mobile app is to know that why your business needs a mobile app and how it will boost the sales. To help you, I can relate few points here, so you can consider the mobile app for your business effortlessly. Every business has a competition and apart from quality and service if you are unable to reach your targeted customers, then even if your product holds the excellence of quality, it is null and void. Mobile applications work as a medium, to let you connect with your customers more deeply and understand what they want, with a mobile app you can upgrade your mobile app with time as per the demand of your customers and can let them voice their reviews and feedback on an online platform to attract more customers. Once you are sure of your requirements and the need for a mobile app, you need to approach a top mobile app development company to materialize your dream concept into a successful mobile app.

Strategies to Pick The Right Mobile App Development Company

Finding a mobile app development company might be an easier task, but finding a right yet top mobile app development company India, needs research and intellects. With an ongoing demand for mobile apps, the mobile app development companies have outnumbered all of a sudden, making it tougher and stiff to pick the best out of all. You have to judge the right app developers through many screening phases, such as:

Reviews on Listing Website

Listing websites are the perfect tool to know more about the mobile app development companies because the reviews and feedback mentioned here are unbiased and are based on an actual client call. So look for the company’s review on these websites and read and explore more about the company before nodding yes to it.

Don’t Get Swayed Away With Pricing

I agree, mobile app development cost is the topmost priority for everyone to consider, before taking a productive decision for your business, but don’t let the pricing solely to decide the fate of your business. The mobile app development agencies India, are filled with numerous tempting offers of less pricing, but the less pricing will be proven way too expensive for you in the later stages, so it is better not to depend on mobile app development cost factor while thinking to develop a mobile app solution.

Look For A Development Partner

The top mobile development agencies India, let you offer to develop your mobile app, but very few offer a development partnership, where they would guide, help and advice how to develop and improve your mobile app to attain the height of business profits. Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are the number of points to be considered to pick a top mobile app development company to deliver your desired result.

On selecting the top mobile app development company, you can proceed with the flow of app development process, and after the launch, the true essence of app marketing is dipped in the mobile app promotion to work in your favor.

App Marketing

The distribution of mobile app to the right set of customers is the most crucial yet toughest part of the app development process, it has been observed that many a time, even a plain concept mobile app has received maximum downloads but the app with the most innovative approach doomed to destruction. Nobody wants to lose their mobile app to fail to make a place in the user’s heart, with all the efforts in time and money invested in the mobile app, huge expectations also relate to it, but at times these expectations become a distant feature from the Mars, yet to be discovered by NASA. To avoid such situation, there are a few strategies to be worked upon religiously, like Aid referrals, Content-blog/posts/ articles, social media connection, listen to customers and upgrade the services based on ratings/ reviews.

Top Mobile Development Company

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

You can reach us at:
Skype: aks141
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