How To Elevate & Polish Your Entrepreneurship Skills


Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy deal. It’s a challenging task, but, it has its own set of advantages too. Entrepreneurship gives you a sense self-entitlement and leadership. You get to be your own boss and gain experience of managing people. However, a few important qualities that an entrepreneur should possess, is that of time management, interpersonal skills, people management skills, etc. If an entrepreneur knows how to effectively manage all these skills for his activities, he becomes unstoppable. Let’s learn what makes a great entrepreneur and how to polish the entrepreneurship skills and ascend with it to the next level with Techugo, a top mobile app development company.

Speed Up Your Tasks With Technology: An entrepreneur’s life is surrounded by many daunting tasks, most of which involves a lot of communication; and as we have established above that time-management is a skill that an entrepreneur should possess as it is the most valuable entity, therefore, to save time, technology should be used effectively. There are many apps out there that can help with time management efficiently and thus, help in saving time for the entrepreneur to invest in something more useful.

Disintegrate Your Problems: It is all a game of perspective. How you look at things. A successful entrepreneur identifies smaller problems that have collectively taken a huge shape. He then prioritizes these problems and acts on them accordingly. The problem that needs attention first is sorted on a priority basis and subsequently, we go down the order.

Work towards Creating an Opportunity: A successful entrepreneur is the one who doesn’t wait for instructions to follow, or who doesn’t wait for an opportunity to knock on his door. An entrepreneur should be proactive in creating an opportunity for him by studying the market trends, affinity of people towards certain things, etc. If you already have a product in the market, don’t wait for people to come to you. Be upfront and seek their feedback. Improvise on the shortcomings with the reviews you’ve garnered. This will take your business a long way.

Be Meticulous: No matter what you do, if you’ve put your hands into it, give it your best shot. Pay attention to every detail. Work towards creating a better product. Heed to your company’s reputation in the market. Constantly brainstorm on how you can uplift the image and make it better with each passing day. In the end, it’s the brand and the image, consumers relate to.

Learn from Your & Others’ Mistakes: A lot of entrepreneurs begin to think they’re invincible and can’t be touched until reality hits them in the face. Being confident is good, but, overconfidence is always harmful. Look around for mistakes people have committed or take a look at your own mistakes in the past, analyze where they’ve landed them or you, and rectify the errors and prevent it from happening again. A mistake might be small but can incur a lot of damage to the image of the company.

Define You Work Hours: Many entrepreneurs prefer to work at night. Reason? It’s calm, quiet, and possibly a time where a lot less people and distractions are around to sway you away from your work. It could be in the morning too, but, what’s essential here is to identify your most productive hour.

Conclusion: It is easy to become an entrepreneur, but it requires extreme effort and religiousness to become a leader. A leader is nothing but a skilled and polished entrepreneur, who takes calculated risks without any sense of fear and drive himself with others to success. Following the points mentioned above can improve the entrepreneurship skills and will help you take a step ahead in the direction of becoming a leader and achieving success.

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We all are surrounded by the mobile apps and technology is used highly in every aspect in our vicinity. Now the level of mobile app revolution has reached to the level where it is beyond the reach of desertion. Albeit, there are various reasons to pick the mobile app revolution, but due to the instant hike in the mobile users, it has increased the demand of mobile apps to be adopted by every industry and domain. Mobile apps are useful not only for the users, but for the business owners too, because it has shrunk the world to an accessible axis where anybody at any point of time can enjoy the freedom of accessing the required information or services.

Mobile Apps Make The Business Accessible  

It is not easy for any business owner to work 24/7, apart from some exceptional cases, but on the regular basis, it turns out to be a hard task to accomplish and even you can’t access the global customers from your brick and mortar business premise. Mobile apps are adopted smartly by every industry across the globe, and people buy the products, regardless of their time-zone, language barrier or distance. Mobile apps have brought every product at our fingertips, where we can make a purchase with a convenience of time & place. Your business gets accessed by all across the globe and they can make an instant purchase.

Opens A New Window of Opportunities

In the era of competition, it gets a rat-race to compete with other business. Websites are used quite lesser being compared with the dedicated mobile apps for your product, so the regular traffic on mobile app helps you to understand the customer behavior, also the review/feedback/ rating system helps you to improve your product or fix the product issue, according to your customer’s requirement. Mobile app analytics help you to identify the positive and negative indicators, so you can fix them in-time to avoid losing your customer and you would also receive an expanded window of opportunity to attach new customers to your revenue basket.

At Techugo, we take pride in developing the mobile apps for the leading brands to startups and our mobile app development team has the expertise to create a unique variety of mobile app solution for your business needs, which would help you to showcase your idea, goal and dream in the most informative and engaging way. Our team of top mobile app designers is here to help assist you with every step of your mobile app development strategy. We consult, brainstorm, manage the project, design, develop, test, launch, and market apps in the best possible way. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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Coding is always considered a complex thing, which can be carried out well by elders usually. As a common belief learning to code, usually involves sitting in front of a computer, memorising commands, and carefully checking for syntax errors. But Google has made coding a colorful task with a new initiative called Project Bloks. This is a system of toy blocks, which can be connected by kids to control other toys and learn the fundamentals of coding in the process. This hardware platform would help the kids to code. This new hardware platform would allow the developers, designers and educators to build physical programming experiences that can help kids, age of 5+ learn how to code.


This hardware platform is bifurcated into three parts that make up the Bloks system. At the center, it has got a heart, called “Brain Board,” which is a small Raspberry Pi Zero-based board that functions as the central processing unit and provides power to the rest of the system, also it includes a speaker.

The Brain Board then talks to the “Pucks” and “Base Board,” which collaboratively make up the physical programming language of Project Bloks. Pucks, is basically a component, as simple as a piece of paper with conductive ink. It has the basic programming commands like “turn on or off,” “move left,” “turn 180 degrees,” etc. Kids can also record instructions from multiple pucks into a single one. Pucks have no active electric components; they can be made from a variety of inexpensive materials.

Base Board are connective units that let the flow of the design instruction, they continue reading the instructions from the Pucks and pass them on to the main Brain Board. Brain Board works as a conduit to move instructions from the different parts of the program to the brain. Base Board has haptic motors and an LED so users can get real-time feedback.

Google aims to make coding easier and cheaper for kids. Bloks would help to teach kids the logic behind the coding, so that kids can pick up basic skills as they play and later transfer that knowledge to real-world applications.

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By : Navneet Sharma



Business Leadership Manager, the designation, which I farther bigger than the alphabets involved within the designation, undoubtedly, comes with a huge round of responsibilities and relevant set of learning experience. And luckily, my business card tells the same designation, under my name. Why have I called myself lucky? Reason is very simple but with full in-depth meaning, my job as a business leadership manager, has taught me a lot about the each layer of marketing, not just from a seller’s perspective but also from the buyer’s as well.

I would share my set of experience, which I earned and learned while working with Abhinav Singh in Techugo Pvt. Ltd. Basically we deal in the Mobile App Development, which sounds boring and common to many of the readers, but what they fail to understand the charisma of dealing with the clients from different levels, while reading further, you would explore the galaxy of marketing strategy.

There had been numerous incidents where I have shifted the client’s meetings minutes, and found that client’s marketing approach need to be improvised further. Today, I am wearing the shoe of a Marketing Guru, to enlighten the client’s perspective about marketing their brand. Most of us have the knowledge, but we fail to acquire the vision. To make the job easier, famous coffee brand -Nescafe, has many competitors, but till date why only Nescafe has ruled the business, calculation is simple, everybody has the ingredient, but nobody has the vision. This only aspect, if missing, leads the brand nowhere but only helps your brand to doom.

Clients come to us from different background and with different requirements, I always tell the clients, that if sales are the engine that drives a business, then good customer service and building a high level of customer satisfaction is the fuel. This theory implicates largely on client’s consumer base, and generates the customer loyalty, although it is the critical determinant of success in driving sales and growing the business, since it involves the criticism and sarcastic comments hurled on you from every corner. But it comes with its own set of fancies and beauty and if followed well, then would help you to gain popularity in no time, but only if followed with the complete guidance. There are four levels of customer satisfaction, all based on the degree to which you meet customer expectations. The higher the level you achieve, the more you will build customer loyalty and the greater will be your success.

Another important marketing tool is to select the RIGHT Mobile App developer for your brand. Most of the client judge and pick the app developers on the basis of cost efficiency, which results in some horror for their brand. While picking up the right app developer to brand your product, you need to judge the app developers on three basic characteristics: profile of app developing company, brands worked for and reviews on the software-development companies portals, like : Clutch, Extract & Goodfirms. These steps help you to pick the correct option for your work to be done, else by choosing a wrong developer, unfortunately you get to know the output by the mid of your project, which would create further ruckus in publicizing your brand.

Most of the clients approach us to develop an app, which would have the billions of feature in one go, but this is not the right step to follow, since giving too many app features at one time, would cause over digestion issue at your consumer’s end. To brief it little more further, I would cite the example of WhatsApp, the calling feature was introduced after a year gap, same goes with Apple, today a myriad of features are added in iPhone, but this all was done gradually over the years, not at the first shot only. Same strategy should be followed by the clients to launch few basic features at the initial stage to make the consumer go heavily comfortable with their app, and then later on additional features can be added.

Another feature which is the most adorable Mobile App marketing strategy for the investors is REVENUE. As per the research 72% are the revenue seeker from their app, whereas rest 28% are merely looking to have an app out of their passion or adding a feather to their cap. Unfortunately, clients forget that revenue cannot be yielded from the app only, but unless it is market well, then no one notices it. Clients don’t need to put their efforts on developers, since developing team is well-efficient with their job, so more focus should be given on marketing. For marketing, few steps need to be taken care: campaigning, know your consumer, know your competitors and learn what’s trending in your business field. To elaborate further, every company is not Rolls Royce, whose name is publicity itself, due to the high rise in the competition, one need to develop a strong market strategy to take a strong hold on the business field. Else, tech market is already flooded with large and unknown mobile apps, but they remain lost, because they were not sold well.

Last but not the least, I would like to suggest that examine your business, when you are able to accomplish this on a regular basis, you will be in a position to dominate the marketplace and achieve remarkable rates of revenue growth and profitability. Remember, to amaze your consumers, the only limit is your own imagination.

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Why Healthcare App

Health is an integral part of every one’s life, and its relevance can never be taken for granted. Due to the spark of technology, it has now become possible throughout the world to diagnose and treat new and existing diseases. Undoubtedly, apps are the future of healthcare, but if you have a game-changing medical app idea, you need to take special care to protect the precious data your app will handle. In the current market scenario, launching a healthcare app is a good idea considering the number of potential users across the globe. But there are a few things that are good to know before you start developing your own healthcare app:

A Unique UI/UX for Health app

Health app is basically used by the people who either need it for others or need it for themselves, in either case the technology, which is used in healthcare app, must be user-friendly, but the healthcare app has its own set of requirements. Good UI/UX is required for every app, but with the high frequency of data input and amount of data in healthcare apps, the design needs some extra effort. In order to develop great healthcare apps, the importance of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design can not be avoided.

Since the health app is patient-centric. The key is to create a design that makes the patient process flow as seamless as possible. If the healthcare app is patient-centric, then everything must have the user experience of the patient in mind. A healthcare app is accessed by people who are medically disadvantaged, so the UI should be much easier to access than other apps. This means mostly people who are ill or undergoing symptoms of ill health or other chronic conditions should be able to navigate through the app with a minimum modicum of effort.

People with various levels of health discomforts use this app, so the user experience must be crafted with the most positive look, feel in terms of content, color schemes, alert sounds. The app should be able to create a positive ambience for the users that their health care concerns will be addressed here without any hassles.

Healthcare App Data Security and Confidentiality

Healthcare apps need to be specially taken care of due to its security and confidential aspects. While making healthcare apps designers and developers need to take one extra step to make sure that their products aren’t just functional and beautiful, but also safe. The first and the foremost functionality to be watched for, is the apps’ functionality, which would ensure that user data is protected from data thieves and other privacy threats.

Consider the regulations based on the app market, because the healthcare data is so sensitive, which can directly affect the user’s safety and privacy. For instance, for an app to be launched in US market, the app must comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Same goes for the app to be launched in the European or Asian market. Do check and comply all the rules & regulations of the concerned app market.

Include the privacy policy that explains what information is being collected and how it will be used. As the owner of a healthcare app you need to keep patients’ protected health information (PHI) a top priority. On avoiding the regulations, the chances of getting your app rejected go much higher, because even the app stores are very particular about the health care guidelines.

Value Added Services

You should get the optimum use of your healthcare app. Add more number of emergency services to your healthcare app to ensure maximum effectiveness and value for the healthcare app. Healthcare app is fully based and focus on diagnosis and suggestions, add Ambulances on call, ICU on wheels, online pharmacies and home delivery of medication after diagnosis and prescription are complete.

App Testing

App testing is a crucial phase to any app development. No user wants to use a bug installed app, so make a goal to make your app error free. Specially the app testing in healthcare apps, is much more required, failing which can lead to some serious consequences.

The app testing can be performed either manually or with automation tools, but needs to be performed on the specific guidelines, such as: testing the security and authenticity for PII, PHI and other regulations such as HIPAA compliance, testing of the app data from different units, from different devices, networks, and locations, testing with poor connectivity, testing the app on different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc.), and browsers for compatibility.

In the case of an emergency if health care providers cannot access patient data on the app, it may lead to the death of the patient or may lead to some form of impairment, so the app testing has to be done from every aspect and in every situations like signal drops, refresh rates for the app data etc. This step is most necessary, since the level of dependence and criticality is higher in this nature of app than others.

It’s not surprising anymore, the way the people adapt to mobile technology and looking for convenient approaches during illness has also increased the demand for mobile health apps.

If you have a brilliant idea to help people live healthier, more fulfilling live,you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement. With Techugo, you can create a healthcare app, which can make a huge difference in the life of a patient.

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Childhood- how much this word soothes my soul, and brings back the sweet memories of childhood, but my childhood was a reason for me to revive and evolve, so along with some sweet candies there are few bitter gourd seeds as well in my childhood history. Being the youngest of my clan, I had been the center of excellence for everybody, my each and every demand was taken as an oxygen for my family members, and no doubt, I had been a cynosure of my elder brother- Abhinav Singh’s eyes, for reaping the attention in a mass. Like every elder sibling, I am sure, Abhinav also not had a warm set of feelings for me, but he had never showcased his emotions. As time passed, Abhinav excelled in studies, resulting into expectation from my parents to beat his trend, but on the contrary,  I was not an average, but not the Einstein either in studies, so somehow since we grew up, my brother’s advice was heard aloud in the family and mine was simply passed with a smile.

But I decided to mark a niche for myself, not through my studies, but at least through my decision making skills, I always misjudged myself as the best decision maker of my age, but something happened way back in 2013, which left me long-faced. Microsoft, always inspired me from all the four corners and I was highly influenced by Mr. Bill Gates, his elevator story, his brand influenced me till the extent, that I ended up filling up my room with Microsoft gadgets. On one of the casual chat, I told Abhinav to gift me Windows phone, but he gaped at me, and continued by saying, other gadgets are better investment from Microsoft but not the phone. I smirked and remained determined to grab a windows phone, consequently, I was gifted with one windows phone on my birthday, and I felt as if the Kohinoor diamond was handed over to me. I kept the phone all covered, with daily cleanings, but sooner I realized the blunder my rigid attitude cost me. I was shocked to experience the numerous functions turning into a failure. One night I swept myself on my brother’s bed corner, with all the love of the world filled in my eyes, and shared the problem, he didn’t say a word and the next evening I saw a new iPhone box was there on my side-table. I couldn’t thank my brother enough for a sweet gesture he showed, but somewhere my pride was shattered, since I took a wrong decision by choosing Microsoft as my handset.

My journey with Apple, had also not been a saga of love, but proven as my rescue from the window technology. There had been a myriad of situations, where I always yearned to get a replacement for a  few of the Apple phones’ features, but nothing came to save me from the sinking board….But something which kept on banging within my head was, how  Microsoft can shatter my pride, but every time my question remained unrequited. But last weekend, something changed the game,  I went through a trauma of being extremely exerted due to work demands, but had no choice then to reply my clients continuously for their upcoming new projects’ requirements…due to tedious process of typing on iPhone, a point came in that duration when my elbows ached to break and my fingers swelled to burst, but even all this did not stop me from work, but somewhere back in my mind, I cursed the technology, I shared it with Abhinav and he complained the same,with an additional statement “no pain-no gain”.

But Tuesday came with a pleasant surprise for me and off-course, bringing back my pride as well, my favorite brand Microsoft launched a new app for my existing mobile brand iPhone. Albeit, it’s a surprise, but I felt relieved, to discuss further the Microsoft’s newest app, it’s a keyboard replacement called Word Flow. The free keyboard, currently only available in English in the U.S., is designed to make it easier to text with a single hand. This can be used like a traditional QWERTY keyboard, with an additional feature of texting by swiping between letters to string together words and sentences quickly. But the remarkable feature within this app is its “arc” mode; once activated, the keyboard scrunches up into an arc (for lefties and righties), which makes it easier to type with one hand, especially on larger iPhones. Word Flow comes with a predictive algorithm to anticipate the next word for faster texting. Even the app background can be customized as per the user’s choice. It can also be synced with the phone contacts, allowing it to predict names even faster.

Microsoft has been experimenting with a variety of Android and iOS keyboards lately. I jumped into my elder brother’s cabin with full information and a confident smile dancing on my lips. He read and read and got up and patted my back, as if I designed the app, but this appreciation from him actually made me fill my eyes with tears and I realized his hidden affection for me. So people out there,  I , Ankit Singh, now can announce with a pride that my decision making skills has improved more with the time….and Microsoft for a handset was not a bad but an impulsive choice of mine, since just like me, Microsoft too has a long way to potray the gimmick of technicalities with a gusto..