Reasons Why Your App Is In Dire Need Of Video Marketing


You get the app concept, you hire a leading app development company, and then your app is developed and one fine day it gets ready to hit the market and the very second news you hear is that your app is not achieving the best download rates from the users…

Oops, what has gone wrong with my mobile, I integrated every possible winning feature and the functionalities in my mobile app, then how come it is not able to spike that OOMPH factor amongst the users??? Is there something wrong with my mobile app??? Have I forgotten something??? I am seriously confused and really don’t know how to deal with this issue since my entire business is on the stake…L

I am sure some of you might have gone through this thought process if you have undergone to this situation, although it is very likely that many apps face this turbulence, since the competition fever is higher than ever before in the market, which breaks the loop of every possible revenue from your mobile app and at the end of the day you feel restless and anxious enough to help your app survive in the dense forest of competition.

Have you ever thought which feature can actually save your mobile app to get doomed???

Well, it is a question which is quite often and frequently been asked by the app owners, and sadly not many app development companies are able to understand the need of the hour and fail to suggest the best answer.

Although there are some leading app development companies like Techugo, which eventually come forward and suggest the best strategy to be followed in such situation, and believe me the suggested strategy is a proven method for your app’s success…

But what is the strategy????


The strategy is: Video Feature

Now you must be thinking that how a video can really help your mobile app to secure a recognition in the app market???

Well, there are plenty of reasons to support this theory, and am going to share some of the most significant reasons to help you find out the reality behind it…just read ahead…

Engaging User Interface

We buy something first from our eyes, I think we all agree with this factor and I don’t need to explain it further…within an app a video opens the user engagement door to a new extent since users prefer to watch rather than read-only…maybe that’s also a reason behind the popularity of YouTube.

An app video works as the interaction tool with the users and helps the users to get accustomed to your mobile app efficiently.

The Video Encourages The Curiosity

Your mobile app has a number of features and the functionalities integrated into it, but these features and the functionalities are not experienced till the time app is downloaded.

But with an app video, your mobile app can promote its set of functionalities and features with an engaging mode with your users, letting them experience the app much before downloading, and encouraging their curiosity level to a new standard.

A Video Statistics Are The Mode of Marketing

Every video is surrounded by a number of statistics, which directly hits the users’ psychology and force them to watch the video further and as a result, download the mobile app.

Now you must be aware that how the video helps your mobile app to gain the huge popularity, but this video feature would only work when your mobile app complements the features it has flaunted in the video, and this can only be achieved once you decide to move ahead with your mobile app project only with a leading mobile app development company in India, which can take your mobile app to a new level of success.



Features To Be Included In The Educational Mobile App

Features To Be Included In The Educational Mobile App

It is a very common sight to notice the number of mobile app users around us, whether we travel in buses, metros, travel destinations and even at the eatable joints, the presence of mobile apps through different means of business and services sectors is much available.

The growing aura of mobile apps has almost blanketed the need of every industry with just one click on our smartphones, where we can access every possible need or services through an app.

Every industry including the much-sophisticated industry, the education industry has also taken the help and the benefits from mobile app technology and has helped the different educational bodies and the institutions from the world to meet at one axis point and let their services to be accessed with an ease.

But an educational mobile app becomes a HIT only when it is developed with certain features and functionalities to be a part of the app and no prize for guessing for understanding that only a leading and top mobile app development company in India can help an educational mobile app to sizzle in the app market.

Below we have taken a note of certain MUST-HAVE features to be included in the educational mobile app, so the app can become a successful venture. Let’s read ahead…

Push Notification– it allows the students and the teachers for any specific notification related to the curriculum.

Offline Accessibility– The offline accessibility of the educational mobile app is the prime and the leading app feature for the educational mobile app, due to which user can save the data in the event of no internet connection.

Search Option -With this feature students and the academicians can search any specific course or content in no time.

Rating & Feedback– The app must have a feature where the pertinent educational bodies can rate and share feedback about any student/course/term or project.

Live sessions– An app must offer the segment where students and teachers can have the real-time video through live video tutorials, so any session is not missed out on any event.

Database– Your app must have the option to store the data of study material and etc…

These are some of the features which must be a part of the educational mobile app, in order to make it hugely successful…

How To Convert Existing App Concept Into A Successful Mobile App


You love the app idea, and want your app to succeed so the app can turn into a massive hit for your business, but how can this happen when an app similar to your app concept already exists in the app store?

Ouch…that’s too much to give me pain, you mean to say, an app similar to my app already exists, then, of course, there is no light which can save my app from being doomed and there is no way that it can even get noticed by the potential users.

Uff, now what would happen, I have spent my time and energy invested in this app concept to bring into reality, and now it is nothing but a futile app concept.

I think I need to abandon my app dream in between and need to start from the scratch…

Hey, Relax !!!

You are over-thinking, though your concern is logical and cannot be ignored, but there are ways, which can help your existing app concept to make a sizzling app.

The sad part of the mobile app development suggests, that most of the great app concepts are already been worked upon and leaving much room for your creativity to take a turn now and you can create something BIGGG and BETTER out of the existing concept too, so don’t lose your heart and just stick around to my blog piece today to carve the better solution for your app concept…

Integrate Relevant Keywords

Yes, research is the key which suits the need of the hour best, but how is it done even?

Well, if this question has bugged you and you couldn’t find an optimal solution for your app concept, then you need to follow some steps by identifying the relevant keywords, which can be a part of the app, and help the users to find your app.

Don’t take the keywords to be any random marketing strategy, but it is one of the most vital elements when users look for an app, it can be in the form of the best game for boys, top-selling mobile app and many other keywords pertaining to your app genre.

Check Your Competitors’ Work

Your competitors are always your guide. Don’t take me wrong, you don’t have to sit and talk with your competitors for their divine guidance, but you only need to download their apps and check closely what the features are and what are the loopholes in the app.

By conducting this detective job, you allow a smooth passage for your mobile app to run effortlessly, and experience, not a single glitch which your competitor’s app already has.

And make sure your app does not repeat either of the technical or user experience glitch already performed in your competitors’ mobile app.

Give A Different Outlook To Your App

Your app concept is great and you don’t need to get it changed, but refine it a little bit.

An app concept has to be refined?

Yes, it needs to be refined, in a way that it would give your users a more filtered search approach. For instance, if your app concept was about online food delivery app, then give a twist to the app concept by making it ordering food online at the WEE hours and as well as the normal hours.

By adding this, you give your users a new approach and a refreshing outlook to consider your app and give your app the utmost preference compared to other existing mobile apps in the app market.

Run Conceptual Testing For Your App Concept

Once every relevant step mentioned above is taken into consideration, then the very next step you need to plan is running a conceptual testing for your app concept.

The conceptual testing would help you to decide the considerable market for your app.

There are different methods to perform this sort of testing and find out the real competition your app is going to face and what the targeted users, in reality, do think about your app.

Don’t Pick A Random Company

This is the utmost high-priority point you need to think of. A right mobile app development company can help you build the app in a constructive way, else your app can never go successfully.

A right mobile app development company in UAE has every possible essence to give you the relevant set of advice and suggestions to proceed with, so your mobile app can turn into successful venture.

On the other hand a wrong or inexperienced mobile app development company, would not conduct any sort of research from their end to enhance the usability of the mobile app, and in the end you would have a mobile app, which can only suffice the requirement of app but would not serve any purpose of resolving the need for your business.

Thus it is highly advisable to pick the top mobile app development company in india, so your mobile app can turn into one of the most productive ventures for your business revenue generation.


Mobile App Development Company

Undoubtedly, businesses all around the world are opting for mobile apps to promote their products and services, to boost their sales, and also to increase their traffic. The mobile apps are the best way to market the product and services for a business, as more and more people are using mobile apps for their day-to-day activities. But in the recipe of a successful mobile app, the most important ingredient is mobile app Development Company.

The app development field is occupied with a lot of app development companies, and after realizing the increasing demand of mobile apps, even many new companies are entering in this field. Although not every company is worth to be in the list of top app development companies, due to the absence of expertise, knowledge, skill, creativity and many other things, but their presence makes it tough for the businesses, to pick an ideal technology partner, which will assist them in getting an amazing app solution to reach out their targeted users.

An ideal mobile app development company must have the experience, and skills to handle the app project, and transform the unbaked ideas of the clients, to a successful mobile app solution. An ideal app development company must have a team of, talented and professional designers and developers, to create a unique and innovative app using the latest tools and technologies. Developing an app is easy, but developing a successful app can be challenging, and an ideal app development company knows, how to deal with those challenges and create an engaging, innovative, and unique mobile app solution.

If you are facing difficulty in finding an ideal company, don’t worry, as Techugo is here to rescue you. Techugo is a top mobile app development company, catering the best apps.  Techugo has delivered some of the most successful mobile apps, to leading brands and startups all round the world. Techugo will assist you throughout your app development journey. Gift your business wings in disguise of mobile app developed by Techugo, to let your business fly to the heights of success. Techugo will bring your dream app concept into a successful reality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a unique and successful mobile app developed for your business. Get in touch with Techugo today, and find out what it has in store for you and your business. We are waiting to serve you.

How To Submit Mobile Apps For Reviews Successfully


The most common fear which prevails and controls the mind of every app developer once the app is developed is the acceptance by the users. A mobile app is the result of months of mobile app developer’s passion and creativity, which they combine together to get a unique piece, but users are the real judge, who give a clean and fair chit to the mobile app.

If your mobile app has a good concept and it is fitting the user’s requirement then success rolls down on your path, but before reaching to that part, you have to cross, certain more stages as well that is app publishing and submission on the respective stores.

Nothing can be more delightful for a mobile app developer, when the mobile app gets approve officially on the app store. But the most critical stage after the app approval is providing the required exposure to your mobile app in the app store. The best way to accomplish is by submitting your app for review.

So if you are willing to get the impressive reviews for your mobile app, then I insist you read ahead…

Don’t Skip Any Information

An app is reviewed by the supply reviewers only when it contains the all the required information like app name, description, feature, company name, contact information and every link from the app store. These aspects help your mobile app to be found easily online and your app can get the instant attention from the reviewers.

Don’t Skip Description

Your mobile app serves many purposes, and how does it help the users it needs to be specified in the most engaging manner in your app description. Your app description is a great marketing tactic, which lets the targeted users to get attracted to the mobile app. Ensure to include the category of the app and it needs to be succinct while explaining that why your mobile app is different and unique. Don’t overuse the keywords in the description, it only destroys the game further and try to include every possible information about your app’s functionality and features in the app description.

Don’t Skip Promotion Code

It works as the cherry on the cake, wherein you offer the promotion code to the publishers, so they check and review your mobile app without a fail.

Don’t Skip App Video

A mobile app consists of many functionalities and features, which cannot be mentioned at once in the app description, so an app video is the best way to serve this purpose. Through an app video, you let the reviewers grab a clear understanding of your mobile app, but you need to be very smart to pick the right screens showing the UI, graphics, and functionality of your mobile app.

You have to ensure that video must not be longer than 10 seconds, but have the best practices used to showcase the app features. This would help the reviewers to check the look of your app, before downloading it.


This is one of the most significant aspects that you need to take care of smartly and that’s the reason I chose to address it towards the end. When you decide to put your app for review, then you have to ensure that the process involved in it is not undertaken without a clear understanding of the objective. You don’t have to rush to make any random step because a rushy business in this field, would only give you negative reviews. You need to take a closer look at your mobile app and must understand that which feature can help you gain attention.

Present the mobile app in the most polished and refined way to your reviews, which would win their hearts. The number of reviews you receive, help you attain a remarkable place in the app market.

Indeed the role of a top mobile app development company is the most vital, since it helps your app concept to meet the reality platform, so you need to pick a right mobile application development companies for your app concept, which has the required exposure and the expertise in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups.

Your mobile app development company must offer a strategic plan to showcase your app idea, business goal, and revenue in the most informative and engaging way.

So keep reading my blogs and keep yourself tech-updated and as always…..CIAOJJJ


Google Hire- A Job Tool From Google

Google Hire- A Job Tool From Google.png

Google Hire- A Job Tool From Google

People tend to think that successful people were born with a silver spoon and the success rolled on their carpets effortlessly, but the harsh reality suggests something else, behind every successful person stands the number of choices they have made to build their career. I agree, to select a right employer in today’s competitive era, is not a choice anymore. Getting a dream job with your dream company is nothing less than a blessing since you are always scared of opting for the wrong job or falling into job scam.

To get a job which is worth to work for is the basic requirement of any candidate. Many job search engines are already in the market and are charting on the success path, but not many are worthy and do not match with our level of expectations. This morning, while scrolling down my daily tech-feeding, my eyes stuck on the particular news, stating Google Hire. To know more I clicked on the given link and I was taken aback for a while and I collected all the information, here are the excerpts from my information bank, let’s go ahead…

What Is Google Hire

Although there has been no official confirmation from the giant search engine Google yet, and the company has decided to remain tight-lipped about the upcoming venture, except the Google’s statement published, which stated: “While we don’t have any news to announce at this time, we’re always looking for new ways to improve the Search experience for our users, whether they’re looking for movies to see, recipes to make, or job opportunities.” Although it clearly hints at Google’s upcoming job venture for the job-seekers.

How Google Hire Would Function

Google Hire, would certainly work similarly to LinkedIn, but the plus point, here is that employers will be able to track and manage applications. This new recruitment tool is still in the testing process, and once launched, will give a cut-throat competition to LinkedIn. The best part of this tool is, the only information passed to the prospective employer would only be, what the candidates voluntarily provide as part of their online application and their private information will not be shared at all. This tool will let  employers use the service to post job listings and then accept and manage applications.

In continuation with ongoing tech trends, the latest tech fad is Mobile Apps, which have become a convenience phenomenon and are adapted by every business and industry freely. To get your app developed by a top mobile app development company is a task to achieve because many app development companies merely develop the apps, but fail to connect with the end user’s requirement, leading to business failure. If you are looking for an app developed for your business, you must get in touch with Techugo- a top mobile app development company, where we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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app development

My house construction was on the full verge when I suddenly realized that there is no wash-basin on the ground floor, now everything was so perfectly planned that no room was there for a basin, which was indeed an inevitable demand of life. My architect, mason, even friends tried their level best, but there was nothing which could actually make me feel happy. I was all ready to settle down for what I was offered but then something happened, which changed the game, I was on my way back to home from work when I saw a roadside food corner selling the snacks, with an average shop but the very hygienic look of the place. It was the sink which was fitted just next to the stairs, which caught my attention, it was all sea-green in color, not the porcelain, but made up of fiber to keep the disposable plates, I suddenly realized why I can’t have something like this at home, something different by the look, so instead of heading to my home, I turned my car towards the nearest Jaguar showroom, shown on my Google map. Worth to mention, I got beautiful options thereof glass basin and something which could be a piece of art in a corner of my entrance. I picked the color and the art matching to my wall shades and got it fixed where I thought of, needless to say, on the day of house-warming party, my decision was appreciated as a mastery of art, and unbeknown to them the real reason.

I mentioned it for a reason, that idea can happen to anyone and at any time, it does not look for a specific degree or qualification, but an idea depends on that strike which can occur due to the clash of innovation and necessity. Many times I have been asked by the clients or designers from my company that I am not getting a perfect idea, oops, I forgot to mention my company I am associated with, its name is Techugo- a top mobile app development company, where we deal and play with innovation, imagination and technology, but at times we all go blank, about finding a suitable app feature or idea for the client’s product or services and depend on some miracle to happen. With this blog, I intend to showcase the ways how to get the profitable mobile app ideas.

  • Observe Others

How do we get the solutions, the answer is obvious, only after facing the problems. Most of the apps in the market are just the cut-copy-paste options of each other, which only gives more options to the users to select the better out of them, but not all of them. If you want to create a wonderful mobile app for your business, then you have to take out the problems faced by you in daily life, for example, if you think you are not getting the medicines 24/7 and there should be an app for it to address the issue, then you are on the right path, the problems faces by you, convert into a successful mobile app idea. You can get yourself involved with the people surrounding you to know what the day-to-day basis problems they are facing and whether these problems can be transformed into an app. Mark my words only a countable number of days invested in judging the problems, would help you to dig out the best mobile app idea.

  • Assess Yourself

People usually fall into the trap of looking at others, but forget to assess their own qualities, which is a major setback to get an app idea, do you wonder how? There had been numerous examples in your vicinity, which can help you understand this fact more deeply, where they followed their dreams rather than moving ahead with the other’s footsteps. You need to assess what skill sets do you have that can be leveraged to scale into a big business, you can list down your top six skills, strengths and interest and the business ideas related to them. Maybe if designing is your interest, then you can offer the service of freelance designing services to the clients and mobile apps are indeed an interesting source of selling your skills. Only one thing you need to check that what is the existing competition in your chosen field to compete and offer a successful mobile app solution.

Although, there are many other app idea solutions, but these solutions are one hundred percent certain ways to get you a profitable mobile app idea. These two steps if followed religiously can turn out to be a success ingredient for your dream app. No surprise, but the success of your mobile app depends on many other factors, which you can explore further with another blog “APP ENGAGEMENT METRICS- A RECIPE FOR A SUCCESSFUL MOBILE APP”. A mobile app idea can bring profit to your business only if it is conceptualized well with the appropriate and profitable mobile app ideas.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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top mobile app development company

To get a mobile app for a business has become a top priority for any business owner to attain, to survive in the industry and beat the competition, but have you ever stopped to think, that what all does it take to make a mobile app? We all know to create something, requires concept, planning, and a strategy, but to make a mobile app, it takes a little bit more from just concept and planning, it needs a complete strategy to pre and post mobile app launch. Today, I would discuss the nitty-gritty involved in developing a successful mobile with a top mobile app development company in India.

Mobile Apps Are A Necessity

We all need the fastest way to get our work done, no we are not lazy, but our work schedule is way too demanding, which leave us with zero-hours to pamper our needs. Be it booking a cab to work, ordering a scrumptious meal on one of the lazy Sunday afternoons or the hustle-bustle last-minute need of shopping for a cousin’s wedding, we all need a solution which can work in our favor and at our convenience. Undeniably these situations, coupled with some more, are the daily and usual jerks in each of our lives, where we go clueless to manage them, mobile apps have sorted most of such situations with a mere need of one touch on the mobile app icon, which let us shop, eat, travel, explore, book the hotel/ cab and much more in the interactive yet technically innovative way, known to be a mobile app. When I first heard about mobile apps, a giant and more technical infused character my brain had visualized, which could be used only by the tech-geeks, but after using I found it easy enough to be used by any non-technical person, without even knowing the actual technical stuff involved in building them. From the first day of mobile app introduction, today our mobiles are filled with every useful mobile app to manage our diary, tracking our health, booking a hotel and list is never ending and they are developed for big brands to startups by some of the top mobile app development agencies.

Why You Need It

The very first requirement for creating a mobile app is to know that why your business needs a mobile app and how it will boost the sales. To help you, I can relate few points here, so you can consider the mobile app for your business effortlessly. Every business has a competition and apart from quality and service if you are unable to reach your targeted customers, then even if your product holds the excellence of quality, it is null and void. Mobile applications work as a medium, to let you connect with your customers more deeply and understand what they want, with a mobile app you can upgrade your mobile app with time as per the demand of your customers and can let them voice their reviews and feedback on an online platform to attract more customers. Once you are sure of your requirements and the need for a mobile app, you need to approach a top mobile app development company to materialize your dream concept into a successful mobile app.

Strategies to Pick The Right Mobile App Development Company

Finding a mobile app development company might be an easier task, but finding a right yet top mobile app development company India, needs research and intellects. With an ongoing demand for mobile apps, the mobile app development companies have outnumbered all of a sudden, making it tougher and stiff to pick the best out of all. You have to judge the right app developers through many screening phases, such as:

Reviews on Listing Website

Listing websites are the perfect tool to know more about the mobile app development companies because the reviews and feedback mentioned here are unbiased and are based on an actual client call. So look for the company’s review on these websites and read and explore more about the company before nodding yes to it.

Don’t Get Swayed Away With Pricing

I agree, mobile app development cost is the topmost priority for everyone to consider, before taking a productive decision for your business, but don’t let the pricing solely to decide the fate of your business. The mobile app development agencies India, are filled with numerous tempting offers of less pricing, but the less pricing will be proven way too expensive for you in the later stages, so it is better not to depend on mobile app development cost factor while thinking to develop a mobile app solution.

Look For A Development Partner

The top mobile development agencies India, let you offer to develop your mobile app, but very few offer a development partnership, where they would guide, help and advice how to develop and improve your mobile app to attain the height of business profits. Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are the number of points to be considered to pick a top mobile app development company to deliver your desired result.

On selecting the top mobile app development company, you can proceed with the flow of app development process, and after the launch, the true essence of app marketing is dipped in the mobile app promotion to work in your favor.

App Marketing

The distribution of mobile app to the right set of customers is the most crucial yet toughest part of the app development process, it has been observed that many a time, even a plain concept mobile app has received maximum downloads but the app with the most innovative approach doomed to destruction. Nobody wants to lose their mobile app to fail to make a place in the user’s heart, with all the efforts in time and money invested in the mobile app, huge expectations also relate to it, but at times these expectations become a distant feature from the Mars, yet to be discovered by NASA. To avoid such situation, there are a few strategies to be worked upon religiously, like Aid referrals, Content-blog/posts/ articles, social media connection, listen to customers and upgrade the services based on ratings/ reviews.

Top Mobile Development Company

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal, and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

You can reach us at:
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